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The Mental Purification of America: Is it taking US out of the Picture?

Updated on October 29, 2010

The Mental Purification of America: Is it Taking US out of the Picture?

Through the means of new technology, it is possible to "take out all the bad stuff" in pretty much anyone. This has indeed created an environment of "Wireless Re-education". Is it peaceful, yes it is. Is it really weird looking, do the people appear to be missing something? YES. There is something being taken out of our population. Personality characteristics that are not conducive to manichean standards for a "Perfect Utopia" are seemlessly being trimmed away from us without our knowledge. "How?" you may ask. Well, our government has this new Binaural Technology" that can convey artificial messages to the human body. People often mistaken these "fake signals" for their own feelings or thoughts and become very upset..........leading to a collapse of the individual personality and the person's commitment to a "fake reality" instead of the persons originally personally-evolved personality.

     The difference between a person before and after this process resembles BRAINWASHING. People who I personally knew have explained to me in a glassy-eyed state how they have been "changed" by some group. This guy I knew in NO WAY resembled the original guy I knew then. He confessed that "they" had given him a Bud-Light Keychain to make sure that he never forgot his "change". I know what happened to him because someone tried to do this very thing to me. My ears rang, there was no place to escape it. You could feel it COMPRESSING the mind, it hurt like Hell but there were no physical means of proving this. They've almost gotten me several times and they are trying their damndest to keep me from writing this. They just deleted an article I was I started over.
     My premise is that a human being ceases to be a human being when they are more INPUT than PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. This can happen very slowly or it can be very dramatic, causing a temporary, group-imposed psychosis followed by an initiation through sex with another man. After that, the guy just doesn't seem to know who he is. He has been coerced through legal-torture to become something he would never otherwise be. This has got to be the most awful damned thing I've ever heard of - but there you have it..........THE UGLY TRUTH. And if this electronic torture hasn't been used on you, IT EVENTUALLY WILL.
     This "programming" has changed us into a nation of mechanical zombies who think they are free, but in fact are living a SYNTHETIC REALITY. If you are not part of this "electronic society", they WILL let you know that a war is going on and that you must CHOOSE between a life of purity, peace, passionlessness or a FAKE LIFE DICTATED BY A VERY RAPACIOUS "SECRET GROUP". All "sinful" things are now considered the property of this "Integrated Dark Side", so they demand tribute from "sinners" by making them degrade themselves in a sexual act. Being bombarded by fake mind/body signals and then submitting to this command to do something so contrary to their nature must be very mentally traumatic indeed. Enough for you to become a slave to the "Dark Side Frequency" living this FAKE LIFE based on Binaurally-transmitted thoughts and feelings. The person becomes more like a remote-controlled android.........lacking in those elements that SHOULD EXIST IN A NORMAL PERSON.
     I've seen similar mechanical behavior in people on both sides of this "war" : Christians Vs. The Dark Side. The Christians have a lot more of that "Human Element". They will survive the man-made Armageddon I fear is coming. What I'm about to advocate may be a threat to your survival, but then again - there is only so much left of someone who has given up every imperfection. I feel that utter perfection is an abomination to human beings. It sickens me because it JUST ISN'T RIGHT. People who have been programmed are MISSING SOMETHING. It's like someone went in and surgically-removed their ability to think for themselves - ALL OF IT. This is what happens if you "fall" into the Dark Side's mental traps that have been laid out before you. You escape by being as nice, christian, devoid of passion, utterly free of sin as you possibly can..........otherwise, you are target practice for this rapacious group mind held together by a synthetic reality.
     Here are some ways to preserve the inner-self in a society that sees in BLACK AND WHITE. First of all, listen to a ton of music YOU LIKE. Beware of most "New Music" (just candy-coated brainwashing). Some of this music can give you this "not a man" feeling that caters to our Vanity. The music will block the continuous "re-education messages" we all are receiving. The more you listen to good music designed to cater to our emotional needs and not an agenda, the more LIFE you get back. Take medication to get your brainwaves out-of-synch with this "re-education frequency". Be a Christian, but be a very liberal one, that way you preserve as much of your original personality as possible. Repent when you "sin", this will help keep The Dark Side from getting too close to you. They "hunt" sinners.......and Christians protect their own, so make repenting your policy even if you know you won't be absolutely perfect in abstaining from certain "sins". Last but not least, find an activity that requires your FULL CONCENTRATION (I use video games) as long as you possibly can. This flexes your mental muscles so that they will be ready to fight off these "re-education commands" Get Sheild-It Super and wallpaper your room with it. That way, you won't feel like the outside world is inside your bedroom.


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    • profile image

      T~ 6 years ago

      Whoa! I just red this after posting a comment about "Christian -religous cleansing, racial cleansing and the gov." Just a theory really. I don't know a whole lot about the wierd stuff that is going on as we are, as in me and my son are new to stalking and electronic harassment. Very interesting, thanks for posting this up and keep it coming! Be safe.