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The Micromanagement of Society by government

Updated on May 27, 2014

Micromanagement is never a good thing and the control of society by our government. Micromanagement is according to is “defines micromanagement as "manage[ment] or control with excessive attention to minor details” The controls being placed on our society today is a micromanagement philosophy which has been embraced by our federal government and to some extent by some state governments.

We as individuals must abide by the laws and regulations passed by either the state or federal government but the number of regulations now being created by our federal government is increasing the control over us as individuals and society. There are times when government regulation and control are needed but there are other times where it is not appropriate. Exerting too much control over the fabric of society is hurting our economy.

The federal government and to some extent state governments appear to have the philosophy of they know best and impose restrictive regulations and in some cases restrictive laws involving our right to make our own decisions. We as individuals have a right to make our own decisions separate from government control as long as it does not violate other individuals’ rights.

This philosophy has been around for years and is nothing new but it seems to have been brought to a new level with government oversight. Government oversight is not necessarily a bad thing as it has responsibilities to protect all citizens as provided in the applicable Constitution. Micromanagement does not just exist within government organizations or departments for it exist in the business world as well. In some cases organizations in the private sector have the same responsibilities with regards to ensuring the company prospers along with the employees.

The overreach of government can through this philosophy seems to be on the path of increasing their reach. Government does not have the authority to over everything that occurs within society. Businesses throughout our history have been able to manage their operations and those who have a good philosophy toward their customers succeed. The law of supply and demand is not going away anytime soon and government must let this philosophy operate. The current unemployment rate and our energy needs are hampered by government decisions or the lack of them. In relation to our energy needs the lack of approving the use of the resources we have is a micromanagement philosophy.

Unemployment is another area where government needs to have some involvement but the overbearing laws and regulations are hurting our economy and its recovery. The lack of consistency, restrictive regulations put the business community in a state where they do not know what their expenses will be from year to year. This is also government instilling the philosophy of micromanagement. Government needs to be involved where areas they actually have jurisdiction and areas where they do not have responsibility or makes sense it needs to back off and let the private sector operate as it has successfully since our country began. Micromanaging anything especially with regards to government functions/decisions is the wrong philosophy to utilize.


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