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The Middle East Chaos in the End Times

Updated on May 20, 2015

Is ISIL, Iran's rise to regional power, Syria's collapse, and the Muslim Sunni-Shia battle, all just a series of unconnected events happening at the same time? It seems there has never been so many evil forces coalescing there simultaneously. Why now?

According to President Obama, if Iran is contained and not allowed to get a nuclear weapon, the region will be stable. Obama's concept of reality and reality itself now are very far apart. Whatever Obama thinks he can accomplish and what really happens are different. In the grand scheme of things, the Bible's Book of Revelations predicted this general mayhem in the End Times in the Middle East. Laugh if you want, but they chaos there now, is far more extreme and evil than it has ever been. The rise of ISIL has been allowed to happen, even though mankind does not see it that way. President's Bush and Obama have done their part in God's plan, even though, they think they are doing the correct action. The attraction of thousands of fighters to ISIL is growing and cannot be explained. It attracts them using deception in their religion and lust of power. All very intangible because it is false belief. The rise of Iran to regional power and quest for a nuclear bomb will be allowed to happen. Iran will get what they want and they will use it or threaten to use it because its leaders are filled with hate and greed. They are evil.

Evil, as the Revelations state, will be allowed to roam the earth in the End Times. God will allow it so to test the faith and to show mankind cannot solve all problems. The Sunni -Shia hatred is based in the beginnings of Islam founded in 6 A.D. It is a false religion that millions follow. Millions are deceived. The same can be said for many Western religions because they have strayed.

The Middle East is a boiling cauldron. Evil is everywhere. As it unwinds, it will get worse. Saudi Arabia has already stated it will fight Iran, its arch enemy in the Sunni-Shia hatred that causes more mayhem. Moscow and China generally side with Iran. The Russians, needing money, will sell their S-300 missiles and both countries have signed deals for nuclear reactors. The war in Yemen is between the Saudis and Iran through proxy forces. Even as the nuclear talks continue, Iran continues to purchase needed equipment for nuclear arms from Russia, China and North Korea. In April, Iran seized a cargo ship traversing the narrow Strait of Hormuz and held for ransom of $163,000. But worse, is that Saudi Arabia is gradually taking over the role of "policeman" in the region. They are Sunni. They have said that if Iran gets the nuclear bomb, so will they. They have already decided to purchase nuclear weapons from Pakistan according to the Sunday Times. They acquired Chinese missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. They are also still fuming about President Obama making a deal with Iran without any consultation.

The recent ISIL victory of taking the city of Ramadi, is no minor event. The perception of their ability attracts more to fight and the Iraqi troops to flee. It is the capital of Anbar province and once had 100,000 people. Much of Anbar was Sunni, the same as ISIL. The continued gains by ISIL spreads fear in the location population and Iraqi forces. It is easier to flee than to stand and fight. The Iraqi Sunni are minorities in the Iraqi Shia world. The mistrust between them is epic and historic. The Iranians have proven to be more welcomed than the USA.

The region is a mix of fear, mayhem, and confusion. America's reluctance plays into ISIL strategy. Despite all of the logical reasons for the reluctance to use military force, it plays into the diminished role of America in the End Times. If the force of "good" is not used, the "evil" forces are allowed to prevail. History shows this in its world wars.


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