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The Military Dragon in Asia: China

Updated on November 28, 2012

If one is sleeping on the watch, they would not see how China is seemingly on two paths: becoming an economic power and friendly to the West in order to obtain technology and techniques in normal business transactions, and, a surging military Chinese military that is at full speed when compared to where it was a mere 10 years ago. The question is why? What is the ultimate plan of the Chinese military? They have the largest army in manpower terms, they have been buying Russian armaments for years and improving them or copying them making their own versions. Russia needs the money, so they sold it to China. The Chinese economy is booming and also fuels funding into arms and related military items. Does China fear it will be invaded? Highly Doubtful. Maybe defend what they think is theirs, like islands in the South China Sea? Likely. Challenge the US Navy in area? Yes, but why? Coerce nearby nations to appease Chinese interests?

The surging Chinese military spins fast. It was only recently that the old Russian aircraft carrier arrived, it was only a hulk, not even a motor, it was towed. Experts predicted it would be 10 years before it would be launching aircraft from it. It was done in a year's time, it just happened, four J-15 aircraft, ex-Russian SU-33 types, took off and land from it while the carrier, Liaoning, was at sea. The J-15 has similar capabilities to the US F-18 Hornet and has a range of 1800 miles. The carrier will have 30 of them and Chinese authorities state it will be operational in two years and a carrier group of ships within five years.

There is little question that to those watching, this surge is for offensive purposes. A weapon to use politically, to coerce nations, to intimidate all the much smaller nations on their borders and Japan. There could be no other reason why China's military to be so large. As resources become more scarce to run economies, the more likely war is near.


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    • Paul Kuehn profile image

      Paul Richard Kuehn 

      6 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand

      This is a very interesting hub. Forty years ago China's economy was in shambles, and the common person literally did not have " a pot to piss in." The military wasn't much better, especially the Navy, and they had all they could do just to fend off Chiang Kai-Shek's Taiwan. Things have changed a lot, and China now with both its economy and resurgent military can not be neglected. When China rules the waves, we'll have our next real superpower. Voted up and sharing.


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