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The Wages of Sin

Updated on January 26, 2017

Teach a man to Fish

A fakir is a Muslim or Hindu religious beggar. These types of beggars are regarded as holy, but every religion, indeed every nation, has its share of beggars.

If you take trip to France the children pull at your clothing as you walk around the Eiffel Tower. Watch your wallet.

In New York City, beggars take different forms. The windshield washer homeless spring upon your car from the nearest corner. You see them everywhere now. They often visit the same corner for months. Then they move on. Especially when the money is bad.

The idea that anyone or any company should be ordered to pay a certain wage (maximum or minimum) is nothing less than an open dictatorship in favor of the disaffected.

Minimum wage laws are supposed to right a wrong. That wrong allegedly being low wages. But the method of righting the wrong is to use the wrong. That wrong is called force. A company, for example, must be forced to pay a specific wage, not of their choosing.

Why are low wages wrong? Because one cannot buy enough of what may be needed to survive? Why work for low wages then? Why not work two jobs or go to school and become a plumber or an electrician?

Wage In

Should the US Government require US Companies pay a Minimum Wage?

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In answer to the alleged low wage problem the proponents of minimum wages require one particularly troublesome imprimatur. They must initiate force.

Again, lest it be forgotten, the idea that force must be used to accomplish any goal has certain drawbacks. To use such force or require anyone to do anything, brings one's morality into question.

We were taught in Nursery School, that we were not allowed to take the other kid's toy. It was bad, the teacher said, as she waggled her finger at us and gave us that look. Then she snatched the toy truck from our little hands and often followed it up with a smack to the back of our heads. The good old days.

To use retaliatory force, to require others not to do certain things, we were taught, tended to land us in that human 'moral' camp. That meant that we had to ask the other kid before we borrowed his toys or ask our parents to buy us the toys we coveted. We could not order other kids to just give up their dolls and toy trucks. It tended to rankle them.

We also learned that ordering someone around was just plain wrong, unless they stole our toys. We could ask the teacher to punish those toy-taking transgressor(s) and order them to return our toys, when it became necessary. Or we could settle the matter out on the playground. We used retaliatory force then, and it made us feel good. The other kids who stole our toys went to 'time out' or got a black-eye and hopefully learned something. Some of them haven't learned to this day, however.

We are adults now, but many of us never learned our lessons...

Ordering someone to give you his toys are what minimum wage laws are all about. And we know by toys, that I mean dollars or yen or euros or gold bullion.

By what right can one require another to hand over more money than the other is willing to pay? How can one rationalize it?

Does a beggar hold a mortgage on your wallet? He or she does not, but this moral dilemma can be circumvented. How? Indoctrinate.

The words must be spoken: "Provide for the general welfare." Once spoken, these words seemingly allow anyone to confiscate at will. It works like magic. Provisions to the low wage earners becomes a must – at any cost. Again, by what right?

When did a low wage earner acquire the right to initiate force upon his/her employer, i.e., other people? Don't these other people have any rights to set wages at such levels as the market will bare? If not, why not?

Living on low wages is tough. How can one support a family of four on $15,000 annually?

The government can exert more force upon everyone, make them pay higher taxes to help defray expenses the poor may have, but the 'wrong' has to be used. If this method of involuntary redistribution does not work, the government can devalue the currency (a hidden tax) and spread the cash around. Yet, more involuntary redistribution of wealth leads us down that inflation path.

Options become limited as the system of favors and orders removes the one thing which stimulates the producers of all wealth: reward. As the reward diminishes, the promise of financial collapse becomes very real.

It has now become a fast game of cat and mouse with the US Constitution.

As was seen in the last great fight, when our government forced all of us to purchase bureaucrat approved health insurance in the US, we the people are losing this 'game'.

The US Supreme Court weighed in and labeled the new healthcare requirement a 'tax'. Game over now.

The stage has been set. Henceforth all such edicts will be given that label, should men and women of backbone not be found soon.

Repeat after me. It is merely a new tax. Taxes are necessary, as we have been told. To support the greater good, as defined by our watchers, and requires forced compliance, not voluntary taxes.

Just relax.

How can a family live on low wages – in these times? Frugality? Take on more part time jobs? How can anyone ever outpace the currency devaluation engineered by the politicians?

We can support the idea of less controls upon everyone, lower taxes, sound money or we can just be pragmatic and give up. The giving up and giving in tends to win the day.

Families often support a system of governmental edicts, immoral laws and codified force against a free people. It is a matter of 'it's just easier'. But, they remind themselves that it is for the good of all. Like a mantra, they repeat it, until they have absorbed it.

Right or wrong, it does not matter any longer. It is a new world out there. We have been told. Get with the plan.

Enter our favored third party: the government.

A body built upon supreme laws, morally adjusted to accomplish any given pragmatic goal. The goal of this day? More money for those persons only wishing to work at low paying jobs.

One can be a part time student or a full time worker, but how long you have been employed will not be an issue. From day one, we, the government, will order those companies to pay you a living wage. A living wage, even if you want to flip burgers and never progress beyond such a career -- is your unearned birthright after all. No longer will others determine your worth simply because of your chosen profession or lack of personal motivation. We, the government, will take care of you. We are here to help. We understand. Please hold our hands. First, call our 800 number. Business hours only please. Just follow the prompts or find us online at www...and click around until you are completely confused.

The reason the government of the people, in the United States, can insist upon and successfully utilize minimum wage laws, can be traced to the idea that most Americans are allegedly 'wage slaves'. But slavery, in this country (the US) was abolished during the Civil War. No matter, it has become the calling card of the times.

Now and then, the United States does enslave its people. Just ask the Japanese U.S. citizens who were imprisoned during the Second World POW Camps...on American soil.

Every corporation is now compared to the Slave Ships of the past. We are the cargo. Every time a company receives a tax break or acquires a subsidy (which is wrong) the call for higher enforced wages only intensifies.

It is as if the more wrongs one piles upon the economic engine of America, somehow the engine will just keep right on running.


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