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The Mistress Calls

Updated on February 16, 2012
Don't throw it all away!
Don't throw it all away!

The Mistress Calls

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Nature’s gaze livens me with hope and fills me with awe for all its complexity. It is mistress to our paradise, mother to our home and the redeemer of our folly. We are but wasted under the power of her benevolent retribution, the necessary balance of our recklessness. Ho harm shall be imparted when all is balanced and harmonious; it is only for our transgressions the mistress responds in kind, no malice born.

She waits patiently for our attention, for our understanding and the compassion for life and the natural order. She prays for our arrogant judgements to cease and for the relentless depletion of resources to be stilled, giving back the balance of taking.

How much must we endure before we discover we have crossed the line, taken for granted our blessings, and ignored our mistress? How much war, flood, earthquake, famine and pestilence will it take to change our ragged course? We cannot take forever; take until there is no more to take. Nature, our kind mistress, carries no judgement, no disdain, responding only to balance- the law that governs existence.

Humanity is the only life on earth that has placed themselves above the natural laws, thinking that technology will uphold our dominance and secure a future. The irony is that ‘survival of the fittest’ applies to us too. Technology does not outweigh the need for natural balance and in no way can be pitted against the power of the mistress. We are insignificant, a spec of momentary life within the infinite, the laws of which control all matter. Who are we to stand toe to toe with divinity and thrust our meagre will forward?

If the mistress had a sense of humour, she’d be rolling around in rapturous hilarity. We have so much potential, so much intelligence on one level and yet so ignorant on another. Our little blue planet cannot sustain our greed and ignorance forever. Our expanding populations, our squandering of resources, our use of non-degradable materials and emitting harmful gases that degrade our atmosphere, will in the end, kill our planet.

Humanity has free will and the ability to decide about its future. We have technology and the understanding of all these facts, yet our greed still determines our fate. In that sense, humanity is self-deprecating, and ultimately suicidal, the road to self-harm already paved.

Governments act in half-hearted ways to address these issues with summits and agreements, but the wheels turn by greed, political advantage and money, without a real appreciation for the reality and a future.

Humanity has lost connection with the earth, our mistress Nature. We have forsaken the natural order to pursue greed and selfishness. What will be the outcome in the course of natural balance, I don’t know, but the impact on humanity will be deserved. We have no-one else to blame. We voted for our governments, allowed them to represent us and make decisions that have impacted on our planet. I just hope it is not too late to turn this around.


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