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The Modern Capitalist Machine

Updated on December 10, 2010

Our Modern Economic System

Morals of our Modern Capitalist Machine

The grass is definitely greener on the corporate side of a Capitalist economy fence. Well, it is from the perspective of a lower, middle class American, such as myself. I don’t say this merely because of personal experience; I say this because of factual observations. Please allow me to explain why it seems to me that our Capitalist economic system is not the same for all people living and working within its financial boundaries. Actually, I believe it’s a far cry from being fair to one and all. We all know this, but I would like to share some interesting facts and points of view with you anyway. Some of this you already know, or may have heard in the past, and much of this is from some angles you have never before considered, or given a serious thought.

First, let me state that our Democratic Political system is extremely biased toward the wishes and desires of the larger free enterprise businesses it represents and defends. These large corporations legally receive favorable legislation and social guidelines by camouflaging demands as campaign contributions to key politicians and prominent social entities. I can’t forget to mention the added influence of legal persuasive political, economic and commercial lobbying that takes place publicly and privately among our elected officials.

Let me also stress here how well I understand that large companies, and the government, do employ huge numbers of our population, in one way or another. This gives a majority of citizens a way to establish and earn a living. We have to remember that many things, items and service’s in our system our connected. Some are obvious connections and others are distant. With this acknowledged, I would like to focus your attention on how the current interactions between all of these components of our system have evolved and what they have evolved into today.

As far as making a difference, let’s face it, a single average citizen can’t afford to give large campaign contributions or use time and expenses to lobby elected officials. This is practically impossible and more than likely useless, coming from a single person. However, in numbers either of these acceptable actions could be very effective, if the entire lower and middle class were to unite as one political and social entity. Campaign contributions and lobbying would work for average citizens in numbers because that’s what middle and lower class Americans do have in their favor, numbers. But, until that becomes a reality, our two hundred year old Democratic political system will probably remain as it is, if it doesn’t grow even more corrupt.

In all honesty, our Capitalist economy creates a higher standard of living for each and every individual citizen within its boundaries when compared to past, and most current, governments around the world. Especially the farther back in time you look. The system is not perfect, but what country in the world is, or ever was?

Even looking at our system from this positive point of view, my point is focused on the ever widening gap between the have’s and have not’s. I guess you could look at it like the old adage of “is the glass half full or half empty.” I guess it really depends on which side of the metaphoric grassy landscaped economic fence you’re located, or how you view the glass of water.

No matter how you view it, the fact remains that our current system has evolved into a vicious machine that is stuck in a relentless cycle of insatiable commerce. The current American economic system reminds me of a computerized mechanical money eating machine. The foremost problem with this hungry beast is its lack of morality, respect, and balanced righteous intellect within its own controlling components toward the very people that maintain and finance it. It doesn’t care how the commerce is conducted, as long as it continues to financially grow without being subjected to unwanted changes. In other words, the prominent world political and financial leaders are in control of what everyone else can and can not do by means of social and legislative guidelines. A lot of these decisions are made with the persuasive insistence of large corporations. We all know this, but it has become such an accepted situation that there are no checks and balances to restrict these leader’s influenced decisions and actions. Well, not until something practically catastrophic happens, and then only a band aid and some duct tape is applied to the system to temporarily satisfy the problem.

If you are a dreamer or an entrepreneur in a Capitalist system, there is always hope to achieve your goals, and this is good as opposed to other forms of governments and economies. However, if you started off a dreamer and then achieved your goals, the majority of these successes eventually acquire an attitude change toward the Capitalist system, and this affects things for others who are still working toward their dreams. Why you ask? I’ll tell you why, because of greed and self-righteousness.

Once a person has worked hard to ascertain a dream, or a fortune, or a goal, then that achieved standard has to be sustained. That is to say, economic dominance is not something you work hard and long to achieve, and then casually let it go, or give it up to competition, then simply move on to something else and start over from absolute scratch. I mean, it’s not like climbing a huge economic mountain and not planting your flag on the summit, especially when the conquest brings a lot of desired financial assets and other fringe benefits for the difficult effort.

Sure, there are some actual mountain climbers that simply do it for the self satisfaction, but in commerce and business, conquering an economic mountain is an acquisition worth hanging on to for future financial security.

So, when someone gets a stronghold on an economic mountain, they tend not to want any other up and coming dreamers, or competitors, to try and take it over. I have noticed, that when these success stories give charity to the less fortunate, it’s only done in calculated amounts, usually to be financially lucrative through tax write off’s. Thus is more proof of the change of heart in the successful dreamer, and thus the reasons for decisions and actions of the controllers of the machine. Sure, there is always the big picture excuse for certain laws or actions, but I’m more interested in the basic way the system conducts itself in general during these modern times

After all, I guess its natural human behavior to keep what you have. The problem I have is the ever growing disregarding attitude of what the cost is to others. This seems to be common practice. Want some examples? Here are a few.

Medical expenses, taxes, insurance, just about everything is becoming overpriced.

I know that nothing is free, oh, and how well I know, but, is there no limit to the madness for the lower income individual?

Like I said before, the grass is greener on the other side of a Capitalist economic fence, unless you happen to be on the greenest side available. As for the rest of us, on the dusty, vegetation stripped side of the fence, we can only hold onto our dreams and hope for a miracle.

It’s a matter of numerical averages. The more people there are, the more the need for goods and services. However, when a select few are in control of when, where, how and why these goods and services can be legally sold, well, that’s when the controllers of the machine initiate political legislation to maintain control of the economic situation. It’s the golden rule, he who has the gold makes the rules, and rule number one is to hang onto the gold so you can keep making the rules, so you can obtain more gold, so you can make more rules, so you can…

Money talks and bull*#*# walks.

Let’s break it down into simple terms. The big money companies, CEO’s and boards of directors around the country, and the world, make the rules. Sometimes it is actually fair, and actually for the overall good of the masses, but, most of the time there are ulterior motives accompanied by lots of smoke and mirrors. The reasons for smoke and mirrors are… you guessed it… to obtain more gold and to keep the gold in the same old hands, and business running as usual. Political leaders are only there to be the escape goats and enablers for the real culprits. You don’t believe that statement? Then think about this for a moment. Why is it that the President of the United States is always blamed for everything bad in the country? Does anyone really believe that one man has the ultimate legal power to change things for better or worse? Well, except for war, but, other than that, you must remember, Congress has to approve any legislation that the President wants to enact or change, especially when it pertains to domestic legislation.

Let’s use the Iraq war as an example. You can blame it on terror, or weapons of mass destruction, or whatever, but the simple reason for that action was oil. Yes, oil. We Americans burn through it like we breathe air. We take it for granted, and as you probably know; there is not much oil under American owned soil, so it has to come from somewhere. We do have some reserved oil fields, in the Gulf of Mexico and in nature parks, but maybe it’s being saved for when there is none anywhere else on the planet. However, by the time that happens, only the extremely rich and powerful will have access to what remains.

Our military and political presence in the Middle East is to supposedly spread Democracy and insure peace. In actuality, our presence there is ultimately to keep the American standard of living at its current level. As I will indulge later, our system is dependant on not having any substantial crises with energy, food and modern commerce to keep from experiencing absolute chaos.

Another reason for the Iraq war was, or is, China. China needs oil with an incredibly increasing demand and we made a military chess move by invading a weak country, Iraq, in the Middle East to get our oil motivated foothold there before China became physically involved. It was a clever plan and cover up from the get go, but as we all know, Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.

What’s my point? My point is that to keep our wasteful lives running smoothly, we, the American general public, accept the war and the bogus reasons for it so we don’t have to sacrifice modern conveniences or comforts because of dwindling domestic oil reserves. Nobody ever says this too loudly, even though everyone knows that it’s absolutely true. This is the reason that the government doesn’t have much trouble or resistance from us citizens when a cover up like this is exposed. We the people feel guilty and would rather sweep it under the rug and hope nothing else has to be done to expose another raw nerve. Time has a funny way of smoothing over the worst of events and our guilt is buried by business as usual, and the ones who are actually guilty of planning and executing these wicked deeds know that time will eventually smooth things over. Well, except for the more radical people involved that have a completely different set of morals than we do, and they do remember our indiscretions and eventually strike back at us, like Osama Bin Laden. I am in no way saying anyone should murder or cause death or injury in retaliation to any action, I’m just simply stating that our actions are not always welcomed or tolerated.

How did our system grow into this situation? Well, I can tell you with the utmost confidence that it didn’t happen overnight. Our way of life seems right to us because we were raised to believe so. As our consumer based economy grew with population and innovative ideas and products, so did our need for energy, food and other economy sustaining products and services. Like I said, the best way to define it is an ever growing money based machine.

The only way to truly explain and understand the current human activity on the planet is to go back in time and understand the general way things progressed. Please, allow me to indulge. By the way, I will mention the Ten Commandments from the Bible repeatedly below. I want to emphasize that I am not a religious fanatic, I simply agree with the statements of the Ten Commandments because adhering to them would solve many of our current problems.

First are the effects of completely separating Religion and Government. Religion is not the actual focus of this portion of my opinion. My point here is actually concentrated on the obvious results of natural human behavior without religion. Whether you are religious or not, religion affects your life every day, and in ways that have probably never even crossed your mind before. If you don’t believe me, just keep reading and decide for yourself. Like I said, I’m not a religious fanatic but I believe the Ten Commandments set guidelines that promote equality and justice by structuring moral and honest thought patterns and actions of human beings toward each other, and toward our fragile planet itself.

Early Civilizations

The effects of religion on human behavior can easily be seen throughout history. I probably need to mention that I’m currently speaking of times before the bible was written, or before it was later widely known or accepted. For example, in early pre biblical civilizations, politics and religion were tightly interwoven to give social structure and insure order. Why? Because these early political leaders knew that in order to maintain control of the public, they needed to prey on the people’s beliefs to gain their absolute trust, and therefore, the leaders could get the masses to do their bidding without question, disobedience or conflict. I’m sure some of these early political leaders actually believed what they preached, but through the centuries, it became a skill for deception and evolved into what we see in many of the major governments today. But, in those early days, worshiping the sun, moon and all sorts of other inanimate objects was considered normal, and the leaders used naturally occurring earthly and celestial phenomena to justify and consummate their political positions.

The first early political leaders mostly came into power by brute force. This was achieved in one of two ways, either by conquering enemy tribes and civilizations, or by overpowering and then controlling the people in their own civilization. No matter how a leader came into power, it was quickly learned that it’s easier to simply rule by means of the people’s fear of upsetting the “God’s”, rather than keeping the masses in fear of brutal consequences from military power. Even if these early political / religious structures were actually believed by the leaders themselves, eventually, it became an act of smoke and mirrors to simply control the masses without having to force bloodshed.

This means of controlling the masses has been the basis for governmental structuring throughout history. From early cavemen to the governments of today, religion has played an important part in how a civilization conducts itself.

The lack of religious influence has just as much of an impact on a society, but with very different results. For instance, the farther a civilization drifts from a positive religious belief, the more self centered its people become. Just remember the Roman Empire for example.

It’s natural for a human to take care of number one, or him or herself first. It’s the old “survival of the fittest” adage. It’s true that natural selection is…, well, completely natural, but modern civilizations have instilled man made strategies, such as: welfare, disability and a whole list of names and categories for the strong taking care of the weak. These helping gestures are in complete contradiction to natural selection. The animal world has very few species that take care of the weak. Usually the weak die because they can no longer sustain their own existence or can no longer keep up with the herd and they eventually become a meal for another animal. Our human, un-natural, but civilized, government agencies arise from our emotional compassion for the weak. This emotional response to help the weak comes from a spiritual origin. You may say that helping the weak is simply the right thing to do since we are intelligently evolved beings, but right and wrong are not prevalent factors in natural human behavior toward natural occurrences and I believe our compassion for the weak stems from and is reinforced by religious teachings. It doesn’t matter whether you believe that we came from Adam and Eve, or that we evolved from apes, because either way, emotions and intelligence are what separate us from the animals. Well…, that and the opposable thumb.

The Bible

In a nutshell, religion originally came about to explain the natural occurrences that baffled early man. It quickly evolved to mesh with politics to help keep order within civilization. Eventually it became more and more of a contradiction and a threat to government. As time went on, the religious leaders who were also political figures, became corrupt in their own churches and the people revolted, which was most noticeable during, and ever since, the time of Mosses. Biblically accurate or not, there have been numerous revolutions by common men against their suppressors. Since the first revolution, there has been an ever growing gap between church and state.

Even if the Bible was written by man to alter natural human behavior and keep chaos from prevailing, I don’t think it was such a bad idea to do so. Like I said earlier, no matter whether you believe in God or not, the bible and religions in general may not be perfect, but religion has had an undeniable effect on how we humans think and act.

I sometimes wonder how the human race may have turned out without the influence of religion, and I am inclined to believe that we would live in a very different world today. Whether the bible was concocted by man, or it is actually a direct record of God’s will and testament, it had, and still has, a direct effect on how humans treat each other on a daily basis.

Of course there are two sides to these biblical influences. The most prevalent and positive aspect is that, those who live by the Ten Commandments do not disrespect their fellow man with actions of murder, rape, theft and a whole list of despicable or dishonest acts. On the other hand, the opposing aspect allows governments and businesses of the world to flourish from the believers’ religious training because we are honest and submissive when receiving wrong doing by others. These are the old adages of “turn the other cheek” and “do unto others as you wish them to do unto you”. Honest people follow these “rules” and the others who do not, gain and flourish monetarily.

The Ten Commandments seem to be directly attributed to controlling the behavior of humans, which can easily correlate to have been simply written by visionary and philosophical men, solely for the purpose of keeping mankind in check. Or, did the all knowing “All Mighty Holy Spirit” foresee our descent into savage animal behavior, and therefore gave the Ten Commandments to Mosses, who in turn passed them on to the rest of humanity?

What does all of this rambling have to do with our current economic and political system? Well, from my perspective and understanding, I make my conclusions from what I’ve learned about history. I see more and more selfishness and disregard between human beings in the world today. It’s like we’re philosophically going backward in time to the caveman days. People are more interested in what they want, rather than in what is right. This is not a new mentality for humans; it’s just that for almost two thousand years, we were generally united against what we believed to be true evil, both worldly and individually. Such as Adolph Hitler and other wicked people around the world, all the way down to how we treat complete strangers on the street. I do realize that even after the teachings of Mosses and Jesus Christ, there were evil and wicked things done by people that were not seen as evil, even though their deeds directly disobeyed the Ten Commandments. The oddity of this, is that these people and their deeds were somewhat accepted without serious consequences. The only way I can explain these instances is by the old adage of “fight fire with fire”.

Like I’ve said all along, even if the Bible is a farce, and was actually written by man to give the masses some kind of guidelines to interact with each other, it does give some important and basic rules to keep us from becoming animals and acting on physical and financial survival instincts with devastating natural selection results.

The Animal in all of us

Sometimes I can’t help but find myself comparing people to animals because of the diversity in mentality, thinking and actions that I see from one person to another. I don’t necessarily make this comparison because I believe we evolved from apes, but rather because of the obvious similarities between some animals and some people. Even though people are basically all the same in basic physical and mental make up, we seem to have a wide diversity of behaviors, which I find, are often easily compared to certain animals. I am most concerned with criminals who have such savage personalities that I can easily compare them to a hunting Lion or Shark. On the other hand, I see people that act so shy and submissive that they remind me of an ostrich burying its head in the sand. For me, the most annoying and aggravating are the humans that act like parasites. Everyone knows one of these. I’m talking about the able bodied person who doesn’t work or do anything to sustain their existence, but they expect others to do it for them. Mind you, I’m not talking about the physically or mentally disabled or impaired, I’m talking about the lazy. These parasites include drug addicts, the self injured, and people that simply make bad choices which result in others having to take care of them. I am referring to people that freely choose to perform dangerous acts for personal gain or entertainment and then they end up seriously injured or addicted. Mind you, I’m not talking about job related injuries; I’m referring to people simply entertaining themselves. Such as: drug users, sky diving, mountain climbing, unnecessary animal encounters, or automobile recklessness. I think you get my drift here because once a human is injured, even from a stupid, selfish act; the rest of humanity feels obligated or is forced to take care of that person. I ask you if that voluntary or forced obligation comes strictly from evolved intelligence and compassion, or does it have a powerful religious origin?

I guess that I am comparing how our diversified mental and physical attributes can directly reflect the animal world. Sometimes the comparison is simply natural, instinctual behavior, but sometimes it’s detailed, meticulously thought out plans of deviance.

I can attribute our similar behavior to animals from either belief of our origin. If we indeed evolved from apes, well, then we have natural gene instincts automatically instilled in us from the animal world. But, if we are actually descendents of Adam and Eve, well, I guess we learned about survival by what we saw the animal world doing around us, and that’s why we sometimes act so diversely and closely to the animal world. Either way, the comparisons to the animal world are often obvious.

I don’t think most people realize how thin the line actually is between who we are right now, and how quickly the human race could become a species of savages. For instance; if you take away electricity, there will be chaos. If you take away oil, there will be chaos. It you take away easily obtainable food, there will be chaos. If the financial system fails, there will be chaos. If any of these resources or systems fail permanently, or even for a known prolonged period of time, the chaos will arise within days. But, even though we know this, we continue with business as usual and hope it never happens.

The Constitution

I guess certain Americans have used the Constitution to evolve our laws and intellect to accept actions, lifestyles and behaviors that lack the standard of personal responsibility actually required for the system to be fair for everyone. What do I mean by this? I’m saying that any able, hard working citizen should have the right to live their life as they wish, so long as their actions do not negatively affect others. But, for some reason, the system seems to be geared toward giving minority opinions a stronger voice in government. I’m not necessarily talking about minority races of people and their opinions; rather, I’m talking about minority ideas and desires toward lawmaking. Let me stress again that a multi billion dollar company or business usually does have a minority opinion, and as we all know, these financial giants do seem to almost always achieve their judicial objectives in American law making. Not only because of their financial asset’s, but because so many lives and large sections of the economy depend on them for existence. Once these financially fueled minority ideas become law, it’s then usually passed by congress with a publicly announced facade of economic benefits to the nation as a whole. We all know there are usually personal or political gain kickbacks to the representatives and senators from the financial giant for their allegiance to helping the proposition to actually become a law. Like I also earlier mentioned, it’s legal and politically called “lobbying”. Not to mention large campaign contributions. But, all laws will open up loopholes for any average citizen to use that same law to somehow dodge some kind of financial or moral responsibility.

This all boils down to a Godless America because the term “all mighty” shifts from God to the dollar bill.

To be an honest citizen in America has become difficult and a contradiction in itself. To be morally honest means you have to disregard certain laws. And on the flip side, to be a law abiding citizen, you will have to disregard some morals. We have accepted this mentality into our private lives because of our corrupt business and political practices. To be truly honest about everything in life would put most of our politicians out of office and our business into bankruptcy, especially certain types of lawyers and the like. Then there is TV advertising and any other aspect of modern America that is not 100% up front and honest with the consumer. Remember it’s “buyer beware”!

I have always felt that compared to the other governments around the world, we have the best system available for the average peon citizen. I mean, any of us can legally use the system to go from rags to riches. And if you are down on your luck and have no family or friends to turn to for help, there are government agencies to at least keep you from starving to death. I know for a fact that for those in dire need, there are private organizations that do much more to help the desperate than the government agencies do. This gives me hope, but there is usually a tax write off fueling the motivation of these private organizations, rather than a simple moral obligation. Unfortunately, it’s usually always about the money.

Our Constitution has afforded us several rights. The freedom of speech has been one of the most abused. Remember the old TV show “All in the Family? It broke the mold for what was acceptable for the public to see and hear on public TV, the young and old alike. The mold has been reshaped, remolded and broken and re-regulated time and time again. Today, almost anything goes, because of the freedom of speech in our Constitution. For what the Constitution was designed to do, it’s a great tool for a large populated system to give every individual a free voice, but the drawbacks are that anyone can publicly corrupt your child and there is nothing much you can do about it outside your own home. Your only choice is to “shelter” your child from America itself, but unless you are Amish, your sheltered child is in for a rude awakening when eventually entering main stream America.

Freedom of speech, along with most other rights in our Constitution, was originally intended by our forefathers to be a tool that could be used so government couldn’t keep the truth from the public. They wanted a system that opposed the hierarchy they fled from in England. But over time, our intellectually evolved lawyers and greedy business men have turned freedom of speech into a tool that uses carefully written and worded laws and sales pitches to be less than honest, to insure higher sales of items. This includes everything from lawsuits to potato peelers. We all know that if every sales pitch and product description had to be up front and honest, we wouldn’t buy most of what is out there. We have accepted this less than honest common practice for so long, that it is now standard for each consumer do extensive research on any item we are considering for a purchase, just to see if it delivers as it is actually as advertised. Remember, it shouldn’t’ be the governments responsibility to make sure the products and marketing are honest, rather, it should be a moral obligation of the manufacturer and advertiser.

My point on this is, if every product and service, and their advertising sales pitch, had to pass the requirements of the Ten Commandments, we could buy things as we see and hear them advertised. I know certain items are complicated and would require extreme amounts of text or air time to explain the pro’s and con’s of its components. Which would be expensive and probably use up the profits of the product just to sell it, which makes advertising these types of items it pointless.

On this note, I believe adhering to the Ten Commandments would result in less products being advertised and sold, which in turn would mean less money for the media, which in turn would mean less money for actors, producers and the like. Somehow, I don’t see how this hurts the general public, except that the revenue would be made up somewhere else. And guess who would be the financial target. That’s correct, still the consumer. Yes, one way or another, the consumer would pay the bill. It is a free enterprise system, its buyer beware, its capitalism at its crescendo.

Unless our thinking changes, we will always be trying to find get rich quick scams that dupe our neighbors out of a couple of bucks. Even the big corporations use the same tactics, but they crunch the numbers and it works on a much larger scale for them. They can sell products that don’t deliver as promised, but since they sell on such a large scale, they receive enough revenue from these sales to pay off dissatisfied customers and still reap a large profit. Its genius, I tell you, simply genius!

This is true especially with the pharmaceutical conglomerates, but they can damage more than just your wallet. They sell billions of dollars worth of potentially harmful or even fatal medications every day. Even if the trusty bureaucratic “FDA” approves the products and the “side effects” mentioned on the advertisements and medical labels. This doesn’t stop the Wal-Mart stampede from buying up the latest weight loss pill. After a certain amount of time passes, and the company makes billions of dollars, then come the medical problems and/or deaths directly resulting from the use of the said medications. That’s OK. The company now has plenty of profit cash just lying around to pay out compensation to the suing plaintiffs from these medications. Again, it’s simply genius. It’s all about the numbers. It has nothing to do with the crippling, deforming or even deaths of consumers; it’s all about selling a product and dealing with, or paying for, the known biological side effects out of the incredible profit margin after the fact. To me, this is out right wrong. I see it as theft, lying, deception, disregarding human and animal life and of course, a direct disobedience of the Ten Commandments.

I do recognize the benefits of certain medications that do inflict incidental damage, such as chemotherapy for cancer patients. I understand that there are certain diseases and illnesses that require damaging treatments for the patients overall health, but many of our modern, mass produced and mass sold “quick fix” medications should not be used on a buyer beware format.

But, what the hell do I know? I’m just another pawn in the American money machine that helps keep the system in motion. I hope you all realize that besides greed, there is another important reason there is not a major outcry for reform in our system. It’s because if our fragile and corrupt system is dramatically changed, it will fail. That’s right! Our economy will fail because it is now almost completely dependant on the success of the corrupt system it has evolved to be. It has become stuck in a vicious cycle of commerce. Like I mentioned earlier, if one of our systems major components fail, even for a short period of time, chaos will be inevitable very soon after. This is why forcing the Ten Commandments, or honesty, into American business, and politics, will first cause chaos and death for a long time before it renders a better way of life. This is sad, but it is absolutely and undeniably true!

I’ve always tried to deliver exactly what I promise. If I have a doubt about being able to deliver what a client expects, I stress the possible shortcoming to the point where I, or even the client, cancel the job all together. Maybe I’m just old fashioned. But when I see how stressed, miserable and agitated me and most people are with our system, I realize that the Ten Commandments would solve almost all of our problems across the board. But, this would demand that each person follow the rules to the letter, and that’s why we have lawyers. They are masters at bending words and agreements to legally allow certain situations and circumstances become “exceptions to the rule” and that, my friend, is a large reason for the whole mess our system is in today!

The Young, the Public Education System, and the Media

The Young

Not much to say here but, “monkey see - monkey do”. Our children do what they see and what they are taught. You can teach a child to be a certain way, but as soon as they are influenced by outsiders, they fall onto the band wagon. If the “band wagon” was controlled by the Ten Commandments, it would be a good wagon to be on. But, our young people have learned how to bleed the system at an early age. They’ve even learned to control their own parents so they can live their lives freely chasing desires rather than accepting responsibility to finance their own existence. I’m not talking about the young college student that is academically bettering his or her life with an education, instead, I’m talking about the thousands that are chasing a practically unobtainable dream or just screwing around entertaining themselves on a “permanent vacation” while they reply to serious responsibility with a shoulder shrug and a response of “whatever”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with chasing a dream, as long as something constructive is maintained in the meantime to pay the way while these illusive careers are sought. Need I say more?

Public Education

Our public education system is partially at fault here. In the past fifteen years the education system has been telling our children they can be whatever they want to be. The mentality behind this is to give each child hope so they will later be content within the system by following the “rules”, well, and so the system can quickly and easily find the geniuses and weed out the less desirable and throw them to the side. But, children will be children and the ones that do not manage to follow the rules or successively think outside the accepted box, quickly become interested in a media portrayed lifestyle. You know what I’m talking about, musicians, reality show “stars”, and a whole list of popular personalities on TV and other media outlets. All of our children, from birth to young adult, are bombarded with these ridiculous and seductive TV lifestyles, which are either fiction or the actual rich and eccentric. These lifestyles are completely unobtainable by the average person, and the kids eat it up to the point of being obsessed with these fake personalities.

To help our public education system in general, the following statements will shed some light on a possibility that apparently nobody has thought of before.

I see our public school system athletic programs following a similar farce. If you don’t believe me, just look at the numbers. There are millions of school age children in the public school athletic programs, but each year there are only a small number of college and professional athletes needed. I understand that having school athletic teams teaches our children how to play and work well with others, and to keep them from pursuing other bad indulgences, but the school programs are geared for college athletic success, and only a select few children out of hundreds, if not thousands of schools, will make it to be on a college team, let alone a professional team.

I would like to see some kind of reality perspective put back in the system across the board, from schools to government. I believe that programs for more realistic programs will make a huge difference. If menial jobs and careers are taught in school, the children will accept them as part of life, instead of manual labor being something below their “God” given American stature from birth. I believe that if plumbing, electrical, automotive and a whole list of necessary skills were instilled in the school system, this would do our children, and our country, much more good than just sports and academics. I know there are, and have been for decades, some vocational classes implemented in the public education system. But, they are usually only available to young people from the ninth or tenth grade upward, and by then, most students whom are not falling into the “normal” or “extraordinary” categories, already have a mindset for something less realistic as a career.

If this does not make sense to you, think about the kids that dream and try to become something you know will never happen. I’m not saying we should strip our children of their dreams, I’m simply saying we should make menial jobs comfortable in their psyche, at an earlier age, as their possible reality. The children I’m referring to are the ones that you know for almost absolute sure will never be succeeding professionally as; athletes, musicians, actors, rocket scientists, engineers, race car drivers and the like. If they really want to succeed at these illusive careers, but are not the best candidates, let them work at these dreams, but not as if it is their one and only true “destiny”.

Oh, and one more point. Just because one person wants another person to be successful at a certain profession, doesn’t mean that person is actually qualified or is a good candidate for the position. In other words, we shouldn’t push kids to be what we WANT them to be. This is especially true for parents wanting their children to fulfill the parents fizzled dreams.

All I am saying is that, at an early age, we need to find out what children have the potential to be good at. Then we need to educate them according to their abilities instead of their wants. It’s true that everyone would be much happier if they could get paid to do exactly what they want and like to do, but that rarely ever happens. To be true to oneself actually works from both ends of the spectrum. Do what you are good at, even if it’s a menial labor position, then work toward achieving the success at the dream that you want to be good at.

The Media

There isn’t much to say here that you probably don’t already know, you just don’t want to admit it. The TV is the best place to start. From Hollywood to infomercials, it’s all about making you believe in something you don’t need, or that‘s not real. Sometimes the TV can even convince you to buy something you don’t really want. It’s all about the sales of advertised products. The American public has become a heard of Wal-Mart driven cattle. We see, we like, we think we need and then we buy. This is one of the driving forces that keep our economy stable. In decades past, our government would start wars to boost our economy, so I guess the daily trips by the masses to Wal-Mart are actually a life saving thing, when put in this perspective, but it’s still not mentally or financially healthy for the individual.

We all want to get away from reality, but for many, the fakeness that the TV portrays, actually becomes an unrealistic reality that is seriously pursued.

Movies use images, sound, music and incredible ideas to woo us into the realm of an imaginary existence. Then the computer, internet and video games take us into this same imaginary realm, but with a more personal touch to give an even greater feeling of virtual reality.

Musicians use their lyrics to entice the young into a rebellion that they can blame on the artist. A young person will blast a song to let the lyrics speak out for how they think they feel, without actually saying it themselves. This also robs young people of actually expressing themselves without outside influence. The young are directed and coerced by a popular artist’s words, instead of the young person thinking and working out their own actual feelings. I realize that art imitates life. In other words, the lyrics couldn’t give a young person an emotion that wasn’t already there in their mind, but repetition and exposure can eventually change a person’s attitude.


I understand that “thinking outside the box” is where some of the greatest discoveries have come from, but not everyone is an abstract genius, and the only way to find the few who are, is to have everyone working at it. However, it seems this mass influx of non-conventional thinking is leaving the country in a position with the old adage of “too many chiefs and not enough Indians”. I am not degrading or racially profiling the indigent Native Americans, I’m simply using an old adage. Let me explain.

Since our young adults feel they deserve a better career than doing manual labor, our society has sought out less fortunate people from other countries to fill in the manual labor positions. Need I explain? Ok, I will. Mexico, India, China and several other countries have ever growing numbers inside our borders. Not simply because these people are willing to do what it takes to become an American, no, they have been kidnapped and smuggled into America for decades through illegal, black market human trading. This is what began the mindset for current American business owners to resolve their employee wage problems. Allow me to remind you of the African Americans brought to this country hundreds of years ago for slavery?

Suppose an employer has a job that needs to get done, but the employer didn’t want to do it himself, and he doesn’t want to pay union labor wages to get it done either. So, he hires an illegal immigrant at much lower labor prices. Not to mention that these illegal immigrants are very obedient in even the worst job situations because they will do almost anything to keep from being deported, or killed, because, who was going to miss someone that was never officially here in the first place? And other illegal workers and family members aren’t going to commit suicide by letting the cat out of the bag about a disappearance or murder of a fellow immigrant. This, and those who also came to America of their own free will, is what started this labor importation and it has evolved into what it is today.

My point here has somewhat of a contradiction. On the one hand, to allow the poor and unfortunate immigrants to freely flood inside our borders to pursue a better life falls right in line with our Constitution and the Ten Commandments, “do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you”. But, on the other hand, by allowing uneducated immigrants to flood our system for cheap labor only allows the American born youth to continue avoiding manual labor positions.

I, as a several generations back born American, am not proud of this heritage of slave labor because I have survived in my own country by doing hard manual labor my whole life. I didn’t choose this life, but to meet my financial responsibilities, I had no choice. And once a person gets financially bound to responsibilities, it’s hard to simply change a career and lifestyle after years and years of being on a social and financial treadmill.

I would like to interject here that I don’t agree with most government policies around the world for their own citizens of their countries. That is to say, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere but here in the U.S.A. I understand that for the free world to force a non-democratic country into democracy, may very well help its individual people in the long run to become healthier and happier, as opposed to their current way of life before intervention. But with all of our American internal problems and legalities that make doing anything a long, drug out bureaucratic process, I don’t blame other countries for not wanting the American way of life crammed down their throats. As a matter of fact, for all of our wealth, we are not healthier or happier than many people of the world’s countries. And I believe it’s because we’re becoming more and more Godless.

I’m not against immigration. However, I am against “illegal” immigration. One the one hand, nobody wants to see people starve or suffer, especially children. But on the other hand, I’m reminded of when the European immigrants came to America after each of the two world wars. They had to pass rigorous testing of their knowledge of World and American history, and it was mandatory for them to speak our language. Now days, it’s like the laws of possession on an inanimate object, once your feet are on American soil, you’re an American, no questions asked. And besides, I guess for Mexican illegal immigrants anyway, the government figures it’s more expensive to deport Mexican citizens back to Mexico because they will only re-enter the U.S.A. within a week anyway, and the money and effort have actually been wasted.

Beyond the political correctness of immigration into America, I believe the underlying agenda is to replace the hoards of unproductive current American citizens with cheaper labor immigrants. Legal or illegal, because after a while it wont matter. It will be too hard to separate the legal from the illegal and the government hopes that by that time, nobody will care. This makes total sense from a business perspective. The only original Americans, beyond the Native Americans, that will be able to find employment will be the educated and irreplaceable. With so many lazy and uneducated young people unwilling to do manual labor, there will be a flood of immigrants to fill these labor positions. Since our citizens, especially the young ones, believe they are too important for the tasks of hard labor, and it takes such high labor costs and union benefits to get them to do so, the American labor force will eventually be replaced with cheap immigrant laborers. This transfer of ethnic laborers will take some time to become complete, but it’s been going on for years and the numbers are already staggering. I don’t know what will happen to our lazy, uneducated youth in the next ten years, but the system can only afford to support so many non productive citizens. Maybe the government plans to tax the immigrants to pay our lazy citizens to simply stay at home. It might work for a while, but I don’t think it would be a permanent solution. Of course that leaves the rest of us hard working Americans in the middle again, paying into the system so that our able bodied neighbors can stay at home because they refuse to work. I guess it’s our own fault for not changing our ways before this situation had a chance to manifest into reality, and again, I blame a lot of this situation on our immoral system.

The battle over racial dominance in this country has been going on for many decades. Back in the mid nineteen fifties, the government realized how populated the black community was becoming and they encouraged the white population to procreate to insure racial dominance. Of course this is publicly denied and almost impossible to prove, but it does explain the sudden baby boom. It wasn’t too much later when the welfare system was reformed because of the influx of unwed mothers in need of financial assistance became a major issue. It wasn’t just black families in need of financial assistance, but white unwed mothers with children as well. Once the standard for eligibility into the welfare system was established, it became an easy way of life for all needy ethnic groups. The system still has widespread abuse today by all races and types of people. We all know this, but this is only one of the many reasons that our young American citizens are so reluctant to work for a living. The ease of existence in this country has caused an epidemic of laziness. It seems that anyone that doesn’t get to do what they want to for a job, simply refuses to work and then someone has to step in and support them. Usually it’s the parents because these young people have absolutely no just reason to apply for disability and they don’t have education or skills to acquire a job they will find acceptable to their obnoxious standards.

The Conglomerate Churches

The big name preachers and churches are somewhat contradictory. I’m talking about the huge TV oriented houses of God. You know who I’m referring to, I won’t mention names. I don’t claim to know them all, nor do I claim to know exactly what their track records or agendas are. I do know that these entities traffic enormous amounts of money through their channels. I’m sure they are all accomplishing significantly incredible good deeds for massive numbers of people around the world. My point is that they are geared to help those that are already believers, or those that agree to become believers in God. I’m sure they even give help to atheists and occult members just to be helping God’s children. I also believe they are not just trying to get people to believe in God, I believe they want, and need, continual and reliable, financially giving people to add to the collection plate to further their helping abilities. Well, along with their huge and elaborately furnished Southern and Midwestern located churches and personal estates.

The church is not ignorant to the loopholes in American laws. They have used the separation of church and state as best they could to their advantage, and I don’t blame them. Unlike businesses, banks and many other enterprises, the churches rarely, if ever, ask for financial assistance from government. That tells me that they are financially secure. I don’t know whether it’s because of the masses of financially supportive parishioners, or federal and state financial loopholes in the laws, or because there is some mysterious financial aid available to them from either each other or a higher power. Who knows? I never hear of the I.R.S. investigating a church, do you?

Of course there have been, and always will be the corrupt entities of the religious realm. Every institution has vulnerabilities to the greedy.

I know there are more individuals in need of religious guidelines and boundary rules in the urban portions of our cities. Sure, there are Godless people all over the place, but the urban areas are where the concentrations of the old adage of the “survival of the fittest” is most prevalent. If the churches truly want to unify everyone to live their lives with the teachings of the bible, the churches need to be a powerful, relentless and adapting influence, everywhere.

If the church did become an abundant presence everywhere, many would complain that Christianity is being force upon them. The only reason that anyone would resist adhering to the Ten Commandments is because they want to live outside those rules, which immediately tells me they are somewhat corrupt. I’m not going to call it “Sin”, I like to view it as right and wrong to keep the description more realistic than religious, because that’s what the Ten Commandments are, the morally honest way to be.

Like I said before, no matter how the Ten Commandments came to be written, it’s simply a guidebook to keep us from acting like animals. Even if they were written by an eighty seven year old man back in the year 2000 B.C., the Ten Commandments are still an excellent guidebook on how to act, and how not to act, throughout your life.

I don’t consider myself to be a religious person. Then again, if anyone believes in; luck, be it good or bad, karma, ghosts, the Devil, demons, hate, love, compassion or any other unseen, unproven or untouchable emotion or thing, you have no choice but to believe in the possibility of God.

Like I said, I’m not necessarily a religious person, but I am honest. With that said, even those who do not believe in any of the fore mentioned unseen nouns and adjectives as being real, I still say that no matter where the Ten Commandments came from, they are the best possible rules for people to coexist without causing problems.

In conclusion

Throughout history human beings have made choices with their actions that impact more than just themselves. What I mean to say is that each conscious decision any person makes eventually impacts everything around them, such as; other people, the environment, the economy and a whole list of other unintentional changes. I know right now you are thinking that the actions of a single person can’t have much of an impact on the environment or the economy, and you are correct. But, when the actions of a few are duplicated by the masses, well, that quickly becomes a significant force.

If we go back in time to our religious human beginnings with Adam and Eve, I can explain my point from the simple beginning. It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, or weather you even believe in the bible for this to work as an example because we have continually changed our environment from our first days on the planet. Adam and Eve, were brought into existence to live care free lives in paradise, well that is until the forbidden apple was consumed and then living in paradise instantly transformed into a struggle for survival. Even if you believe that we evolved from apes, my point being, that once the search for food and water began, humans started manipulating their surroundings to make survival easier. If you are religious then it is easy to understand that Adam and Eves children and grandchildren had more and more difficulty staying alive as their food and water supplies became harder and harder to find, since they were evicted from Eden.

Let me interject the evolution theory of our existence here by saying that if we indeed came from apes the same would be true as it would have been for Adam and Eve’s descendents, and as our numbers and intelligence grew, so did our need for food and water supplies. In either case of origin, the same would be true and that is the undisputed fact of why we needed to change how we thought and what we did to survive in early human times.

No matter which source of our existence you happen to believe, from this early point onward, they are now parallel in how the human race currently thrives. Either source of our existence correlate as one, well, except for religious biblical incidents and miracles throughout history that some believe are simply untrue.

As we humans explore space, the ocean depths and our inner most thoughts and fears, for some reason we seem to crawl farther and farther away from being good and honest to each other. The thing I find most unsettling, is that if we find out for absolute certain that we are the only living beings in the universe, will we continue to be so selfish and cruel toward each other simply for greed?

I am personally guilty of not being civil, understanding or patient with other able bodied humans that don’t make themselves responsible for their existence and actions. I see life as a struggling challenge to do your best, no matter how small or large the task at hand. I simply have difficulty accepting that able bodied people are allowed to choose not to do their part when expected to physically and mentally justify their existence through hard work.

History has shown that people from completely different walks of life will unite through extraordinary changes in behavior to fend off a common enemy. If the idea of God and the Ten Commandments somehow become that common enemy against humanity, it’s inevitable that the human created economic machine will completely turn against itself, resulting in total self destruction. If an alien invader never attacks us, we will probably just simply end up annihilating ourselves. Our own self destruction will sometimes be with brute force and sometimes with sweet fibs, and more likely, with out right deceptive lies.

I can see that Government, Hollywood, the media, entertainment sources and commercial America tend to bend the truth for sales, votes or public approval. They call it entertainment and political correctness, but it’s actually a misguided teaching tool that easily influences the public to believe in things that reimburse our mind set to continue business as usual and there will be no side effects. We are taught to disregard any negative effects of our current way of thinking and life to keep business commencing as usual.

Maybe some innovative ideas and scientific breakthroughs will result from the imaginations of these cutting edge fiction writers and politicians, but so far, we are still dependant on natural resources to fuel our lives and economies. And one day those resources will either run out, or devastate our planet to the point of no return. Well, actually, the planet may recover, but not until after humans are long dead from our own vices or we change our wicked ways before we induce a self inflicted Armageddon.

It’s odd how we knowingly allow our selfish influences and practices to continually destroy the earth’s eco system that sustains our existence in the first place. I believe that our manifest destiny has become is a destructive force for which we have no control. It’s like a drug addiction. We pretend to be ignorantly oblivious to the damage we cause in the wake of our supposed progress, we just simply hope, “and pray” for things to work themselves out while we go on our destructive path. We know what we’re doing to ourselves and everything around us, but tend to ignore the consequences of our actions, and inactions, because our sights are so finitely set on the prize of immediate, temporary, selfish and greedy ambitions.

For the human race to survive, it starts with each of us doing our part. Including everything from living conservatively to how we think, we need to each be accountable for our individual existence. The effects of each person doing the right, conservative thing concerning their own survival will immensely help the planet and the global environment. Furthermore, if each individual is honest and follows the Ten Commandments, not only will our future existence on mother earth be possible, we just might be able to coexist without bloodshed, theft, lies and negative drama.

Population has a profound effect on our survival. It’s simple numbers. The more people there are to feed, cloth, house and unnecessarily burn fossil fuels, to accommodate wasteful ways of life, the more we are greatly decreasing the time we have left to exist on this planet. As our planets environment becomes less and less inhabitable, our animal instincts will become more and more prevalent in our behavior to insure individual survival.

As is done with most things that we American’s don’t want to acknowledge, this written text will be deleted, crumbled up and thrown in the trash, burnt, or possibly even used to wipe one’s ass after a bowel movement and flushed away with the rest of the crap that is considered inconvenient.

But before you throw my written opinion away, just remember, every action and inaction you are involved with, that is even slightly wasteful or unnecessary, is your contribution to the death sentence of you, me, all children and every living thing on the planet.

Oh, there is one more thing I would like to ask from those who don’t believe in the intelligence and importance of the Ten Commandments, whether they are actually from God, or whether they are indeed man made by evolved apes…

The next time you’re in distress or you’re sick to your stomach and are knelt down at the side of the toilet bowl, or when you think you are going to die in an accident, or when you’re scared shitless of a doctors diagnoses, if you don’t believe in the Ten Commandments - do me a favor and don’t suddenly pray to God and ask him to “PLEASE GET ME THROUGH THIS!”, as you then promise to “BE A BETTER PERSON!”


By, Sharpencil (Laer Ti Peek)

Do you agree or disagree - let me know!

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