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The Mongrel Mob New Zealand's Largest Gang

Updated on July 28, 2016

The Mongrel Mob

The Mongrel Mob is one of the largest street gangs originating from New Zealand with more than 30 chapters throughout the nation. The Mongrel Mob wear patches on leather vests like outlaw motorcycle clubs do however they are not an outlaw motorcycle club and you do not have to own a motorcycle to become a member. Many Mongrel Mob members cover their faces with tattoos. Swastika tattoos, Bulldog tattoos and the gang patch are very common tattoos for mongrel mob members. They also have club houses or gang pads throughout the country. Below are some photos of Mongrel Mob members and their facial tattoos.

Mongrel Mob Facial Tattoos

Mongrel Mob Chapters

The Mongrel Mob has chapters spread throughout the country however they are extremely active in certain parts of New Zealand such as Hawkes Bay( Hastings and Waipukarau), Porirua and The King Country. Below is a picture which shows all of the different patches from different parts of New Zealand.

Mongrel Mob Patches

The History Of The Mongrel Mob

The Mongrel Mob was formed in the 1960s at that time it was formed by mostly European youth however these days most of the members are Maori or Polynesian however all races are accepted. It is said that during a court case in in the 1960s a judge said to The Mongrel Mob members that they are nothing but a pack of mongrels.. And this is where the name " The Mongrel Mob" Came from.

Mongrel Mob Criminal Activity In The Media

2008 - In 2008 the Road Knights MC clubhouse was burnt down. When police arrived there were Mongrel Mob members outside watching the clubhouse burn down and chanting their gang slogans. The Mongrel Mob pad was later raided and 2 Harley Davidson motorcycles were found which belonged to members of the Road Knights MC.

2008 - In Wanganui in 2008 a Mongrel Mob member shot and killed a toddler in a failed drive by shooting on a Black Power members home

Below is a video of a brawl between Black Power and Mongrel Mob members using golf clubs and hammers in broad day light in the middle of the city.


The enemies of The Mongrel Mob are as follows:

- The black Power

- The Nomads

- The Tribesmen

-Killer Beez


-Hells Angels

-Road Knights

-Satans Slaves


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    • Mitchyboy profile image

      Mitchyboy 16 months ago

      yep very intimidating. Thanks for your comment

    • DRG Da Real Grinc profile image

      Felix J Hernandez 16 months ago from All over the USA

      Never knew of these gangs, great article. Scary too.