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The Most Important Election of Pakistan History(Election 2013)

Updated on April 8, 2013

The country with the population of almost 180 million and a nuclear power but still considered as the failed state in the world. Why?, literacy rate in Pakistan is 58% which is lowest in the region and the spending on education is also the lowest, 70% of country budget spent on debt serving and defence

Picture of Pakistan is extremely dismal but is there any hope? will Pakistan retreat and become the Asian tiger, will the youngster who are more than 50% of Pakistan population will be able to change Pakistan, there are many question in the mind of people of Pakistan, who sees every day Terrorism,Lawlessness,Poverty and hunger. The answer which I believe is next elections.

The major Parties which will participate in the next elections are PML(N),PPP,Tehrek-e-Insaf,PML(Q),MQM,Jamat Islami.


Mian Nawaz Sharif Party is one of the favourite to win the elections, Nawaz Sharif was the prime minister two times although both times he could not able to complete his tenure of 5 years and also not able to believer as people was expecting from him, In his first tenure Ghulam Ishaq khan who was the President at that time dissolve the assembly and in his second tenure Chief of Army Staff General Musharraf took over by charging that Mian Nawaz Sharif tried to kill him by not allowing to land his plane when was returning from Sri Lanka to Pakistan.


Pakistan Peoples Party is currently the ruling party of Pakistan and President Asif Ali Zardari is the co-chairman of the Party, Opposition parties and people of Pakistan are extremely disappointed with the current government as the economic condition has worsen during the current government there is extreme terrorism, lawlessness and corruption.

There is no such chance that Pakistan Peoples Party will be able to win the next election as there is so much internal issues even in the party and those who where close with party are not even seen in the party.

I believe that the current dent in the party is long lasting and this tenure of ppp will push him to only a province party and there support will only be in sindh now.

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI)

Imran Khan a cricketer turned politician is one of the most famous leader in Pakistan there are few independent survey which suggests that he is the most famous amongst all the leaders. But critics believe that he will not able to won the elections as he is only famous in urban areas not in rural areas where population is not very literate and in the rural areas there is a tendency that they support there clan. But if his party able to bring his voter to the polling station and generate the same momentum which he is doing at the moment, there is a very good chance that he might won the election. The way he is motivating people and highlighting country issues and corruption, I am seeing imran khan as prime minister of Pakistan with clear majority in 2013 election


Chaudhry Shujahat Hussain is leading the party, this party has rule the country when General Musharraf was the president but after the return of Mian Nawaz Sharif into Politics and People Party ruling the country, there major party contestant has left the party.

But they have few candidates who are popular in there constituency and have some support in the rural areas they can get few seats in the assembly


Altaf Hussain who is the party leader and running the party from London and popular in Karachi and Hyderabad, Although this party was formed to represent Migrants (Muhajir), but now they are expanding to all party of the country, but they are still not popular in other party of the country, because the label of fascist party is still with them in other party of the country.


This is a religious party and they surprised all the country when they formed an alliance of Muttidha Majlis Amal and won more than expected seats. In this election there success is also lies if all the religious parties able to form the alliance.

The next election is considered as the most important in Pakistan History because we might see some surprises in the current structure of Pakistan politics .

The main battle will be between PTI and PML(N). If PTI able to generate the election wave and there chances are high to win the election and PML(N) they don't need to do something extraordinary, they already attracted undecided voter to vote PML(N)

The situation is dismal, there is loadsheading, lawlessness, corruption,but there is still light at the end of tunnel


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    • profile image

      Awais Khan 3 years ago


    • profile image

      omer 4 years ago

      imran khan will be our pm inshallah

    • profile image

      CK 4 years ago

      Nawaz Sharif............................will be PM.

    • profile image

      hassan 4 years ago

      Imran is the only choice available

    • profile image

      waqas 4 years ago

      priminister nawaz sharif

    • profile image

      aaa 4 years ago

      nawaz sharif will be our prime ministrer

    • profile image

      Kashif Saif 4 years ago

      Our tax money should spend on equal bases not only on Lahore. I think we should realize now that budget spending on basic necessities are most important then to spend on luxuries! For GOD sake plz save the country and vote for the change! Old parties are fully indulged in corruption and tickets for national and provisional assemblies are being given to corrupt persons! They can’t be fair even if they’ll try it too! I love Pakistan I want change! Current situation of country is clear to all if you are happy with this system must vote for PPP, PMLN OR MQM or if you are not happy from current system plz vote for PTI. good luck imran khan!

    • profile image

      Tahir 4 years ago

      I have been very close to politicians. In my view, being a Pakistani loving citizen, and not in the capacity of party affiliate, PML (N) is the best choice. It is less bad as compared to the rest worst.

    • profile image

      taimur akhunzada 4 years ago

      We all can contribute to the success of PTI in upcoming election one or the other way. Every one should attempt convince their family members and friends to vote for PTI. We need to do something during this crucial time to help change the future of pakistan.

      All pakistanis, please vote PTI to support poor and needy people in pakistan. PTI has the expertise, knowledge and reforms to uproot corruption and make the country's economy. PTI knows:

      how to cope with the energy crises

      how to create job opportunities

      how to improve health services

      how to secure country

      how to ensure people have protection of their lives

      how to ensure people have protection of their properties and belongings

      how to rule the country withing any influence from foreign powers

      and how to keep pakistan out of america;s matters

      Long live pakistan, London live Imran Khan

    • profile image

      Unknown 4 years ago

      Hey guys, I believe that prays help in success. But , keep in mind this is not the only reason. We ........ mean the young guys particularly and those who usually not take part in election can make it possible by polling their votes. I realized one thing , we all want Imran khan on the front line but we do not go for voting. Most of the cases we wish only.

      The bottom line is if we want Imran khan so each and every person has responsibility to vote him and follow up others for vote.

      I know their might be many PTI representative which we don't like but we have to vote him in order to make Imran khan successful.

      U know what if Imran khan is good so he can make other leaders good to by having more power in parliament.

      So, i am requesting and insisting plz plz vote him. I also request to Pakistani who live abroad must vote. They are atleast safe to vote. ............

    • profile image

      qavi khan 4 years ago

      imran khan next PM inshallah

    • profile image

      shahab 4 years ago

      I know everyone even persons from other parties would like to see Imran khan as their leader but it will only be possible if we vote. please use your ri8 of vote dun make your self and your coming generations suffer any more.

    • profile image

      Zaid ur Rehman 4 years ago

      All best wishes for imran khan

    • profile image

      Malak Bashir 4 years ago

      Imran Khan will win Inshallah Inshallah

    • profile image

      Maha 4 years ago

      Inshallah imran khan will win the election.

    • profile image

      Balal Ahmad 5 years ago

      Peoples Party of Pakistan has been unable to satisfy peoples demand and as such losing its ground.Although Imran Khan has the potentials to rid the country of the existing situation has cant win victory as our people are easily purchased or oppressed by the PAkistan There is little possibility of any islami party to come in power because of differences among the sects.Nawaz SHARIF and his brother SHahbaz SHARIF have shared the miseries of the people .They know how to run the govt .Their chances to be victorious are more than those of others.They can introduce reforms and implement them too.i am myself in favour of Jamat e Islami.

    • profile image

      abid 5 years ago

      Love to see Nawaz Sharif

    • profile image

      Awais khan 5 years ago

      I,ll pray for imran. I wish he should b our p.m