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The Most Inhumane Officer-Involved Shooting of the Year: At a Glance

Updated on February 13, 2018
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Just a small town conservative accountant, Jeff Vickery loves to hunt, talk politics, and drink sweet tea.

Meet The Punk


Meet This Punk, Philip Brailsford

Here is Philip Brailsford everyone. His appearance is rather police-like if I do say so myself. I've been stopped for going 5 over in the 30 mph zone by many under-educated men that look like exact clones of him. He's got the black glasses with the camera attached. They look like something you'd buy at a flea market. He's got the ball cap to cover his nearly-shaved head because he likes to think his training mirrors that of special ops soldiers of the military so he has the haircut of a Marine, though he hides the fact that they wouldn't accept him because he couldn't score high enough on his ASVAB. He has not obtained a degree, and likely never will (besides the second degree murder charge that he was wrongfully acquitted of). He's even got the 5:00 shadow that pretty much every officer has because they like to push the limits before their superiors force them to shave.

Many police officers love to push the limits. They pass me all of the time doing over the limit without their lights on. They like to drive over the blood-alcohol limit. My stepmother informed me that her previous husband, a former Sheriff Deputy, used to drive drunk all of the time and was let off scot-free by many local officers. Yes people, the brotherhood of police is very real. Sadly, the brotherhood in Dallas, TX was not so welcoming and they wrapped him up with a DWI, but that is a story for another day.

I'd say that a good portion of Americans hearing this story agree that Philip Brailsford was pushing the limit when he shot Daniel Shaver. Now let's look at the video one more time so we can explore the reasons why.

The video had to be removed due to violence. You will have to go to YouTube to watch the video yourself. Warning: The video is very graphic and involves violence.

First Look: Shaver and His Guest Obey First Demand of the Officer

In the very beginning of the video, we see a Police officer tell Shaver and his friend to stop and get on the ground. They are caught at a surprise but quickly obey as soon as they realize what is going on. One officer informs them that they cannot obey simple instructions even though they have no issue obeying them. It took them a second to react to the instructions, but they complied nonetheless. So judging from the very beginning, the officers in this video are in the wrong. Likely they have been trained very poorly and they don't posses the mental capacity to comprehend body language.

Also, I'd like to point out that Brailsford's gun is shaking like a flag in the wind. Hunters call this "buck fever." It's the feeling you get when you're about to take a kill and the gun starts shaking like crazy. He was aching to take that shot.

Next, the Officer Continues To Be a Jerk

So Shaver moves his hands to a more comfortable position. They're still out in front, yet the officer scolds Shaver for every breath he takes.

Laying face down is not exactly a comfortable position. When you're overweight, it's actually hard to breath in that position. Naturally, Shaver wanted to make himself as comfortable as possible so he put more of his weight on his arms. If his back had been hurting for example, it would have been hard for him to fight the urge to straighten his body out. This is something that tyrannous officers such as Brailsford never take into account. Instead he yells at Shaver in his threatening voice and subjects him to place his hands behind his head with his fingers interlocked, which is an even more uncomfortable position.

One Of the Officers Is Not Trained To Handle the Situation

If you pay close attention, you can tell that one of the officers is inexperienced in this type of situation. Brailsford instructs the other officer on how to handle the situation when the female is restrained, likely because the other officer is inexperienced. This is a recipe for disaster. When Shaver's hand moves towards his back, Brailsford is likely nervous that the inexperienced officer (the one on the left) won't take the shot if he sees the man pull out a gun. The officer on the left in an ideal situation should have taken the shot if anyone should have. He had the clearer view. My guess is that Brailsford jumped the gun because he didn't trust his fellow officer. If Shaver couldn't trust the better judgement of his fellow officer, he shouldn't have been on a call with him in the first place.

Shaver Is Murdered In Cold Blood

Nobody can tell you why Shaver reached towards his back. Maybe he's dyslexic. Maybe he was trying to pull his pants up. I know one thing: THERE WAS NO GUN. So if I'm just out walking down the street and some guy reaches towards his pants in the back does that give me grounds to shoot him with my 9mm? I think not. The difference is that police officers are above the law. Rarely does a police officer ever get convicted of murder. They either cover their tracks or they have other officers vouch for them and say that they would have done the same thing if they were in that situation. They like to make excuses to kill.

© 2017 Jeff Vickery


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    • gmv profile image

      Jeff Vickery 3 months ago from Somewhere, Arkansas

      Ken, I have friends that are police officers. I have no issues with police officers whatsoever. However I do believe America needs to set a higher standard for their police officers. There needs to be a clear policy on situations that can and can't involve lethal force and regular citizens need to be given a voice on this issue. Typically what I see is police officers rallying to agree with the actions of officers that are involved in these situations rather than disagreeing with the actions even when those actions were clearly wrong and they resulted in the cold-blooded murder of an innocent man.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 3 months ago from Florida


      Not knowing enough about what they were called in to respond to, or why they were going into that particular situation 'hot' makes it difficult to judge the scenario.

      I would say this article borders on an effort to push the 'hatred for all cops' envelope, there are certainly bad cops, just as there are bad doctors, bad politicians, bad in every field or job type.... but the large majority are trying to do the right thing, and perform a service that helps keep society safe from those who would do harm to others for their own gain (for which there are far more than is commonly known).

      Perhaps, if you want a balance to your perspective of police and their biased actions, you could volunteer some of your time to a Hospital emergency room (ER) that has a Behavioral Unit (a place where they take violent, overdosed, and criminally insane individuals) give yourself an opportunity to deal with some of the fine people police get to deal with on a daily basis.

      Philip Brailsford could be a bad apple, but you seem to lump all police in with him, as well as their actions, like police pulling people over for moving violations.

      There are states (such as NY) where they force quotas onto their State Troopers, and County Sheriffs to write tickets, if they fail to write a large amount of speeding tickets and other moving violations, they can lose their positions/jobs... so blame corrupt politics and policies, greedy states that don't know how to budget or spend their resources for turning police into ticket writing automations.

      Your typical liberal haven State, punish the innocent, by using the people who want to protect and serve to rob and steal from them.

      Perspective Jeff, its all about having enough of the facts, and understanding what the whole picture is.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 3 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Jeff.....What the HELL did I just see?? I'm beyond stunned. Now I need to go into research mode this moment. I want to know all there is to know about this. From this video, all I can be sure of is this is ONE F*#@ing psychopathic rent-a-cop!!!!