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The Most Ridiculous Laws In America

Updated on September 11, 2015
  • If you are ever visiting in Florida or you happen to live there make sure you never toss a dwarf. As a matter of fact if someone owns a commercial establishment that serves alcohol is caught participating or permitting a dwarf tossing contest, they can be fined $1000. So please make sure to control your dwarf tossing urges!
  • If you are going to step out for a bite to eat in Idaho, just make sure it's not another human being. In 1990, Idaho was the only state to make cannibalism illegal. You know, it is kind of a crazy thing something like that has to be declared illegal.
  • Adultery in Michigan is illegal! It's not only illegal, it is a felony! You could face up to four years in prison AND a $5000 fine. The unmarried party can even be considered guilty of this as well. So if you were thinking about sleeping with your neighbor's wife, you might wanna think again.
  • Iowa takes their butter seriously! So seriously that it is a misdemeanor to try and pass off margarine as real butter. "I can't believe it's not butter!"-well if it's not you better make sure you specifically state that!

  • "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Cussing is what I'm referring to. If you swear in front of two or more people in public in Mississippi, that could get you tossed in jail for up to 30 days. They might let you off, however, with paying up to $100 fine to the state swear jar.
  • BINGO! You can play all the bingo you want in North Carolina. Just make sure that when you play you do it in five hour blocks because any more than that could land you in hot water! To add onto that law, you can only play one game in a 48 hour period and have no more than a $500 prize. Talk about ridiculous!
  • The mood is right. You are ready for some "quality" time, only you're not married and you live in Virginia. If that is the case, you could be breaking the law. Sex is banned, completely, in Virginia if you aren't married. Just incase you are wondering, it doesn't matter the age of your partner. This is a Class 4 misdemeanor! Call me crazy though, but I still bet people in Virginia have premarital sex.
  • Want your ferret to come along with you on your hunting trip? Just make sure you're not in West Virginia. It is illegal to use a ferret for hunting. I never knew that was even a possibility!

  • If you plan on going to the bar and getting drunk in Alaska, make sure you have a ride home. Immediately. It is illegal in Alaska to get drunk in a bar and remain on the premises. In 2012, Alaskan police officers started sending plainclothes officers to bars to identify and arrest individuals who were breaking this law.
  • While prostitution is legal in most counties in Nevada, using x-rays to determine shoe size isn't. What I think is ridiculous is that they even have a device that is used specifically for x-raying someone's shoes for nothing less than determining shoe size!
  • Well fellas, I sure hope you don't promise marriage as a way of seducing some woman. If you do so in South Carolina you are facing misdemeanor charges. Just to be clear on this, this law applies to men over the age of 16. Not only does this come with a fine, but you could face up to a year in jail! Think about that before you make promises you can't keep or don't want to keep!

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  • All doors in public buildings must open outwardly in Washington state. This must eliminate that confusion everyone has gotten at one point or time; push or pull? How often have you seen someone or have done it yourself, where it clearly says push but you are pulling? Guilty!
  • Atheist? Well don't bother running for any office if you're unwilling to acknowledge a "Supreme Being" in Texas.
  • Hard up for money? Don't bother bartering with a baby in Pennsylvania because it is against the law. The ironic thing here is that if you swap goods and services for a baby, it is only a misdemeanor. Say what?
  • Wyoming. A place where sheep can run and experience the majestic rural areas. Keep in mind that you can't cut, sever, detach or mutilate more than one-half of a sheep's ear. This is a felony! You could face up to five years in prison. However, if the sale document or title approves said mutilation then you can. Also you are allowed if it is less than one-half. I think that it is strange that we even have a need to have this law!


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