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The Mysterious Russian to Ukraine Truck Convoy

Updated on August 17, 2014
The parked convoy
The parked convoy
Area Map
Area Map
The armor convoy crossing into Ukraine and subsequently destroyed
The armor convoy crossing into Ukraine and subsequently destroyed
One of 280 trucks allowed to be inspected
One of 280 trucks allowed to be inspected

There is so much distrust, suspicion, between the political leaders of Russia and Ukraine, what is happening over the mysterious 280 truck convoy from Russia should be expected. There is the MH 17 shoot-down by Russian supplied surface to air missiles killing hundreds, the war between the Ukrainians and those pro-Russian combatants, Putin supplying arms, his power play to keep part of the Ukraine, if not all of it, the Ukrainian army surrounding Donetsk and Luhansk, the last areas held by the weak pro-Russian forces. It has been Putin calling for a ceasefire because his separatists are losing the war, and if they do lose, Putin will face a dilemma- send the 20,000 troops into Ukraine and grab what he wants or nothing.

For the 250,000 in Luhansk, they do need the food, water, electricity, sewer, that has been lacking for more than a week. Donetsk is the same.

So, suspicion is high on the Russian convoy. The Ukrainians have already send in their own humanitarian convoy. Meanwhile, the 280 truck convoy does have some quirky things about it. The trucks are military, quickly painted white and military ID removed. The few trucks allowed to be inspected seem to contain just sacks of food, but some are totally empty. others are not allowed to be inspected. Putin said the convoy was under the auspices of the Red Cross, yet, the Red Cross claims they know little about the contents. There is shipping list of the contents. Then, Russian armored units crossed into the Ukraine and were prompted destroyed by Ukraine. Putin said the border crossing did not happen. Yet, Ukraine and US intelligence confirm it. Then, instead of the convoy going to a border crossing held by Ukraine, the convoy goes to one held by pro-Russian forces. Just how are Ukrainian inspectors going to inspect the trucks with the Red Cross? The two sides are at war.

The convoy is now parked nearby awaiting resolution. If the Russian convoy truly has no military aid for the pro-Russian forces mixed in with REAL humanitarian aid, the solution should be easy. Simply open all of the trucks for inspection by the press or Red Cross. Not doing so simply create legitimate suspicion.

The four month war has killed over 2000. For the Ukrainians, all sorts of suspicious thoughts cross into their minds as to Putin's real intent. Maybe for Putin, it is a real humanitarian aid but largely for the pro-Russian fighters who are getting beat back in the war with some going to residents to win the hearts and minds. Maybe the convoy does have some military supplies sprinkled among the 280 trucks.

If Putin instructed the convoy to cross into Ukrainian territory, would it be attacked? Right now, for the first 16 trucks are at the border, parked.

Stay tuned.


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