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The Myth of White Privilege

Updated on March 9, 2016
RJ Schwartz profile image

When he's not writing poetry or political articles, Ralph fills his time by researching various topics that are influencing society today.

The term “white privilege” stands for a perceived societal benefit that people with white (Caucasian) skin enjoy in Western countries as compared to people with non-white skin. Under the premise of this theory, white skinned people are supposed to have an invisible package of unearned assets which gives them an economic, social, and cultural advantage above all other skin colors. Some of these assets used by the theorists are the freedom to move freely, to work anywhere they choose, to buy without predisposition, a presumed higher social status, and freedom from many of the prejudices non-whites experience. Another presumption about white privilege is based on a larger societal viewpoint and is in regards to how the country celebrates holidays, views religion, cultural practices, and overall living experiences.

Affirmative Action and Politics

In reality White Privilege is the equivalent to a modern day Affirmative Action program. Affirmative action dates back to 1961 in America, specifically to an Executive Order signed by then President John F. Kennedy which stated that groups take affirmative action to insure that people are employed and treated fairly in employment with no bias based on race, skin color, creed, or national origin. Yet, despite over fifty years of being in place, the entire premise did not produce the results that were expected. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a bi-partisan bill passed with strong support by both parties and truly defined equal rights. Many attach affirmative action to this landmark piece of legislation to prop it up as a success, but when we look at the Executive Order and how it’s been used over time, the shortcomings are numerous. The program morphed into imposing racial preferences and quotas in hiring and America saw policies being inserted into federal bureaucracy that gave preference to non-whites. Soon this practice became the norm for any organization which received Federal funding and culminated with President Nixon signing an Executive Order which called for “affirmative action” in all government agencies. Black Americans prospered under Nixon and they fell in love with the quota system that many white Americans were beginning to label as discriminatory.

Many political opponents of President Nixon assumed he was simply “playing ball” to capture the black American voting block and to avoid the race riots American had seen in past years. Yet behind the scenes the cracks were emerging as quotas and mandates were circumvented and employees shifted around to meet actual requirements. In other words, now that employers knew the targets for minority hires they could game the system. Corporate America added blacks to their staffs, in the form of low skill workers or in areas that didn’t make any impact on their real businesses. It was simply an illusion to meet the mandate and the costs were passed on to the consumers. Blacks were unwittingly duped into thinking they had reached an equality with white workers, earning more money, improving their standards of living, and offering them upward mobility, when in fact it was nothing more than sidelining their anger and neutralizing them from actual fulfillment. The irony of the period is that black Americans who stood arm in arm to demand civil rights and overthrow “the system” were now firmly entrenched in it.

Race Riots in America 1960's

Reverse Racism

White America, the so-called privileged people, saw affirmative action for exactly what it was; a way to control blacks and keep them off the streets so white people could go about the business of running the nation. Yet, when the recession of the 1970’s hit coupled with the OPEC oil embargoes, white America began to push back and the term “reverse racism” became more common among the unemployed. Once again politics came into the picture and the serve went back to the Democrats as the champions of race-based rights. Because of their strong union backing, Liberals didn’t approve of the quotas which Nixon made so popular. Yet, their leadership desired to control over blacks and more importantly their voting block and as Republican politicians fielded more and more complaints from unemployed whites, they started abandoning their strong ties with the black community which the Liberal Democrats thankfully swooped in to claim as their own. President Ronald Reagan immediately stated dismantling race based policies, much to the dismay of black Americans. Scholars say that Affirmative Action was created by Republicans to control blacks and once they were under control, it was safe to dismantle those programs. The hopes and dreams of black America were met with the startling reality that the past decades had only been a smokescreen. America wasn’t going to continue to offer them favorable treatment.


The Failures of Affirmative Action

Since affirmative action never defined where workers needed to be placed, very few blacks were ever employed in any jobs which mattered. The technology sector, research and development, finance, and other disciplines which required many years of education such as engineering or medicine were not infused with black workers because they were not qualified. This fact gave weight to the use of affirmative action in college admissions. Yet despite the admission into college, blacks underperformed or migrated into liberal arts courses instead of the more difficult areas of study. Some theorists believe that the idea of giving weighted college admissions is too little too late as many young blacks have already been influenced by enough factors in their formative years that cannot be changed. Once again, the premise of white privilege becomes part of the discussion, with blacks crying foul that they weren’t given enough opportunity in high school to build a successful foundation, or for that matter in elementary school or earlier.

Yet supporters of affirmative action and similar programs refuse to see the programs for what they were and make repeated excuses for the fact that it was a failed social experiment. They cherry pick the statistics for the few gems in the rough and tout them heavily. Yes, a handful of people benefitted from affirmative action and went on to lead solid careers, yet the masses have not seen any real sustainable benefits. Black unemployment figures are consistently twice that of whites. Many colleges are bringing in students who are unsuited for college, just to make their student body seem diverse. Politicians, horse trading in Washington, are allowing these failed race based programs to continue, but for how long and at what cost to America.

White Privilege on Display

The problems that have existed for over fifty years are still there, despite the shroud they are hidden under. And now that we understand the history of events, we can resume looking at the current version of implied social justice called white privilege. Although historians can cite incidents of white privilege dating back to the 18th century, it really hasn’t been a huge topic in America until around 2012. This concept of white skinned people having a privilege has escalated over the last few years, with major media sources speaking extensively about it, social justice warriors carrying it as a battle cry, and race based groups making demands based on it. With the high media coverage, it’s gained steam and now even delves into the ridiculous topics such as the color of a Band-Aid or pantyhose. The constant coverage of the perceived inequities are making in impact, albeit not to the degree demanded. America has seen many companies and government agencies prepare and start executing training sessions for their employees on white privilege, race privilege, or white male privilege. They use terms like tolerance and multiculturalism to somehow validate their efforts, but the casual observer can see that it’s just more of the same tactics packaged differently.

White America Responds

Unless there is political or economic capital to gain, white people are not interested in making black lives better, nor are they interested in capitulating to ludicrous demands made such as releasing all blacks who are in prison. So instead, they create the illusion that they care, just as with affirmative action and so many other showpiece plans of the past. Major companies will do very visible diversity training which the media will be invited to, just to show that they care. Federal agencies, including the US Military will provide slide shows and seminars on Equal Opportunity and the value of diversity. Whites will get virtually slapped just for being born white, only to appease the angry black man. Companies will suddenly start making products that appeal to black citizens, despite the fact that they will be unprofitable. Trendy websites will show people of all races and colors doing collective tasks like holding hands, sports, and even in romantic settings just to demonstrate that everything is working and blacks and whites are moving closer together because whites are “checking” their white privileges. Schools will rewrite history books and highlight the contributions of blacks over time and everyone who is white will see that they’ve always been wrong about their fellow human beings who just happened to be born black. Perhaps more things, cursory things of course, because no one wants real change, do they?

Black Extortion?

Well, some of those things are already happening across America, but it won’t make a bit of difference to change the stance of black Americans in the long run. Yes, when the level of “payment” is high enough, blacks will quiet down and give up the fight, returning to their everyday lives, and maybe even feeling like they've beaten the system. Whites will finally see the rewards of their charade in being allowed to go back to earning money, building things, and developing the technologies of the future since the angry black man has been placated for the time being. The term white privilege will lose its impact after a while, perhaps a decade or two will pass and the cycle will begin again.

The larger issue is asking why this cycle continues to repeat, with blacks making demands which often are violent and whites placating them with bribes to keep them quiet and in line. In a land of equal opportunity, blacks still feel like they are being persecuted, underserved by society, and looked upon like lower class citizens as compared to white people. Also consider that every program that has been put into place to help minorities succeed has been racist and unfair to the white population, deserving or not. In fact today we are seeing programs that give newly arrived immigrant’s unfair advantages over American citizens. The injustices, suffered by black Americans in the early history of America are often seen as the starting point in where blacks trace the origins of their anger. Yet with decades of social programs, public assistance, education, training, and programs like affirmative action, the black community still flounders at the lower end of the socio-economic scale. Blacks in America experience a higher poverty rate, a much higher level of incarceration, crime, drug abuse, physical abuse, and broken homes within their own communities, none of which are caused by white privilege or white people. Government programs have done nothing but keep the black man in a state of perpetual control. And yes, America is fraught with racism, but it comes from all colors and is directed to all colors. Blacks are just as guilty as whites, again nothing to correlate this with white privilege. In fact, after seeing the data, one could say blacks are more privileged than whites in America and have squandered over fifty years of assistance from a myriad of agencies.

Black Privilege

The social advantage of being black is actually bigger than anyone might think. Blacks are free to raise their voices as loudly as they want in any venue about almost any issue. Black Lives Matters protesters routinely invade public spaces and preach hate speech for lengthy periods, most often with no arrests or punishments. Black athletes, black musicians, black comedians, black politicians, black ministers, and black militants alike can continually and constantly spew hate speech about other races with no consequences. They can make death threats on social media about whites, cheer when whites die, and mock whites when they defeat them and no one says a peep. If a white person dared to criticize a black person, the mob mentality would destroy them. Blacks have had multiple Federal and state programs designated just for their benefit, while whites or other minorities sat on the sidelines. Despite the cold hard facts concerning crime and the frequency blacks commit crime, the black community tries to blame it on white officers. More blacks are awarded athletic scholarships than any other race and more professional athletes are black than any other race. Black people regularly intimidate whites with activities such as the knockout game and use the fear of violence to terrorize whites. Yet blacks are more likely to play the victim role. Any black person can decide he or she speaks for the entire race of blacks at any time. These are just some of the privileges that blacks enjoy because of their skin color, yet they remain as non-issues in the larger picture. Academia, politics, and the media are all focused on skin color and that color isn’t white. So where’s the impact of white privilege?

Uncomfortable Questions

So we are forced to look at the question that no one wants to answer, if not white privilege, what is holding back the black community today? Nothing in history can explain why crime, immorality, and the lack of responsibility are so high in the black community. Slavery, segregation, and racism are horrific and embarrassing parts of America’s history, but they do not define a race in the modern era. The level of black on black crime demonstrates that blacks are not targeting whites as some sort of revenge. Is it easier for blacks to use whites as a scapegoat for everything rather than pull themselves up with old fashioned hard work and determination? Even with a black President, a black Attorney General, and other highly positioned black leaders in America, things have not improved for blacks; in fact they’ve gotten worse. White people are not the problem, nor are white people the solution as it lies within the choices made by black Americans in every aspect of life.

Author's Notes

This may be the most controversial thing I've written in a long time and it is by no means meant to pass judgment on anyone. It's a stark and to the point look at an on-going cycle in America that seemingly has no end. Feel free to express yourself as strongly as you wish, but remember that this is simply a presentation of facts. I won't censor any comment on this topic. Don't try to pick a fight with me over what you read, as I'm not making it up.

Hate the issues, not the writer.....


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  • k@ri profile image

    Kari Poulsen 7 months ago from Ohio

    I just wrote an article about white privilege and this came up as related. Very interesting read. You make many good points. I still think there is privilege. One of the big things are police. I never feared the police. I cannot wrap my mind about the fact that black people say they have to tell their kids to be cautious with the police. I was taught that if I had a problem, call the police. :)

  • wpcooper profile image

    Finn Liam Cooper 14 months ago from Los Angeles

    thanks...i am kind of stuck in the middle...i brought up Rodney King and Reginald Denny and kind of took a curve....but i want to do soemthing with it.


  • RJ Schwartz profile image

    Ralph Schwartz 14 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Sounds like an interesting project. Thanks for sharing

  • wpcooper profile image

    Finn Liam Cooper 14 months ago from Los Angeles

    Nice article. I am working on something similar - a tribute to my white father. I am not making a black and white issue however, rather trying to demonstrate that some of the current attitudes against whites are in fact racist in themselves.

    Good work.

  • RJ Schwartz profile image

    Ralph Schwartz 17 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Sadly but true - whites seem to be the enemy

  • Zeph1 profile image

    Ron Noble 18 months ago

    Just a suggestion, you should change "reverse racism" to anti-white racism.

  • profile image

    August 21 months ago

    Just finished reading your me it almost maddening! I am a white guy and have thought deeply about "what if I was a black man" basically me with a different color skin. I have come to the conclusion that I would be angered by just about everything democrats do for black Americans. Personally I feel they are demeaning and flat out disrespectful. I would feel that they think I am ignorant and in need of there pathetic hand out all in an attempt to get my vote and my voice. I would feel like a modern day slave! Yes slave! They (liberals) have placed shackles on the minds of most black Americans by consistently telling them that they are inferior in every way to the white man except athletically. This false "perception" is then re-enforced by the liberal media, race baiters (sharptons of the world), policies and government programs. BEFORE being white or American I AM A MAN! As a man I have a certain pride to me that I will not let anyone take away! This pride has been stripped from most black Americans by what you have said above in your article. I truly pray that WE as AMERICANS can achieve greatness together. God Bless! Btw...I don't really know how it would happen except by respecting each other's feelings, opinions and views. Anything short of that will create MORE hatred and racism. Again God Bless you brother :-)

  • thomasczech profile image

    thomasczech 22 months ago from Canada

    Great hub. Thanks for writing what so many are thinking.

  • profile image

    big E 24 months ago

    Like I said black people are more likely to work harder for a black boss or a black teacher. They should have white males go undercover as black to confront this issue.

    most black males date white women. Have plenty of white friends. It would be easy for a white man to live as a black man.

  • colorfulone profile image

    Susie Lehto 2 years ago from Minnesota

    Very well written and informative article, RJ. This is a lot to digest.

  • profile image

    Ninja turtle 2 2 years ago

    As an Asian female coming from other country living in the US, I sometimes feel bad for white people. It is really weird to me that some black ppl say nasty things or not funny racial jokes on any races but when a white does, it's suddenly a huge problem.

    I'm light skinned Asian so I'm not consider myself as colored but I guess I'm colored (bc I'm non white) here in the US. But even myself as non white, can't opinion about some racial stuff without offending a lot of black ppl. (Not a nasty jokes or anything just my opinions like that I said above)

    By any mean I am not racists at all.

    Where I grew up, we didn't have whites or blacks, or even Browns. Mostly just Asians like me. So to me blacks or whites are in a way same. (Non Asians or foreigners)

    I enjoy different cultures from all over the world - that's one of the biggest reason why I ended up living in the US.

    I witnessed a lot of discussion about racial problems after moving here, and I realize not many suggestions or solutions are discussed.

    Mainly always "what whites have done" or "what blacks do". But mostly-- I witness a lot of blaming on whites or system opinions.

    I think it is time for all of us to stop taking the hate's to next generation.

    I'm not saying we should all forget about what happened. But move on, seriously.

    There are always assholes in every races.

    But you can't judge all its because of some assholes.

    I have experienced some horrible racial incidents against me.

    One of them was even to the level that I felt in danger of my life.

    But that didn't make me think that all whites are bad. Because I've met some awesome ppl that are whites too.

    Some black lady commented above that she had a choice to achieve her success and she did. Everyone in the US have choices.

    I think US is not a bad country at all.

    This country gave me an opportunity and I used it and owned it.

    When I talked to some black ppl, a lot of them complain that they're viewed as dirty, criminal, aggressive. But who is really saying that to them? I hear those images about blacks from no one but black ppl - their own.

  • Jack Burton profile image

    Jack Burton 2 years ago from The Midwest

    "privilege" does not exist ex nihilo. It had to start somewhere with some people. I have no problem with others admitting to the world that my ancestors were more apt, more intelligent, more able, more sophisticated, and much more likely to come out on the winning side of any conflict with their ancestors. If they want to take it back 50 years, 500 years or 5,000 years I am up for that. The better team apparently won the game and took home the trophy. The 2nd place team took home -- well -- 2nd place.

    Now understand that ~this~ is how ~they~ see the world. This is what ~they~ are admitting happened. Unless, of course, they want to somehow claim that "privilege" just happened along one day from out of no where and someone picked it up off the ground and has been using it ever since. Should be an interesting and amusing read.

  • RJ Schwartz profile image

    Ralph Schwartz 2 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Absolutely - blacks find excuse after excuse to cover their own shortcomings.

  • profile image

    LoliHey 2 years ago

    What is holding blacks in America back? I really believe that the answer is themselves. I think White Privilege is a myth. I think people may be right when they blame Obama because this crap wasn't going around 10 years ago. It just recently started up. It's scary how the left is taking over, infiltrating young people, and turning them into whiners. I am all for equality among races--black and white people holding hands and stuff, and possibly rewriting history books ONLY if it is warranted, and needs to be correct, but it has gotten out of hand when people demand that parks and streets be renamed. Or that a city has to be renamed. As I said before in on the Q&A, I see white men and women everyday on the way home holding up signs begging for money. Why are they there? What happened to their "White Privilege?" White Privilege may be an excuse and a ploy to make people who weren't born in slavery times to feel guilty for something other people who are long dead are responsible for.

  • RJ Schwartz profile image

    Ralph Schwartz 2 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    I hope so too - Imagine all that history in one place. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and blessed be until we speak again.

  • manatita44 profile image

    manatita44 2 years ago from london

    Ha ha, Interesting, Yogi's say that even God is not static, but ever-transcending. There is no goal, in the true sense, but to go on, go on, into the ever-transcending beyond. Leaning can be like this. We are the blueprint of Eternity's Dream. Ha ha.

    Hope you achieve your dream. Much Love.

  • RJ Schwartz profile image

    Ralph Schwartz 2 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    My brother and friend - I have a voracious appetite for learning (plus a college degree in History, wink wink, among others) - to tell you the truth, my life goal is to become a museum curator. Politics are just my hobby - finding the hidden meanings under the ideology and the cogs that turn the wheel are like unearthing a long lost tomb. When a man stops learning, he ceases to be a man......

  • manatita44 profile image

    manatita44 2 years ago from london

    How do you know so much, Bro? You may know that I generally stick to the Yoga side of things but I'm fascinated that you seem to know so much on so many political topics. Perhaps you were a historian last time round.

    Well, you have reasoned your case well. Much Love.

  • profile image

    Big E 2 years ago

    I have the answer to the race problem.

    Good news it is possible for a white person to change their appearance to black. They have a dark chocolate tan. You can google it. I don't know if it is in the USA or not. It was made by a sweedish company. A white male can spray tan their skin or custom air brush to pass as black keep his head shaved or wear a wig and use color contacts if necessary. Than get your drivers license picture renewed. There may be other ways such as melonotan.

    I think the white police need to change their appearance to black. Some white bosses and white teachers should go undercover as black. Than they can get more out of black employees and students and handle black crime issues.

    What would black skin do for the white man?

    1. Make him look stronger more masculine.

    2. Make him look younger as he gets older.

    3. Give him more flexibility on what he can and can not say.

    4. Protect him from political correctness.

    5. Give him more job security.

    6. Reduce his chances of getting robbed walking to his car at night.

    7. Give him more sex appeal.

    8. Get him out of the doghouse for slavery.

    9. Can be used as a tool to handle black people. Example black faced boss lays down the law on lazy black employee. Black faced teacher confronts slacker black students. Black face police take a bite out of

    black crime.

  • RJ Schwartz profile image

    Ralph Schwartz 2 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Thanks for sharing your story - it really lends credibility to this piece

  • getitrite profile image

    getitrite 2 years ago

    I am a black American and I have come to some of the same conclusions. The fact is that the field is as level as it can get, and has been that way for awhile. Those who are still crying, that they need more, are just where they are suppose to be. Nobody helped me, neither black nor white. My family was even at the bottom of the black community, yet I found a way to become successful...while others screamed about how the system didn't provide any opportunities. It just wasn't the truth, as I'm proof.

    After my discharge from the military, I used my GI Bill to attend college. I also qualified for a Pell Grant, and Work Study. And I never needed any help with passing the entrance exam into college. I consider it an insult for someone to assume that I would need help in passing a test(Affirmative Action) as I had clearly demonstrated that my aptitude was well above average.

  • RJ Schwartz profile image

    Ralph Schwartz 2 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Dana -thanks for weighing in a reading this piece. Always appreciate hearing from you.

  • RJ Schwartz profile image

    Ralph Schwartz 2 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    The term African American itself is divisionary - it was created by blacks as an identity term, but now seems like a poor choice

  • bradmasterOCcal profile image

    bradmasterOCcal 2 years ago from Orange County California


    I just had a discussion on one of my hubs about how putting African in front of American prevents equality. It puts Africa above the US, and it is patently unequal. By dropping any word before American denotes equality

    In my opinion, it is the federal government that discriminates. They force the collection of data in their forms under the guise of protecting the races, ethnicity, and gender of the people. But, in reality they are putting the thin edge of the wedge into society.

    Equality demands no government intervention. The government should treat all Americans the same, and not put their finger on the scales. Consider that what the government has been doing since 1865 hasn't really jelled.

  • Dana Tate profile image

    Dana Tate 2 years ago from LOS ANGELES

    I believe all American citizens should receive the same opportunity. Good Topic,

  • RJ Schwartz profile image

    Ralph Schwartz 2 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    EGA - I love Idaho, especially for the fishing and wide open spaces. I'm going to have to take the camera out and write a hub on it.

  • RJ Schwartz profile image

    Ralph Schwartz 2 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Pop - thanks for the comment. I too believe that all Americans should be viewed the same..

  • Eldon Arsenaux profile image

    Eldon Arsenaux 2 years ago from Cooley, Texas

    No problem man. I read an interesting article about big, muppet-esque, Commie, Bernie, stating that, though race is essential to understanding American society, class is becoming the new standard of critique. Discourse on class should somewhat displace the discourse on race.

    Have a good day. By the way, my Late Grandfather was from Kamiah Idaho. I love the state. Been about a year since my last visit.


  • breakfastpop profile image

    breakfastpop 2 years ago

    This whole issue makes me furious. White privilege!!! When my daughter was in law school, only black students were allowed extra help in special classes designed just for them! Affirmative action is ridiculous. Qualified people of any race should be considered for a job, and in my experience they are.

  • RJ Schwartz profile image

    Ralph Schwartz 2 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    EGA, your comment proved to make me think on many levels. The entry of wealth into the equation certainly makes for a more level playing field in how people are treated and although I hadn't looked into the future and the potential racial shift in America, I am thinking about it now (thanks.) I appreciate your logical and academic approach to critiquing this piece.

  • Eldon Arsenaux profile image

    Eldon Arsenaux 2 years ago from Cooley, Texas

    A fact is indisputable. A list of facts is meaningless without the intention of mankind behind them. Hate is an uneasy emotion, but it rarely rests in the realm of ideas. Hate resides in the hearts of Man: for 'the other'; it is rarely for 'the unknown'. I'm hard-pressed to point to a hate-of-knowledge. Yes, one may lay claim to hate Hitler for anti-semitism, but it is a series of actions, based on ideas, that inspire abhorrent reactions.

    I think this article strikes me because it is the basis of privilege, not in the sense of advantage, but in the sense of 'rights'. Free speech is our right as Americans, of that there is no doubt. But Free Speech is not a fact. It is not impermeable. As a 'right' it can be, and was routinely, taken away with or without legal precedent. The Race Riot of 1919 in Chicago comes to mind. Competition over property, in the physical and intellectual sense, creates conflict. Our skin is our property. Perhaps, this is unclear.

    For too long, the multitude of voices, the voices of every race and creed, attempt to silence each other into non-existence. After all, self-naming is self-proclaiming. We know this as the Word of God. "Man gave names to all the animals, in the beginning, long time ago"- Robert Zimmerman. To name a thing is to tame a thing's identity.

    White Privilege, as I see it, is an immunity. An immunity to the harsh realities of minorities in the lowest social strata. Maybe White is too antiquated a notion anyway, nowadays, so they say. I'm not one who strives to see a color-less society, far from it.

    But allow me to carry on:

    Rich, 'lawful' Americans never needed affirmative action because the majority of their actions were not repressed. Of course, whites were oppressed, but their oppression, as immigrants, let's say, was never ubiquitous beyond their decade of arrival, unlike other minorities. Now that white america is presented as the eventual minority by 2020, there occurs a 'reversal', self-victimization as the 'silenced', middle-class minority.

    A stripped privilege is no privilege. I grant you yours to write about white privilege.

    Thanks for writing something that got me in the gut RJ. It is rare that writing will,


  • bradmasterOCcal profile image

    bradmasterOCcal 2 years ago from Orange County California


    I will do that, thanks.

  • bradmasterOCcal profile image

    bradmasterOCcal 2 years ago from Orange County California


    I will do that, thanks.

  • RJ Schwartz profile image

    Ralph Schwartz 2 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    I was actually inspired to write this after reading a BLM hub posted by Tara Mapes - she was brave in stepping forward on such a difficult topic and her courage inspired me to do the same. You should take a look at her work if you get a chance.

  • bradmasterOCcal profile image

    bradmasterOCcal 2 years ago from Orange County California


    Well done once again. I am impressed by the details and the depth of your articles. Unfortunately, I doubt whether many people will comment on its merits.

    What the blacks, and women don't seem to realize is that White Men get discriminated all the time and in many places. Sadly, it is done by other white males. But, there is no protected class for white males, and their discrimination goes unheard.

    The immigrants in the last century weren't handed anything like the illegals are handed today. They just huddled together and toughed it out, until they made some progress.

    The Asians also had some tough times last century, but they also toughed it out. They excel at education, and believe in creating businesses. They are for the most part successful, and it isn't just the top 1%. The difference with the blacks is that there are the successful 1%, but it doesn't filter down through the core.

    These are just observations.

    Anyway, well done, on a tough subject.


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