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The Acceptance of Immorality

Updated on December 10, 2015
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My name is Kyle and I am currently a youth director of a church in Delaware. I am new to the Hubpages scene, but do enjoy writing!

The Problem

We are accepting poison into our homes, our schools and our lives. The amount of immoral sludge being pumped into these various areas is astonishing. Yet, we wonder why children, and people in general, are disrespectful, angry, and accept violence. The problem to this can be found in two main things: Television and video games. (There are other factors that contribute to this, but these are the two main ones people spend a lot of time on and will be discussed)

Television has allowed our society to generally accept things such as: Language, violence, drug use, drunkenness, adultery, and disrespect. Time and time again, television tears down the family unit making fathers look inadequate, mothers look degraded and kids look rebellious and disrespectful. This is not how homes should be. America needs homes that would be quite opposite to this. Many times though, television portrays these things for a quick laugh, blatantly disregarding the glaring problems in society. After watching modern television, do we really have to wonder why homes are the way they are today?

Top Shows from 2014-2015

Viewers Per Week
Rating and Why
The Big Bang Theory (#1)
21.7 Million
TV-PG/TV-14 (Sexual Content, Language, Drinking and Drug Use)
The Walking Dead (#4)
19.9 Million
TV-14/TV-MA (Violence, Language
Empire (#6)
17.3 Million
TV-14 (Language, Violence, Drugs, Alcohol)
The Blacklist (#10)
14.9 Million
TV-14 (Violence, Language)
These are just a few of the shows in the 2014-2015 top ten. All information was taken from's parents guides.

The Problem Continues

Looking at the chart above, and seeing this is just a small portion of the shows being watched on television today, we can see how television can play a part in the society we live in. Yet, this is not the only problem. Video games are shedding a negative light on our youth today as well.

Many games promote extreme amounts of violence, language and even sex. For example, the Grand Theft Auto series is one that sticks out more than any other series in this regard. In these games, one is encouraged to kill, steal, have sex, use drugs, and disrespect authority. In this game, at any time, one can walk up to a civilian and beat them with a baseball bat. At any time one can assault and kill police officers. At any time one can run up to a car, throw the driver out, and steal it. Is this what we want to teach the next generation? Is this really what we want to portray as "acceptable"? In a time when mass shootings are becoming more frequent, why would parents and people in general want to promote these games?

One might say, "It is just a game", and rightfully so, but explain that to the parents of the child whom Evan Ramsey killed on February 19, 1997: "I did not understand that if I pull out a gun and shoot you ... you're not getting back up. You shoot a guy in Doom, and he gets back up. You have got to shoot the things in Doom eight or nine times before it dies."

This though, is not the only occurrence of video games playing a part in someone committing a terrible crime:

Anders Behring Breivik shot 69 people dead in Oslo, Norway and killed eight others with a van bomb. He described how he used the PC game, Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare, to practice for the massacre. He used it as a type of simulation, and as a result, 77 people lost their lives do to this.

Now, you may be thinking, "This is not normal and does not happen to everyone". Your thinking would be correct, not everyone becomes a mass murderer as a result of these games. Yet, how many are more violent in general as a result? Time magazine published an article on their website suggesting that video games can increase aggression: "In a report published Aug. 13, an APA task force reviewed more than 100 studies on violent video game use published between 2005 and 2013. They concluded that playing video games can increase aggressive behavior and thoughts, while lessening empathy and sensitivity toward aggression."

Mortal Kombat Brutal In-Game Finishing Move
Mortal Kombat Brutal In-Game Finishing Move | Source
Grand Theft Auto IV Women Brutally Killing Another Women With A Chainsaw
Grand Theft Auto IV Women Brutally Killing Another Women With A Chainsaw | Source
Gears of War Player Graphically Sawing into Head of Enemy with Chainsaw Attached to Gun
Gears of War Player Graphically Sawing into Head of Enemy with Chainsaw Attached to Gun | Source
Grand Theft Auto III  Player Graphically Shooting FBI Agents
Grand Theft Auto III Player Graphically Shooting FBI Agents | Source

The Solution

In conclusion, parents need to keep a keen eye on what their children play. Many times, parents buy games thinking they are "OK", not realizing that games are drastically different than what they were on the original Nintendo or the Atari 2600. Everyone is entitled to make their own decisions in their own homes, and I completely respect that. Yet, one cannot argue with the fact that both television and video games are slipping away from developing character in people, if they have not slipped completely already! Please, do yourself a favor parents, watch what your children are watching, or are playing and ask yourself this simple question (Ask this same question if your the one doing it): Am I proud of what I or my children play or watch and are these the values I want to instill in them?

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