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The NYS Women's Equality Agenda in 2015

Updated on January 23, 2015

On The Women's Equality Agenda in 2015
On January 13th, 2015 the NYS Senate passed the Women's Equality Agenda minus the last two points on a women's reproductive health care rights. These two points were supposed to give added protection to women in our state if the Federal Government allowed the 1973 decision of Roe Vs Wade to be reversed. According to the Women's Equality Coalition the eight other bills pertained to domestic violence, sexual harassment, equal pay, and ending housing and employment discrimination. The WEC and other social action groups demanded change for females. They pushed for fair access to housing and to justice. They brought issues to the media headlines concerning fair pay, pregnancy discrimination, housing discrimination and work related sexual harassment.The WEA was written and designed to
A.) close loopholes in pay equity laws and increase damages to litigants for unpaid earned wages.
B.) Bill #5875 addressed family status discrimination
C.) Anti sexual harassment was bill # 5873
D.) Bills # 5880 and 5876 are to protect women from pregnancy and housing discrimination.
There is also now legislation to strengthen human trafficking laws to protect women. Recently we had a local case exposing a local company trafficking Asian women to our area for sexual exploitation.
Happy that eight bills of the 10 were passed, I am not surprised that the Republicans were holding up progress on the last two points on this agenda. It makes me sick that they are once again forcing their controlling ideologies on to females in our state and that we will all lose added protections to our basic rights. Because these these men still feel a need to dictate policy to women (who are just as much taxpayers and citizens as they are) we will not have this safeguard written in the law. Women of this State will not forget what these men did and these last two points need to be added to the women's equality acts.


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