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The National Anti-Corruption Association

Updated on May 9, 2019
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I have been following the National Anti-Corruption Association since late 2017 and its intriguing.

Logo of NACA
Logo of NACA

NACA’s Early History

The National Anti-Corruption Association (NACA) started out as the Anti-Corruption Association (ACA) in Greene County, Ohio. The founders of the ACA were Randy Kingston and an unknown person who chose to hide their identity. The mission of the ACA was to oust corrupt politicians in the county such as mayors, police officers and their chiefs and sheriffs, county commissioners, prosecutors, judges, and more. ACA started up in 2013 and posted videos on YouTube informing the public of the corruption in Greene County, Ohio. Part of a YouTube video that went public also mentioned Beavercreek, Ohio police chief Dennis Evers who sexually molested teenage girls in the back seat of his police cruiser in the mid to late 1990s when he was only a patrol officer.

After going public, corrupt officials threaten Randy Kingston’s life. Afterward, Randy was able to get armed protection. The armed guards worked for a security firm that was ran by a friend of Randy’s. Some of these guards were former police officers, military officials, survival experts, and intelligence agents. The work that Randy Kingston was doing inspired his friend to protect him for free as long as the guards were OK with it and they were because they to were inspired and knew a lot about the corruption plaguing our society.

In early 2015, the ACA closed its doors. The reason being was because the ACA could not get the support it needed from the victims of corruption. During my interview with Randy Kingston in 2017, he said that “we were an organization who wanted to help the victims of corruption. We reached out to them, they accepted us, they wanted us to fight for them but, they did not want to lift a finger to support us and only wanted us to fight their fight for them. It was because of the lack of their support we could no longer continue.” After the interview, Randy stated that after ACA closed its doors he went on a vacation to find himself.

The Birth of NACA

Sometime in 2016, a former human rights activist and international private investigator by the name of Shawn Rogers stepped out into the public eye. He contacted Randy Kingston and told him his idea. In a 2017 skype interview with Shawn Rogers, he said to me that his idea was to reboot Randy Kingston’s ACA and go national with it but, internationally. I asked him what that meant and he informed me that the United States government acts more like an empire and what they do around the world hurts everyone. His plan was to combat the U.S. government corruption by investigating them, blowing the whistle, and publicly humiliating federal agencies and some of their employees who dip their hands in corruption.

The National Anti-Corruption Association was founded in 2015 and their mission is to combat the U.S. government corruption all over the world. The very first YouTube video posted by NACA was posted personally by Shawn Rogers and it had to do with Citizenship-Based Taxation and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Two years after Shawn Roger’s YouTube video went public, NACA took the video and added NACA’s logo to it.

NACA Becomes Known

In early 2018, the National Anti-Corruption Association became known. Its headquarters have been kept a secret, but rumor has it that it may be located somewhere where the U.S. government does not have a presents such as China. NACA’s Facebook page became a victim of a cyber-attack in early 2018 and some sources in the organization pointed to the CIA. NACA decided to unpublish its Facebook page and quickly created a new Facebook page with safeguards. They have even created Wix webpage

Known NACA Offices

NACA has three offices, an executive board which consists of the president of NACA (Shawn Rogers), the vice president of NACA (Thomas Bratt, former president of the National Assembly of Bullied Americans Abroad), and Randy Kingston (Secretary of NACA and former president of the Anti-Corruption Association). In 2016, NACA brought in private investigators to investigate U.S. government corruption. These private investigators would volunteer their time to help out. In mid-2018, NACA decided to discontinue bringing in private investigators from other organizations and instead started a new office that consisted of its own investigators. NACA’s office of investigations are badged private investigators who are qualified NACA investigators. Then the third one is the office of public information which is NACA’s connection to society.

Office of Investigations

OI deputy investigators are badged private investigators who have specialized training in investigations, intelligence, hand to hand combat, weapons, surveillance, human rights, protests, and much more. To be brought in as a deputy investigator you must fall in 1 of 5 categories. Category one, must have a bachelor’s degree or higher in criminal justice, intelligence, human rights, or an equivalent field. Category two, must have 6 months or more of law enforcement and/or intelligence experience. Category three, must have 5 years of military experience or equivalent such as a military auxiliary as long as the individual was an officer. Category four, must have 5 years or more of private investigation experience. Then the last one is category five which is a combination of all the above.

OI deputy investigators are sworn NACA investigators that carry real badges and credentials issued by the executive board through the director of OI. There are many deputy investigator grades. The lowest is grade 1 and the highest is grade 8. Although there is a grade 9 and 10, those would be the assistant director and director who are not investigators but, are in charge of OI. Grade 1 is deputy investigator (on job training), grade 2 is deputy investigator (after completing 1 year of on job training), grade 3 is seasoned deputy investigator, grade 4 is senior deputy investigator, grade 5 is supervisory deputy investigator, grade 6 is lieutenant deputy investigator, grade 7 is chief deputy investigator, and grade 8 is regional deputy investigator. Some deputy investigators lieutenant and up have been assigned to the three members of the executive board as investigative advisers on certain issues. OI deputy investigators carry a baton and powerful pepper spray but, with permission from foreign law enforcement or foreign government, the investigator can carry a firearm as long as they can prove that they have had training. If permitted, a special NACA permit will be issued to the investigator which would be added to the investigator’s credential ID wallet.

Office of Investigations
Office of Investigations

Office of Public Information

OPI is NACA’s connection to society. It is this office that puts out the information that consists of investigations, whistle blowing, humiliating information, news, and more. This would be similar to public affairs. OPI also has a division called the whistle-blowing and humiliation division which is charged with putting the whistle-blowing and humiliation out to the public. This whistle-blowing and humiliation information may consist of names, home addresses, phone numbers, informational videos, investigative reports, and more.

Office of Public Information
Office of Public Information

NACA's reach out

NACA has been in contact with various governments to get them to stand up to the US empire. It is very hard to get another government to stand up to the US empire as the majority of foreign governments are slaves to the US government.

NACA has also been in contact with Wikileaks and Anonymous, but with little reply as both organizations are careful about who they speak with as they feel it could be a trap.

Since 2017, NACA has sent letters to numerous members of the U.S. government including senators, representatives, department secretaries, IRS, speaker of the house, and the president and vice president.

Letters and emails also went out to the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, United Nations, and the European Union. But there was no reply as NACA found out that all are controlled by the US government.

Heat from Americans Abroad

Since the founding of NACA, the organization has been trying to work with Americans abroad in combatting Citizenship-Based Taxation (CBT) and its enforcer which has made life unbearable overseas, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). NACA, specifically now former President Shawn Rogers and an associate had issues with Americans abroad. While trying to help them they realized that the vast majority of Americans abroad were lazy and had no backbone to stand up for themselves.

In a 2018 email conversation with President Shawn Rogers, he stated that "the most difficult task in fighting US imperial taxation was dealing with the incompetence of Americans living overseas as they have become their own worse enemies. You cannot help someone if they refuse to help themselves. Its been about 10 years now and a law like FATCA should have never survived that long and would have not survived that long if Americans abroad would stop being cowards and start fighting. It's not really an Americans abroad thing, its an American thing as the majority of Americans today give in and submit. To me, that is the beginning of slavery. People who give in and submit that easily without really putting up a fight are prone to becoming slaves. The US imperial taxation system creates tax slavery. If our founding fathers were alive today, they would be disappointed with Americans."

Shawn Rogers along with some associates have also shed some spotlight on some Americans abroad who turned out to be frauds and using the taxation situation to make a living such as Clive Ryan and Keith Redmond. These individuals have been key on getting information out to the public, but at the same time have cause issues that created infighting amongst Americans abroad. In March 2019, I had an email conversation with NACA Vice President Thomas Bratt and he stated that "Shawn Rogers pissed of Keith Redmond, but who has not pissed him off? If you join Keith's group he expects you to always agree with him and not participate much to the point where you steal his spotlight. He runs his group like a dictator. Even though the two had heated exchanges, Shawn was still willing to work with him for the greater good, but Keith refused to work with anyone who calls him out or disagrees with him on anything. Keith would go as far as kicking people out of his group and then blocking them to the point where he keeps important information from people. This important information can really help keep Americans abroad out of trouble, prepare them, and give them hope. It was very unpleasing that a guy like Keith Redmond is the guy with the information. People who may not have been associated with NACA, but speaks highly of them or have filed a complaint with NACA have been turned away by Keith Redmond. It truly is unfortunate that this infighting and distrust along with no will power to fight is weakening the cause. We at NACA may not like the situation and may not like certain key individuals, but we are still willing to work with them for the cause. If things get way out of control then maybe we will walk away."

Below is the list of ideas to fight CBT and FATCA that Americans abroad refused to be a part of:

1. Protest US embassies - This was probably the best idea as any people who protest outside a US embassy and/or its consulate can gain international media attention. Americans protesting US embassies and/or its consulates would be a huge media attention gainer. But Americans abroad refused to take part in this.

2. US Tax Slavery patch/pin - This subject started off controversial, but then was cleaned up. The idea was to use the Star of David with the words US Tax Slave on it. This would be turned into a patch or pin. Americans abroad would wear it to get the attention needed to fight US imperial taxation. The idea is not fresh as many people (non Jewish) used the Star of David as a symbol of distress when wearing it on the chest. During those times there were no complaints and those people got the attention they needed. As for this, Americans abroad said that the Star of David should not be used as it is disrespectful and distasteful and the issue is not similar to what the Jews went through during World War 2. A Jewish school teacher later said that when Jews wore it during World War 2, it was worn to single them out and that Americans abroad wearing it would be no different. No matter what anyone said when it came to defending the idea, most Americans abroad were against it. Then the idea to use the American flag was brought up. Shawn Rogers came up with the idea to use an upside down American flag (which stands for distress) and use the words US Tax Slave. Again, Americans abroad did not want to go for it. They said that the upside down flag was disrespectful. Then Shawn Rogers mentioned that we could just have a patch that said US Tax Slave. Again, Americans abroad refused. From there Shawn stated that you need a controversial symbol when fighting a controversial issue. But Americans abroad would not accept it.

3. Protesting foreign governments who support FATCA - Many Americans abroad are upset with their resident government's acceptance of FATCA. But they refuse to protest their resident government.

4. Filling a complaint with the International Criminal Court - NACA has even sent letters to the International Criminal Court pertaining to FATCA. FATCA is a human rights violation and was used as a crime of aggression. In 2018, a retired US judge (who is friends with Shawn Rogers) informed Shawn Rogers that NACA's letters to the ICC was not enough. The ICC would have to hear from the victims of FATCA. Shawn Rogers then tried to push Americans abroad to write to the ICC, but they refused too.

Shawn Rogers Moves On

During Shawn Rogers last few weeks or months as President, he backed out from helping Americans abroad by archiving the NACA War on Tax Slavery group and having his investigative advisor to the executive board on imperial taxation resign from the advisory position for another position. In late March 2019, Shawn Rogers stated that he was resigning as President of NACA beginning on April 15, 2019, and that Vice President Thomas Bratt would step in as the new President. Before resigning, Shawn Rogers made a video as his last act as President. The video was created to show support for Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange and asked hackers who support Julian Assange to unleash hacker hell onto the US government, Ecuadorian government, and UK government. After Thomas Bratt assumed his role as President, Shawn Rogers became an executive advisor to the executive board. Thomas Bratt also unarchived the NACA War on Tax Slavery group and asked the former investigative advisor to the executive board on imperial taxation to finish up what they left off on. As of May 1, 2019, Thomas Bratt has tried reaching out to Americans abroad, but at a slow pace to establish relations and to push them to do more in the fight against US tax slavery. NACA Secretary, Randy Kingston has stated that "it is good that Thomas Bratt is giving them another chance and giving the cause another chance and even giving some key individuals another chance, but I personally believe that its not going to go well and we should just give up on them so that we can focus on other issues."

As of May 2019, the executive board has Thomas Bratt as President and Randy Kingston as Secretary. The Vice Presidency position lyes vacant. After stepping down, Shawn Rogers became the advisor to the executive board, but after a week of being an advisor, he was let go. 3 rumors have circulated to why he was let go. He wanted to take a break, he wants to start another organization, or because he was a bit extreme. After speaking with the Secretary, I was told that no one in NACA knows why Shawn Rogers left NACA except the executive board and Secretary Kingston who is a member of the board refused to answer the question about why Shawn Rogers was let go. Though he did mention that Shawn Rogers has disappeared and has been doing some interacting online. Shawn Rogers is eligible for one year to continue to use his NACA email.


NACA has a lot of secrets and for good reason. When an organization is combating corruption involving an imperial power, that organization must have its secrets. A lot of the members of NACA hide their true identity, especially the investigators as they use a number to identify one another. As for the office directors and the executive board, they use their names, but cannot show their faces and if they show their faces on social media then you can get its a fake picture.

Sometime in early 2019, a rumor circulated that a NACA investigator in France detained a French police officer who was spying for the US government. No one knows what happen to that French police officer after they were detained.

Future of NACA

No one really knows what is in store for NACA. NACA is getting tired of working with Americans abroad as they refuse to stand up for themselves and instead fight each other. NACA also wants to interact with governments who may not like the US government. Such governments include China, North Korea, Russia, and Iran. one thing is for certain, NACA is one of the very few organizations standing up to US imperialism.

If the world is going to be peaceful, then the world cannot have a corrupt superpower running it. In every country, the government has to deal with an anti-corruption organization whether the organization is a government agency or not. Some countries also corrupt their anti-corruption organization. Sadly, the United States does not have an anti-corruption organization and the small offices they may have in departments that confront corruption are in themselves corrupt. The National Anti-Corruption Association is the only organization that confronts US corruption and it does need support.

© 2019 Johnny Lomax


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