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The National Pledge- A symbol of Identity long forgotten

Updated on July 9, 2010

Beautiful Landscape Nigeria

Using the Pledge as a Guide

The Pledge of a nation is a binding promise or agreement we make between ourselves and our Nation. It is meant to act as an overall direction of which the country chooses to take and how it plans to get there. Now i'll like to ask 2 quick questions we most likely never thought about; How many of us can actually recite our national pledge (without peeping)? and Have we ever during our time of saying the pledge thought about the message it holds and plans to send across?

It's a shame that most of Nigerians (even those in the seat of power) can't recite the national pledge and have little or no regard for what it has to say. and its evident on what our society has gradually become, we all know that if one fails to keep promises it could have dire consequences.

I decided to have a look at this short piece called the national pledge and believe you for the first time in my life i tried to make meaning of it and found something i hope to share. But firstly lets look at the National pledge together again and see if we can draw out any further meaning together;

I pledge to Nigeria my Country

To be faithful, loyal and honest

To serve Nigeria with all my strength

To defend her Unity 

And uphold her Honour and Glory

So help me God

LINE 1- Very briefly is a reminder of our promise and agreement to our nation. 

LINE 2- I wish our leaders could be made to focus on this part, but lets look through the nation and see if we keep these 3 strong words in our promise. in my view i don't think so

LINE 3- this part makes me laugh abit when i think of the attitude of Nigerians towards serving the Nation. Everybody wants to just satisfy themselves. John F kennedy once said "ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." In our case unfortunately its the other way round.

LINE 4- Everyday in the news we hear we hear about ethic clashes of all sorts all around the country, we might be united by borders but are we truly united by bonds of friendship and cordial relationships? and what are we doing about it as a nation is the biggest question

Line 5- Honour is something people go the extra mile for, wars have broken out all in the name of these 2 words because its the absolute pride of the nation and very difficult to build but most people have lost the true relevance of the words, what a pity

Line 6- A little word of prayer as they say goes a long way, this line has just symbolized that we know as a nation we can't do this alone so we need divine help as well but do we still ask for that divine help in making decisions today?

Very brief yet very powerful in my view, Nigeria as a nation could start a turning point for the better if we take this pledge more seriously. At this point you might be saying what's he driving at but lets look at it from this view, if we are made to say these words regularly and believe in them, we will start to work with them and they will guide us as a nation (take the 10 commandments for christains as an example). 

The National Pledge was carefully written in 1976 by Prof (Mrs) Felicia Adebola Adedoyin. Dunno the kind of inspiration she had to put this down but it is simply brilliant and i'm sure if she knew we wont have really cared about it she probably wont have wasted her time but in her view its part of her service to the Nation (that bearly even recognises her effort). 

Its amazing to see that we have the tools in our hands to develop our commitment in our nation and work to bring out the best out of it just by playing our part and the thing is we don't have to wait for our leaders to do what's. By using the Pledge as a guide and as principles we can make a new era for ourselves as a nation. Will we use these tools or still continue to discard them as meaningless.The Choice is ours to make. 


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      HARIPRIYA 5 years ago

      WELL WRITTEN. I LIKE IT! :) :) :)