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The New Bombshell and The Case for Michael Flynn’s Exoneration and Prosecution Against the Deep State

Updated on May 6, 2020
Pendhamma S profile image

An independent news analyst and political commentator of conservative orientation; specialized in Constitutional law and political history

Michael Flynn (center) and his new lawyer appointed last year, Sidney Powell (left)
Michael Flynn (center) and his new lawyer appointed last year, Sidney Powell (left)

If there’s one case in contemporary politics that epitomizes the tragic corruption of the FBI, the politicization of the justice process and the iniquity of the Deep State, it’d be none other than the persistent persecution of General Michael T. Flynn. The investigation into him, as well as his prosecution, is among the most glaring malpractices by the Justice Department.

Back in 2017, General Flynn was charged with "willfully and knowingly making false, fictitious and fraudulent statements" to the FBI when he was interviewed about his perfectly legitimate conversation with the Russian ambassador. He later pleaded guilty to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team in December of that year as part of a plea bargain advised by his lawyers at that time from the controversial Covington & Burling firm. However, the entire process seems now more than ever fraught with knaveries, as many have speculated.

President Trump and then-incumbent national security adviser Michael Flynn at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa on February 6, 2017
President Trump and then-incumbent national security adviser Michael Flynn at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa on February 6, 2017

A new bombshell document, handed over to Flynn’s newly-tapped defense attorney Sidney Powell by the Justice Department, seems to contain exculpatory evidence. The document is currently under court seal and therefore unattainable by the general public, but as Powell stated in a supplementary court filing submitted on Friday April 24, it “proves Mr. Flynn’s allegations of having been deliberately set up and framed by corrupt agents at the top of the FBI”.

In that filing, Powell asserted that the document exposes a conspiracy between leadership figures in the FBI and the DOJ “either to create an offense they could prosecute or at least get him [Flynn] fired” in both handwriting and email forms. If true, this would mean Flynn has always been innocent and the whole prosecutorial procedures against him an arrant hoax.

Furthermore, the 2 FBI agents who interviewed Flynn confirmed to have found no indication of mendacity during the interview whatsoever. The apparent truth here is that Flynn didn't try to delude the investigators. So why was he charged? It's unconscionable by any conceivable standard to charge someone for a crime they didn't commit, to begin with, and even much more when you charge them with a matter of your own fabrication.

Flynn, flaked by his former lawyers from the Covington & Burling firm, at the D.C. district court in December 2017
Flynn, flaked by his former lawyers from the Covington & Burling firm, at the D.C. district court in December 2017

Powell also stated that the document “defeats any argument that the interview of Mr. Flynn on January 24 was material to any ‘investigation.’” Under federal statute (Section 1001, of Title 18 of the United States Code), making false statements to investigators is criminal and actionable only if the statements are material to the investigation being conducted. Otherwise, the perpetrator couldn’t be prosecuted. If Flynn’s interview falls into the latter case as the document suggests, the charge against him would have been invalid all along.

But why, then, did he admit his "guilt" knowing he’s framed and the charge against him was of a highly questionable basis? Why exactly did the completely guiltless general capitulate and plead guilty? Another explosive revelation: Flynn was coerced into accepting the plea bargain to save his son, Michael G. Flynn, from prosecution.

Flynn departing the D.C. district court on December 1, 2017, after pleading guilty to "willfully and knowingly making false, fictitious and fraudulent statements to the FBI"
Flynn departing the D.C. district court on December 1, 2017, after pleading guilty to "willfully and knowingly making false, fictitious and fraudulent statements to the FBI"

As Powell wrote in her motion, “Not only did he make baseless threats to indict Michael G. Flynn, he made a side deal not to prosecute Michael G. Flynn as a material term of the plea agreement”, in referral to Gordon Van Greck, the prosecutor specifically responsible for her client’s case. Michael G. Flynn worked for his father’s private intelligence firm, the Flynn intel group, and the Mueller prosecution threatened to charge him for failing to register as a foreign agent in compliance with the Foreign Agent Registration Act (or FARA for short) should the former Trump aide not plead guilty even though there still remains a sound question as to whether such a charge would be viable.

Already embattled financially by the exorbitant costs of legal fees incurred, having been forced to sell his house in 2018 to cover those fees, and guided by his then-incumbent defense team from Covington & Burling, Flynn accepted the terms and “admitted” to lying to the FBI. But while much of the deal was recorded in the plea agreement, this part (that his son wouldn’t be charged if he pleaded guilty) was not. Instead it was required to be maintained clandestine to preclude the prospect of it being presented in court as a Giglio material. This is precisely why the public was generally oblivious to this malfeasance of Deep State prosecutors until the jaw-dropping revelation last month although some preliminarily conjectured.

The $835k-worth house in Alexandria, Virginia Flynn had to sell in 2018 to cover his exorbitant legal fees
The $835k-worth house in Alexandria, Virginia Flynn had to sell in 2018 to cover his exorbitant legal fees

The entirety of this information by every imaginable measure manifests the egregious mishandling of the Flynn case and definitely scalding for every public official involved in the indefatigable harassment of the ex-Trump aide and the partisan crusade to perpetuate the duplicitous Russian collusion narrative and defame the president. What’s worse is the fact that it was buried, hidden away from Flynn’s defense team as part of a cover-up scheme.

It’s known that under the Supreme Court’s ruling in Brady v. Maryland, the prosecution is obliged to transmit all exculpatory evidence to the defendant, and this new document is no exception. Flynn and his legal team clearly have a right to access it, which would have enabled him to wage an expedient and triumphant legal battle to overturn his plea long ago. Alas, the FBI and the DOJ stonewalled them, preventing them from obtaining it. The FBI and the DOJ even once claimed that the original witness report of Flynn’s interview in 2017 was “missing” and instead released its revised versions.

That isn’t transparent at all. Obviously Deep State bureaucrats were trying their best to realize a Flynn conviction and inflict collateral damage on the Trump administration by inferring a collusion with Russia. Fortunately, they’re appreciably experiencing a setback. After Attorney General William Barr, profoundly perturbed by the murky nature of the case, ordered a review on it in February, putting the widely venerated Jeff Jensen in charge, this revealing piece of evidence emerged and accoutred the Flynn camp for its ongoing legal assay.

Indeed, the evidence will likely exonerate Flynn, but even when he’s exonerated, its duty would still be far from over. Justice was trampled by the men and women at the top of the FBI and the DOJ aided by some of their subordinates. By conniving to incriminate an innocent Trump aide and then engaging in a cover-up attempt to besmirch his integrity and the president’s, they have abused their powers and disgracefully weaponized the justice process to pursue their partisan goal. They must all be held accountable for their wrongdoings. Only when they are will justice be truly served.

© 2020 Pendhamma Sindhusen


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      2 weeks ago from now on

      No surprise CJKelly disappeared with stuff like this coming out

      “A big nothing?” ~CJKelly

      It’ll take more than 4 years (Trump 2016) for CJ to live that one down! LOL

    • tsadjatko profile image

      3 weeks ago from now on

      Here you go - 5/7 podcast, a couple minutes past commercial is what Sidney Powell has to say - she is not the liar, the media is!

    • tsadjatko profile image

      3 weeks ago from now on

      CJ Kelly, I remember you. Your the blow hard who when Trump was running for president tried to tell us he had no chance of winning and I challenged you to return to that article’s comments after Trump wins to face up to the fact that you were dead wrong and I was right - of course you never returned.

      Listen to this and then explain how the DOJ dropping the charges against Flynn is a big nothing!

      Mark Levin interviewed Sidney Powell and if you get that interview you will see how even now the spin the media is putting on this is all lies.

      You leftists are all the same, you soak up the fake news without any critical thinking and create your own little made up fantasies you try to foist on everyone.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      3 weeks ago from now on

      Anyone who thinks “corruption of the FBI” is a big nothing is kidding himself or completely out of touch with reality as he probably gets all his information from the fake news media.

      Barr is on it and he is not letting the corruption of the FBI stand as his CRIMINAL investigation of these traitors will eventually bring them to justice and force anyone who is as stupid to say “this is a big nothing” to eat those words.

      Great article Pendhamma!

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      3 weeks ago from PNW

      This is a big nothing. Agents plan strategy before they enter any interview session. He still lied to the FBI. Nothing will change that. He met with Kislyak and tried to cover it up.

      1. They are also not required to warn subjects about the consequences of a 1001 violation. However, if they do, it would put the subject on notice and any lies would be "knowing and voluntary."

      2. Even if your theory were true, the Supreme Court has expressly approved the tactic of withholding evidence from—and even lying to—a criminal who has committed a crime during an investigative interview. That's a Court stacked w/conservatives that are apparently very popular with Trump supporters.

      3. Charges steeming from 18 U.S.C. 1001 are rare, but Flynn had to know the stakes were high at that point. Why play around? He was a US Army Brig. General. He knows better. Reputation is everything.

      The bigger questions you and all other Flynn supporters should ask is:

      A. Why was Flynn trying to cover up that meeting w/Kislyak?

      B. Why was he meeting w/him in the first place?


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