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The New Jim Crow Era in the United States (Minority Rights and Transgender Issues)

Updated on August 3, 2015

Are Social Issues and Justice all an Illusion?

My very first editorial was published in my local small town paper, when I was 16 years of age, and it was regarding crime and brutality against African Americans. Needless to say, the white folks and their parents weren't to happy with me, when I went into school the following day and called them all a bunch of racist Klan lynching swamp yahoos due to a black man, from the local town being killed, by a white man and this resulted in the local town deputies letting the white man go home and sleep off his hang over.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, yet another white leftist organization (some times they do good work but other times, they deliberately have a white agenda to maintain their white leftist superiority), that really deals with people of color in an arm length manner (even Hillary Clinton admitted this about some educated and open minded white people regarding black males with hoodies), actually down played the amount of Klan numbers in the United States and the white hate groups located in the Deep South. When the SPLC and some leftist speak about racism, it comes from a White-Liberal POV.

The reason why this S.P.L.C. data is skewed, in the way that every other particle of data gets skewed and reported as fact by multi-million dollar groups and the media; is because the Klan doesn't really go around wearing hoods & robes now a days. Instead they take the form of politicians, radio host, GOP Whip, from Louisiana (New Orleans), Steve Scalise, news journalist, Hollywood Academy Members (passive racism), Koch Brother funded groups and even New Orleans' Mardi Gras Parade 'social clubs'. I have seen it all and I have seen them all; and they come in all forms. My Native American-Irish Grand-pa and Black Grand-ma's KKK have shape shifted into the main stream and manifested itself as Bill O'Reilly on Fox News, back handed liberals, radio host & Rick Santorum. From New York, to Louisiana to California; its all the same mess, Seen it all.

In fact, after Ferguson, the parents of the slayed black guy (Michael Brown) went to Geneva, Switzerland to testify before some U.N. European Committee, and while I appreciate the Europeans for making an effort, these black folks have to understand (like I understand) that some of these rich liberal Europeans or even people at the United Nations; in places like Switzerland, have never spoken to an African American in their life. So, what can these people possibly do to remedy the institutionalized racism that operates in the U.S.?

They can not do anything because they have not & can NEVER walk in the torn shoes of an African American in the United States. I can never walk in a transgender persons shoes, but I can only do what I can do.

  • California has some of the highest paid politicians in this nation; so why can not they get off their butts and fund some social pow-wows and actually see how their voters are living and what the issues are? If these young kids want to spam politicians with tweets or go block the doors to some empty political office, of a politician, that may represent an area of California but really doesn't leave the DC area nor live in the district, which they represent; then more power to them.
  • Do they really care? Isn't it all one big manipulation? Aren't some situations even aggravated; simply to pass time for some rich white folks that really have nothing better to do; than play a poor American Nigger, like one plays a video game? Just like the issues, while growing up in Louisiana; it is what it is. Been there; done that. Seen it all.

At the Bernie Sanders Rally in West Hollywood, my neighbors all expressed the same concerns that I had, as far as income inequality, wage stagnation and corporations needing to pay their fair share of taxes but the real enlightened conversation came when I spoke with the new communications director of the Stonewall Democratic Club in Los Angeles, Rachel Rose Luckey.

Rachel Rose Luckey a transgender person. She wasn't taking about rich celebrities in reality tv or what was going on with Hollywood & gays but instead she talked about how the US Supreme Court and states were rolling back the voting rights act. We talked about Jim Crow and how lynching and murders of transgender people were already at the same levels in the U.S. that we are seeing happen to black men.

We spoke about how the United States passed gay marriage but just like the Voting Rights Act, signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson on August 6, 1965, was being rolled back, eventually the Radical Right Wing could roll anything back. And she actually understood the concept of killing off civil rights with small cuts, a little at a time.

In fact Rachael Rose Luckey, Communication Head, of Stonewall Club based in Los Angeles, used the analogy of a dripping water leak of homophobia (really its trans-phobia), that would eventually fill up the Grand Canyon. She was absolutely correct and spot on with her strategy.

I do not care if the US Supreme Court passed gay marriage with the blood of Justice Roberts on Celtic Parchment Paper; eventually all of this can be rolled back and in many cases, politicians are using "pink washing" issues/agendas (as noted by some media in Israel) to take away and distract from other issues, which they (politicians) feel powerless to address because their re-election campaigns are now all being funded by corporations or corporate billionaires.

This knowledge is why many people are supporting Bernie Sanders. Is Bernie Sanders is really determined to run a real election or if he is just out there for psychological gratification to pacify the so called 'far left", who will never admit, except to me; their total disgust with the policies that are coming out of the Obama Administration. At this time, I once again have to remind these progressives that it isn't the ideals of President Obama that has failed; it is the failure of our Republic to keep citizens on an even political playing field with the corporations, many of whom aren't even based in the United States. Obama walked into a system which was already corrupt.


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