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The New,Old, Struggle

Updated on June 29, 2013

Jim Crow Gets a New Lease on Life?

I will never figure the Supreme Court out; in one case from Arizona, they vote down a Voter ID law, they vote down DOMA and Prop 8, but basically rip the core out of the Voting Rights Act.

The Court ruled Tuesday that certain states no longer needed to clear themselves before making changes; many states, mostly the same states that the Voting RIghts Act was targeted at, are already passing "Voter ID" laws and trying to redraw districts that may further dillute the votes of minorities.

This decision is likely seen as a victory for reactionary forces in a campaign that dates not back to Roe V Wade but Brown V Topeka. As states like Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina, deal with shifting and darkening demographics, white reactionaries see their power theatened.

Much like reactionaries have done with abortion, they've concentrated on making access harder. Voter ID laws have been compared to the poll taxes that were used to deny minorities, specifically African-American's the right to vote. Today, it's Latino's who are may be the new "brown menace".

So how to fight back? It's going to take a complex effort, tactics like what was seen in Wisconsin and perhaps being duplicated in North Carolina. In Statehouses in Texas, etc, people may need to 'Occupy'. Voter registration will need to be combined with ID drives.

Finally, much like Wendy Davis in Texas for women, voting rights advocates will need to find voices. Creating a new formula for the Voting Rights Act would be a great project for the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and provide yet another progressive rallying point for the 2014 Elections.


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    • d.william profile image


      5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      The supreme court did nothing for society in general by any of their recent rulings. They did strike down DOMA, but it is not dead yet. The radical republicans have vowed to revive it and make it permanent.

      The Prop 8 ruling simply overturned the state courts decision to put a hold on same sex marriages, but did not do anything to stop the radicals in California from reversing the same sex marriage vote.

      The radical religious zealots have vowed to continue their fight against all their perceived evils in the world until every state reverses its legalization of same sex marriages - now standing at 14.

      Allowing individual states to decide whether they want to discriminate only prolongs the inequality and injustice on this minority.

      The only thing the supreme court got right was ruling that the patenting of human genes is illegal. I am sure they would not have done that either if they realized that by doing so the discovery of the "gay gene" will eventually topple the discriminatory insistence by the "moral police" in this country by proving that homosexuality is NOT a choice after all.

      Their views of what is going on in America is at best naive, or at worst they are basically encouraging the states to limit voting privileges to the wealthy whites.

      If the supreme court had limited terms, in lieu of life time occupancy,they probably would take a more neutral stance on things. They certainly favor corporate America, the religious conservative movement, and discrimination against gays and women in general.

      What a country.


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