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The New Political Environment

Updated on November 5, 2010


     A new political environment is now in place and those who are our elected representatives must take notice if they are to remain our political representatives.  The political environment has drastically changed in this election year.  Voters became energized to voice their opinion and become involved in the political process.  While there was interest in the Presidential election in 2008 as there always is in a Presidential election the interest this year was different as exhibited in the results of the mid-term election.

     The political environment and the direction of the country in these economic times have signaled a renewed interest in the political process and in keeping in touch with the actions of Congress and throughout the country.  Newly elected officials throughout the country must take note and understand that the way things have been in the past is not going to be the way things will be in the future.  It was evident in election results across the country that if you did not listen to the voice of the people you represent in decisions you made the voters expressed their displeasure with their vote.

     Voting is a privilege we have in this country and it was great to see grass root interest across the nation in the political process.  The tea party movement is just one example of the grass root movement that had an impact in the outcome of elections across the country.  Even today there are races not yet decided as the votes are still being counted and there have been indications that some of the results in certain locations may be challenged.

    Close elections is part of the political process and signifies great interest from all sides in specific races.  The counting of votes is a critical aspect of determining accurate results.  There were indications that there were problems in some cases with the voting process and having enough paper ballots for individuals to cast their votes.  Hand counting of votes is a tedious process and mistakes can be made.  This is understandable but not acceptable.  Our political process must be one that is accurate in every respect.  It is vital to ensure that the individuals elected are the ones that are the result of accurate counting of the votes involved.

     The interest in the political process this year is one I hope will not diminish in the coming months between now and the next election cycle.  It is important that the tea party movement and others that were involved in the political process this year keep the pressure on all elected officials at all levels regardless of party affiliation.  Politicians must be held accountable for their actions.  I am encouraged today with the interest expressed by voters in this past election.  As voters we have a responsibility to make good decisions when we vote for an individual or issue before us on the ballot.

      As mentioned above voting is a privilege we have as citizens and we need to exercise that privilege every time there is an election where we can voice our opinion.  The new political environment that spread throughout the country signaling politicians that they are going to be held responsible for their decisions and how they affect individuals, businesses and the country.  It is also important to know with the changes that have taken place across the country with the parties now in power have changed in many locations.  Having political power is great but with that power they must remember that they can be out of power after the next election.  Our elected officials must willingly embrace input from all political parties in an effort to determine what legislation needs to be created to address issues affecting the citizens they represent. 

     The new political environment is one which may signal that political parties must work together to resolve issues and make an honest effort in creating legislation that will benefit the citizens any legislation will impact.  This principle is not just associated with the federal government but all the state governments.  Another factor prevalent in this new environment is that the people want government to stop spending money it does not have.  They also want smaller government not larger government.  Granted there are areas where government is the right solution for problems but government is not always the only solution. 

     Newly elected officials and those who were re-elected will be closely watched as to what decisions they make in responding to the voice of the people.  Voters want their voices heard and be exhibited in the legislation enacted through the respective legislatures.  There are issues which are controversial in nature and in some cases the people have expressed their opinion about them.  Controversial issues are tough in any political environment but especially in the current political environment exhibited by the results in this past election.  What must happen with regards to these types of issues is to develop legislation through input not only from other elected officials but input from the voters.  If legislation enacts requirements that the people either do not want or understand they will express their displeasure at the polls. 

     Some statements have been made that say that voters have short attention spans as to the actions taken by Congress, the results of the election signal otherwise.  Voters were informed about the issues and actions Congress took in the past two years and they voiced how they felt through their votes.  Politicians at all levels must understand they will be held accountable by the voters who elected them in the next election.  The resources of the Internet have brought about new opportunities for elected officials to communicate with their constituents as to their decisions and why they made them.  It is also up to the voters to be attentive in keeping abreast of congressional action at all levels of government to make informed decisions now and in the future.  If we are to continue to have a great country we as voters must be involved in the political process and inform our elected officials how we feel about legislation under consideration.   


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    • GusTheRedneck profile image

      Gustave Kilthau 7 years ago from USA

      Hi Dennis - First, an aside to comment on the comment of "Makingsense" wherein that writer continues the error that separation of church and state is a part of the U.S. Constitution. It is not. What the Constitution says is that the government is not permitted to establish its own religion; that is, a church as, for example, the Church of England. So much for that, right?

      As to the new crop of elected officials, I agree with you that "we will see what we will see." Perhaps this new bunch will be more in tune to be representatives of the people than dictators to the people in order to advance their own personal causes. We will see.

      Gus :-)))

    • profile image

      Makingsense 7 years ago

      Thanks for the hub. I do think, however, that when you have people willing to vote for someone who doesn't understand that the separation of church and state (for instance) is a part of the constitution it doesn't convey the sense of an aware electorate. I think people are just tired of government, waste and taxes and I'm one of them. I'm also in favor of throwing them all out of office on occasion and hope it happens again.