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The New Reality: Is it Worth Believing?

Updated on March 27, 2014

Is Waking Up Wise?

We exist in very strange times. We've got 2 synthetic realities composed of minds which have been broken into and re-molded into formatted minds. What each mind contains is what society deems worthy of existing. Reality itself has been destroyed and re-shaped along 2 major ways of thinking: 1. Biblical reality and 2. SOMETHING ELSE. What is this "something else"? Well, I don't absolutely know for sure! At one time I believed that "something else" was simply gay people.............but time has shown me that "something else" is bigger than just gay people because some targeted people are gay. This side is innately "darker" than that of real reality. It involves the use of a different "language". It presents itself as whatever you think is the most disturbing. It has GOTTEN INSIDE the majority of people. It is a synthetic culture, re-made in the image of whatever society has desired.

How does one navigate a world of people who believe what they are told to believe? Well, you can INSIST on nothing other than the superficial reality which is kept around to justify the GUIDED words/actions/emotions of these psychologically-manipulated folks. What really trips me out is that controlled people often have no idea that they are being manipulated by an outside force. They are different from us because they do not get reality through their 5 senses: they get a synthetic reality dictated to them by outside forces. They can be permitted to know that they are part of this artificially-conceived reality and have that realization plucked from their minds the very moment that society sees fit to do so. Any: emotion/thought/action can be dictated to the "host mind" at any given moment. Each controlled person is being lived through yet has no idea that this is how their life works. If you told them what I'm telling you, they would say that you are insane.

How about it? Is it insane to say that very likely at least 90% of the population are mentally-enslaved to an external source of reality? Is it insane to believe that most people have been deeply traumatized on an emotional level and then taught to see reality differently? I personally say NO. Being right about this confers one benefit: once you realize that counterfeit emotions/thoughts/actions do in fact exist, you can resist them. It sucks because you are out-numbered by people who think what they are told to think who still think that they are free. They will tell you that you are insane whether they know the truth or not. What a bummer! It's just like "A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeline L'engal or like the "Borg" in Star Trek. No one who knows will ever tell you about this "club", but they WILL constantly HINT at it with innuendo.

This is most frustrating. On top of that, they have tried to kill me for talking about all this. I suspect that if you could make everyone aware of this fact, a significant number would start making their own decisions rather than be GUIDED through life by only God knows what. While we're on the subject of God, some people claim to be part of this "God Consciousness". Although it is re-assuring to have a belief-system around that has been here for so long, it too demands that you trust in these artificial emotions as though they were your own. I just cannot live like that, and I'm not totally alone like I once believed. Many others have gotten online and said that something is trying to manipulate them with electronic technology. They speak of: "Perps", agents of the Devil, "Voice to Skull (V2k) and ELF waves (extremely-low-frequency) being used to manipulate and torment them. The Navy Yard shooter even carved "MY ELF GUN" on his shotgun with which he killed a number of people. On television, everyone laughed about his claim that he was being electronically harassed and mind-controlled. From where I am standing, THAT is insane.........but there you have it. If you claim to be electronically manipulated/harassed, you too will be labeled insane.

So there it is: electronic-enslavement and no one to verify your suspicions but several thousand people that the majority of people call "insane". Even they get manipulated to say things to each other that confuse/upset/demoralize. It's extremely easy to "go with the flow", even if you are against brainwashing and mental-manipulation! This sucks. Part of me says: "Give up and lean on God's thinking". But what if this isn't God giving me these ideas? What if it's just a bunch of people with high-tech toys that torture and play with the mind acting in accordance with what they THINK HIS WILL IS?

I think I'm fact I know I'm right. It is unfortunate that I can't show you exactly what I've experienced. You'd believe me, but you might not want to. I myself became so frustrated with the electronic manipulation that I chose to believe that it didn't exist. I've taken massive amounts of various drugs and medications to make me believe that absolutely nothing is wrong. They work at obliviating the notion that I'm being manipulated, but it doesn't change the truth. For the record, if you choose to believe that everything is allright I won't hold it against you. In fact, when I'm done writing this I'm going to take something that makes me utterly oblivious to this fact. It's the biggest Catch-22 ever. If you believe in mind-control/electronic harassment, you wind up rather alienated and miserable. My best advice is learn to NOT SEE this reality with a MINIMUM OF MEDICATIONS. I say: believe in reality, but keep one eye open so that you can "see them coming". It is a fucked-up world we live in........adapt to it in any way that works for you.


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    • profile image

      Will Hogie 3 years ago

      You're strong and insightful, don't let them discourage you from a relationship with the Lord God as they are much more finite and newer than him. I understand the reverse psychology they use in implanting the thought that they want us to go to good /god-like behaviour and that is abhorrent to think we are once again being fooled. However God gave Satan-dog people domain over this earth until he comes back. Hang in there and thanks.