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The God from the Left-The New State Religion

Updated on February 17, 2012

Socialism is religion


The New State Religion—The State

Atheism is Freedom

Charles J. Hunsinger


As an adamant and very avowed Atheist (I prefer the description of Sapien— (sapient) a reasoning being) I possess no value, nor do I have any respect for the assertions and dogma of theistic (religious) belief. I hold that religious tenants and practices are essentially amoral and violate the essence of human life—our capacity to reason. It is the vast history of religious belief, whether it is the ancient gods of the nether world or the modernized versions of Judaism. Christianity and Islam; that instill in the human character fear, guilt, subservience, hate, bias, bigotry and justifiably and unabashedly unleash the unique savagery of Man. It is after all, that behind the cloak of ‘belief’ that such crimes against humanity are conducted, as behind the waving of the flag deceit is born.

Religious belief however, is only one form of the opiate addiction that is suffered by Man, as was so ably described by Karl Marx: the other is government—The State. The State is no less an opiate than the gods and no less savage, no less omnipotent. The State, like the gods rewards obedience and condemns disobedience and derives its power from the obedient. Unquestionably, it was Socialism, The State that accounts for the greatest number of murdered in the history of humanity, in a given period of time. Joseph Stalin, the great Marxist Socialist,   is credited with the murder of between 60 and 100 million people; while Adolph Hitler about 12 million.  Both of these men, one an avowed Atheist and Marxist, Stalin and the other, a Catholic Nazi had one thing in common, they were both socialists and their chosen mission was to bring the cause, the religion of socialism to the world church of Man.

Religion promotes the belief in a spiritually defined deity, while The State defines such a deity in secular terms—itself. One cannot be an Atheist; it would be a contradiction in terms, if one endears the demagoguery of the State and denies such power to the spiritually defined, both of which, are motivations of the human mind. The principle foundations of socialism are precisely the same, as the foundations of religious belief. God will save you from yourself, your fears and your wants.

An Atheist, by virtue of reason, understands that, as it is unreasonable to hold, as a truth the existence of gods, whether it be Zeus, Allah, Jesus Christ, Ra or God; it is just as unreasonable to hold, as an omnipotent being—The state.

Freedom is Atheistic. Individual Freedom best defines the purest principles of Atheistic belief. Atheism is a belief and a way of life that is unencumbered by the mythologies of religion and a refusal to be encumbered by the dictates of a self servicing government. An Atheist does not place himself in the role of a god to rule over others or to be ruled by others.

As Lemmings we leap, going forward, to the new religion of socialism, of Marxism. We lock step to a greater diversity, to a holding of hands and singing around the camp fires, as moths, do we fly ever closer to the light.

With acknowledgement to the great wisdom of Ayn Rand


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