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The Myth; Government Is Corrupt

Updated on August 24, 2016

I was called at one point one of those political people that everyone can't stand because I can go on and on about politics all day on social media.

That is why I began a blog away from my original Facebook to talk about the issues that are important to me because I truly want to contribute something to the world of politics. It begins a new life journey for me, but it is one that I believe will be fruitful not just for me but for other people too.

I am one of those dreaded Hillary Clinton Supporters who everyone makes it their life mission to tell all kinds of things like your a cunt who is supporting a lying crook. Who will never do anything for, to you are just stupid and unintelligent.

However the reality is there has been no real, solid evidence to support the fact she has done anything illegal or she would be in jail. We have way too many individuals out there who would love too see her career and everything about her destroyed. So we wouldn't see her again. I am sure this will inflame some, but I am inclined to believe. You can't win them all.

What if I told you that not all of government was corrupt. That politicians were just people with their families and lives of their own. Who have emotions.

You would say to me. That is just a crock of crap. There is plenty of evidence to support that our government is corrupt. You are just burying your head in your sand.

Your thinking that because you are not used to people telling what you don't want to hear. We have a lot of people who say they want political incorrectness, but don't truly understand what political incorrectness is if it hit them in the face.

That is what brings me to my next point. What if I said politicians have a very hard job with difficult decisions. Who's job that if we were honest we wouldn't want.

We just like to walk around with that arrogant mindset. That we could do a better job. When the reality is. We just don't know.

You maybe saying but April politicians are liars. Guess what I know that, they all lie to some degree. Some more than others. You want me to tell you I think that is okay. No because it isn't, but I also understand why they do.

We have so many problems in our society and so few are willing to stand up and take responsibility for themselves and their lives. Than we have these politicians wanting to come in and save us from themselves.

We get angry at them because we have given them a parental role to solving our problems and we don't like what they do for us in the long run.

Take Obamacare for example. Yes this is a piece of legislation with many problems that need to be fixed, but for many years these politicians have watched us not taking care of our health and not making it a priority. Than they have watched as people die because of this and have had family after family come to them, sharing their pain.

They feel hopeless and don't know exactly what to do. So they do the best they can understanding their decisions may not be popular to the masses, but they do what they believe is right, with the understanding that it may not be appreciated and in fact one day maybe overturned.

We say they need to be more accountable to us the American people, but with politicians like Hillary Clinton they can't go anywhere without being hounded by the media or us. Than we wonder why they don't have any respect for us and our privacy. This is a two way street.

I believe this than rather than saying and thinking our government is corrupt. We have start to looking at things in a logical manner and saying to ourselves. How can I be apart of the solution rather than the problem because saying our government is corrupt. Is only adding to our rocky political climate.

You maybe saying, as you read this. This girl is a paid political operative of Hillary Clinton. I am not. I am just a citizen who is deeply concerned and feels very strongly that I want my voice to be heard. I don't want to be like everyone else because you have a choice. You can be a bystander in this stuff or you can be a voice for change.

It is up to you. Your civic duty is to making this society a better place for the generations too come. I am doing that through my writing and working on Hillary Clinton's campaign. What are you doing.


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