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The New Venezuelan

Updated on June 8, 2017
A row for buying food, a recurrent reality in Venezuela.
A row for buying food, a recurrent reality in Venezuela. | Source

The Cold, Heartless Fact.

Every drastic change that happens to a country , whether is from better to worse or/and of economic, geographical and political factors, can be properly measure in the status of his people, his citizens if you , dear reader, are into that whole formal thing.

One doesn´t need to be a sociologist, a psychologist or a psycho-sociologist (like the famous Slipknot song) in order to register , detail by detail, the effects that, terrible political and economical decisions, produce in the people of a determined country. With this i am saying , with the utmost simplicity regarding the choice of words, that you can see it in their faces.

So long for the days of the cultural traits, like comradeship, of some nations, specially the ones that are ruled by totalitarian one-party regimes like China, Cuba...or Venezuela. Trusting the other significant one , your fellow countryman that probably suffers the same hardships o even worst, is no longer an option. Every man for himself. Paranoia rises...and it´s here to stay.

The other nations in the world, the ones that aren´t in a communist dictatorship (yes, all dictatorships in this century are of Communist nature), are , to some degree, aware of the increasing deterioration of the Cuban, North Korean and Venezuelan population; however, it´s obvious to say, and this is without any feeling of envy and bitterness but just a logical fact, that they can´t possibly know what´s really like. In the case of China, it wasn´t until all the damage was done ,that the International Community got to know the effects of Mao´s "leadership". It wasn´t until all the damage was done, that we regard people like Hitler or The Kim Family as Enemies of Mankind (term coined by me).

The Venezuelan Case.

¡Venezuela! , land of the most beautiful women in the world (title more than justified by the numerous times we won the Miss Universe) , homeland of heroes like Francisco de Miranda and Simon Bolivar, intellectuals and writers of international prestige, the four seasons and , of course, of the largest oil reserves , among other important resources. Mostly oil.

However, even with all this amazing attributes, we are currently known for other not amazing things: The highest inflation in the world, the biggest crime rate in the world (this is disputable), chronic shortage of basic goods and corruption that comes by the hand of a narco-terrorist government that is closely associated with radical islamists and leftist groups.

All this factors give as a result a failed society, a crumbling state that it doesn´t fall apart for some particular reason. It´s the norm that a government has to , and this is from mi perspective, provide for the wellness of his people and make sure that the conditions for the development of the humans living inside the territory are at optimal conditions. I believe , based on the news and my experience as a resident of this once beautiful country, that Venezuela´s government fail in those tasks.

The result of this failure is progressive and, as i explain it before , can be seen in the behaviour of the Venezuelan of today, specially in the time between 2016 and 2017. The traits of this "New Man" (and here i make an intentional reference to Cuba, a country that suffers from worst living conditions and as a result has developed his own type of individual) are:

  • Paranoia , either to other fellow country man or his own family.
  • A deeply serious face, with no chance of cracking a smile in a near future.
  • Neurosis
  • Violent responses and behavior.
  • Low dignity and moral.
  • Lack of comradeship.
  • An increase in Heart rate.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Lack of Sleep.

This symptoms , and his incidence, might increase over time, since it seems that there is no solution in a near future. Kind of like AIDS. One could only hope that the Chinese Experience (famine to the point of driving the citizens to cannibalism) doesn´t occur here.

Final Thoughts.

I believe , dear reader, that this New Venezuelan doesn´t need to be portrait in a negative light; in fact, those symptoms i explained are mostly from the low class , the really really poor, the ones that doesn´t have College degrees because they simply didn´t wanted to be educated.

This is one of my problems with Venezuela: the majority of his citizens don´t have the discipline and commitment required in order to move this country forward, like the Americans, the Japanese, The Chinese and basically every other developed country.

In conclusion , i have a thought that i wish it comes true: Maybe, just maybe, this New Venezuelan , even though his appearance and mental state is deteriorated, can be the driving force that propel the development of the country.

Hope. | Source


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