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The New Welfare For Single People Without Children: Disability

Updated on December 21, 2012

The tale of three single people

It may not be true for people in some of the other states, but in Vermont, there's plenty of help if you're disabled or you have a child. However, if you are single, they give you food stamps and health insurance but no financial help to help pay your bills. Vermont in many areas is very rural and doesn't have public transportation, and most of the jobs available are located in the bigger cities. Unfortunately, even if you're trying to get a job, there's no program to help you get to the jobs if you have no transportation to get to them. They do, however, provide transportation for people who are disabled to get to their jobs. So basically you're screwed nine ways to Sunday if your single by government since Welfare Reform.

I know three people who worked for this company; two quit and one was fired. We'll call them A, B and C to represent this real-life example of what happens to someone single who doesn't have a child if they become unemployed in our society the way things now stand.

When A's boss put A in a situation where A worried for A's health, A quit. A had worked for this company for many years. A tried to get unemployment and was turned down. So A withdrew all their retirement funds and ended up applying for disability. Lucky for A they were approved for disability and now they're getting a monthly check.

B got fired when someone went to B's boss and snitched on them for saying something about them. Even though what B said was true, B's employment was terminated. B applied for unemployment and got turned down. B had to withdraw all the money from their retirement fund to pay bills. Luckily, B finally found a job and is doing well.

C quit their job because of personal problems with their boss. C felt lucky when a week later they got hired at another job, but C soon found out they weren't so lucky to be hired by this company. Many companies these days keep hiring more and more employees so none of their employees will get enough hours to qualify as a full-time worker. That way they don't have to supply them with benefits and they save themselves money. Anyway, it wasn't long before this company kept hiring more and more people and C found their hours cut back so much they weren't even making enough money to pay their bills. So they quit, so they could find a job where they'd get enough hours. C also decided to finally try and get unemployment. Big surprise, C also got turned down. They tried to tell C because C had held another job for 2 months, C couldn't file for unemployment for the job they'd worked at for years. The rule of thumb has always been you had to work for a company for at least three months to be eligible. So C was totally ineligible to file for the company they worked at for 2 months.

Anyway, C keep trying to get a job. Like A and B they cashed out their retirement fund. Unfortunately, no matter how many jobs C applied for, they'd always hire someone else. It was at this point that B told C the same thing had happened to them when they were listing the company they used to work at on their employment application. When B stopped listing it, B finally got hired.

A then told C they should try to file for disability. C had some physical ailments, but if pressed, C wouldn't describe themselves as disabled. But then, C wouldn't describe A as disabled, either. So at this point so desperate, C did it, since that's the only possible way they may get any help from our government. Otherwise, they're going to end up homeless in the street and the government isn't going to care because they're not disabled and they don't have a child.

Another person I know got fired from another company in town. We'll call him D. He also got turned down for unemployment. I'm wondering by what criteria does Unemployment actually approve anyone. Lucky for him he was having trouble with his hands and qualified for Worker's Comp and when that runs out, he'll no doubt qualify for disability. Otherwise he'd be screwed, as well, if he can't find a job. In days gone by someone having trouble with their hands wouldn't be described as being lucky. That's how twisted things have become in our society.

Welfare Reform was supposedly started because the government was tired of paying for Welfare Mothers pumping out one kid after another so they'd get a free paycheck and wouldn't have to go to work. But guess what? The people that inspired Welfare Reform are the ones who are still on the dole and the only one the government kicked off the dole to save themselves money was single people who don't have children. So now if you're single without a child you've got to pray you either find another job quickly or there's something wrong with you so you can qualify for disability. Otherwise, you're going to end up on the streets with the other homeless people.

The homeless population is growing larger every day and our government can take credit for it. By singling out the single people to penalize because they don't have a child, they're creating a whole new population of homeless people. Yet, you don't hear any of the politicians talking about this problem. They're too busy wrangling over health care and now gun control, and even in that they're not getting anything done.


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