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The New York City Mayoral election of 2009

Updated on August 2, 2012
The Mayoral Election of 2009
The Mayoral Election of 2009

Elections are tension reactant, the result of elections are sometimes predictable; it will all depends on the reacting substance present at the start of the rea

The New York City mayoral election of 2009 is scheduled to take flight on Tuesday, November 3, 2009, and yet some people are still wondering who Mayor Bloomberg running against. Everywhere you go is Bloomberg, you turn on the TV Bloomberg, the radio Bloomberg, the Internet Bloomberg. Bloomberg is even at your door steps, while MR Bill Thomson catching the shadow of his popularity.

This will definitely be an historical election, one that we’ve not seen in awhile. Not only is Mr. Bloomberg running for a third term, but it’s seems as though he’s going to win it. For some apparent reason, people don’t seem to think that Bloomberg running for a third term makes any difference. They believe that he’s a great leader who is capable and willing to change for the benefit of all people.

It is rather an encouragement to have credible people like Vice President Al Gore, and General Colin Powell endorsing Bloomberg. Those are people who cares about their reputations, and having investing it to support Mayor Bloomberg must obviously count for something.

If we remember clearly, it wasn’t too long ago that General Colin Powell gave his position as Secretary of State to protect his reputation. It was the same Republican General Colin Powell who endorsed President Obama, now he has done the same for Mayor Bloomberg.That - is the smell of change, when ever a man of good standard support another, some level of understanding has transmitted, because if you think about it, If the Mayor disappoint New Yorkers, they will always remembered who endorsed him.

It is only when a man is faced with temptation can you truly tell his faith. And for General Colin Powell, he is a man who willingly abandon a position of power despite all temptations. Mr. Powell is a man worthy to follow, for that man has showed resistance at a time where resistance seems unjustified.

And Vice president Al Gore is no different; he is a man who could have been the president of the United State if it hadn’t been for discrepancies. This is a sign of change, sometime in life when a person expectation is uphold by supporters of great concerns, that person can become a valuable resource for society as a whole, for he will always be reminded by the values that have been placed upon him.

Now, based on the campaign demonstrated by Mr. Bloomberg, it is without a doubt he has the upper hand. But what if at the end of the day, when all is clear, Mr. Bill Thomson came up on top. Although this seems far of a possibility, no one can say with the most certainty that it’s not possible. However, if candidate Bill Thomson were to win the Mayoral election of 2009, what would have been the indication of this result?

Well, he certainly hasn’t spent has much money as Mayor Bloomberg has done so far. So if he were to win, this would definitely prove that money doesn’t win elections. But money is not the only thing the Mayor has to offer, he actually cares for the city, and he has great people of good concern who are there to back him up on this promise. For that reason, we asked again, if Mr. Thomson were to win this election what would it mean to New Yorkers?

Perhaps, we can look at it this way, the primary election between Hillary & Obama was literally the presidential election. Some people had assumed who ever won the primary would have become the next president. And we all saw how it went down; Hillary literally made the president go through a needle nose to win the primary election. And as a result of the president victory, some of us thought, and still think that the reason why he won the primary was because his pocket was much deeper than Hillary, deeper to the point where he ended up bailing her out at the end, now we all know that wasn't true.

I think a parallel can be drawn from this example, and what the parallel showed is that both Mayor Bloomberg & the president spent lots of money on their campaigns. Now, looking back in time, we see whenever a great sum of money was invested into electing a candidate, the chances for success was at the highest point. Consequently, since Mr. Bloomberg has invested lots of money into this election, his chances for success should also be at the highest point. However, what makes the prediction more probable that it will be Mayor Bloomberg who wins this election is the fact that a handful of New Yorkers do not know who his running against.

A test can be performed where one hundred people of every borough is interviewed only to be asked one question. Who is Mayor Bloomberg running against in this year election? This sample of one hundred people would demonstrate a probable outcome that is not definite, but deserve merit because it would prove which candidate New Yorkers have in mind.

However, among the 100 people of each borough, 75% should be minorities. The reason for that is because New York City is inhabited by more minorities than anything else. In this case, this sample would produce a more accurate result since its demographic would have been a true sample of the people that make up New York City.

Republican, Democrat, Conservative, libertarian doesn’t mean anything. The status of the candidates do not imply how a person should vote. The meaning lies in what the candidates believes. The voter looks for association of ideas to see how those ideas support his or her belief and values. If we were to separate the political status of the candidates, and just contemplate on ideas and belief, we might notice that political status are empty vessels designed only to carry us to their destination of preference.

Elections are tension reactant, their results are sometimes predictable; it will all depends on the reacting substance present at the start of the reaction. And for Mayor Bloomberg, the reacting substance is the result of his past performance as a New York City Mayor. I wish both of them luck, may the best guy for the job wins.


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    • profile image

      steve fama 8 years ago

      Bloomberg is unfair and should not be mayor any more. Bloomburg is not for any one but himself.

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thank you Coolbreezing for a very interesting and informative hub. Thank you for sharing it. creativeone59

    • JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

      Jyoti Kothari 8 years ago from Jaipur

      Hi Coolbreezing,

      It seems that Mr. Bloomberg will win the election but many times election produce results beyond imagine.

      Let us hope for good.

      Thanks and thumbs up!,

      Jyoti Kothari