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The Nikolaus Cruz shooting! [F0 960]

Updated on June 19, 2019

The Nikolas Cruz shooting

When an issue that has been used by the democrats and the media has cooled off they move to the next issue and that issue is the Nikolas Cruz shooting

How much of the shooting should be imputed to the FBI and the Police?

The Nikolas Cruz shooting

When Nikolaus Cruz went to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentines Day February 14, 2018 to kill as many students as he could this set off the usual and predictable political football of Gun Control. The proponents of the gun control had yet another opportunity to play politics. Yes, of course it was politics because it allows the democrats to try and pass the political football on to the republicans. This is because the republicans and the NRA have always represented the law abiding gun owners in the US. This also resulted in three companies distancing themselves from the NRA. The NRA is not the blame for this shooting tragedy. But as we have learned since the shooting that there are more reasons being hidden from the public by the main stream news media.

One of the biggest of these was the fact that there was an armed police officer assigned to the school by Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

The name of this Broward County Sheriff Officer is Scott Peterson, and it was reported by Breitbart on February 22, 2018 that deputy Scott Peterson resigned from the Broward County Sheriff's office when it was found out that he was at the scene of the school shooting while Cruz was shooting to death the unarmed school staff, and the unarmed students. Deputy Scott Peterson was not only armed, but he had his weapon drawn, but he was outside while the shooting was going on inside the school. Having armed police officers at schools to protect the children inside apparently is not a solution of any kind, if this is the result. Imagine, an armed and trained deputy on scene, and not doing anything to stop the killings of innocent and unarmed children going on inside. There is even a video showing Deputy Peterson arriving at Building 12 on its west side, and positioning himself outside, but he never went inside the school building. Deputy Peterson resigned before he could be fired by the Broward Sheriffs Office. Here is even more sad news about the shooting. It appears that Deputy Peterson was not the only Broward Deputy Sheriff on scene that didn't want to go inside where the killing was taking place, while they waited outside.

CNN even reported this one. There were three other Broward Sheriff officers outside the school. These officers were not even at the outside of the building, they had their pistols drawn and hide behind their patrol cars. It was the police officers from Coral Springs that actually went into the school building. These Coral Springs officers were the ones that reported that the three other Broward deputies didn't go inside with them. Not one of the Broward officers went inside the school. The original four Broward officers didn't go into the school. But some later arrivals from Broward did join the Coral Springs officers and actually entered the school.

Of course, by the time any of the officers entered the building, Cruz had discarded both his weapon and his vest. He then exited the school along with other fleeing students. He casually made his way to a nearby McDonalds to have lunch. Fortunately, this is where he finally got caught and brought into custody. Publicly, the Coral Springs police department didn't comment on the failure of the Broward Sheriff deputies failure to enter the school, but informally the Coral Springs officers were not happy.

The protocol for these kinds of shooting is to not wait for SWAT because it can be over in less than five minutes. And in this case, it was true. The failure of the first armed officer Scott Peterson to not enter the building at all, could have been the reason that there were 17 dead students. The failure of the other three Broward officers hiding behind their patrol cars could also be another reason for the 17 deaths. As their failure to act could be imputed to them.

The Broward Sheriff Office and the FBI

There is even more liability for the 17 dead students and staff that can be imputed to the Broward Sheriff Office and the FBI. The FBI had been notified twice about Nikolas Cage and his Internet threats about being a professional school shooter. Apparently, the addition of the Homeland Security Office didn't improve the communications between law enforcement offices. And one again since 911, the failed communications cost lives.

Then there was Sheriff Scott Israel who was also complicit in hiding the crimes of Scott Peterson over a dozen times. The reason was that the Parkland Schools wanted federal funds but couldn't get it is there were student arrests. Israel made sure that the arrests would go away even if it meant getting rid of the evidence. Whether this is true or not, it should be definitely investigated by the Florida Attorney General as well as the Department of Justice. There is also a purported connection of Scott Israel to Hillary Clinton.

Now do you really trust the FBI and the Police to protect and serve? And why wasn't there an investigation into the Broward Sheriff's office and their handling of the criminal acts in the previous years that were ignored by the sheriff? Why wasn't there an investigation on the FBI for ignoring the credible warning that they received about Cruz. This is a case where gun control was not the major issue here. The major issue was the unacceptable job done by both the sheriff and the FBI.


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