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The Nobel Peace Prize is a Joke

Updated on October 22, 2009

The Nobel Peace Prize used to mean something. Since the Prize was first awarded in December, 1901, they have, for the most part, been awarded to men and women who have actually contributed something to society. There were people like Theodore Roosevelt, who brokered peace between Russia and Japan; Carlos Saavedra Lama, who mediated a conflict between Paraguay and Bolivia; Albert Schweitzer, the missionary surgeon; Martin Luther King Jr, who campaigned tirelessly for civil rights; and Rene' Cassin, who fought for human rights in Europe.

When Al Gore won his Prize in 2007, I was willing to allow the 'powers-that-be' to have their little farce. But now that Barak Obama has been awarded a previously prestigous Prize, I have lost all respect for the Nobel committee and for the Peace prize itself.

Obama has been in office a mere 9 months; what has he accomplished in that time? Nothing. He couldn't get the Olympics into Chicago. He can't get his health care bill passed.

To be fair, he has made one change; he managed to exchange one state religion for another. He cancelled the national day of prayer for Christians and instituted an Islamic day of prayer. Where are the 'separation of church and state' people, now?

The Peace prizes have become a tool to promote the world corporations and takeover of America. All the unthinking sheep of America and the world can now look at men like Gore and Obama and comfortably believe that they are men who work for their good. BAH!

The Bilderberg Group and its comrade organizations are clearly now in control of the Peace Prize. The Peace Prize has become just like the Oscars: people awarding each other so they can feel good and tell the 'common man' what he/she should think.

I've had enough. Hopefully, you have, too.


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    • Porshadoxus profile image

      Porshadoxus 8 years ago from the straight and narrow way

      My guess is the committe will not exercise those rights.

      Not sure if you did the math on the Peace Prize, but the nominations were due in February. This means that Obama was nominated on the basis of a few days as president! What a sham!

    • vaidy19 profile image

      vaidy19 8 years ago from Chennai, India


      More than a joke, it is a travesty.

      If the Nobel Committee was well within its rights to award the prize for someone who showed commitment to worthy causes, it should also have the right to withdraw the prize if the recipient were to fail to live up to his or her commitment. Does the Committee have that right? Will it exercise the right if circumstances warranted that exercise?