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The Not Too Subtle Threat By President Obama To The Supreme Court...

Updated on April 3, 2012

The Not Too Subtle Threat By President Obama To The Supreme Court…

A couple days ago, President Obama warned the Supreme Court that it must not usurp the will of the people that presumably voted for the Socialized Medicine legislation… hinting to them not to strike down the nucleus of his health care reform law now being heard by the High Court. But then in going over the President’s reaction or subtle threat, I realized, at least I hope, that the President was not really threatening the Court… but was again thinking that his sheer force of personality would convince the Conservative Justices to vote his way - for me it was a classic case of the Narcissist-in-Chief tapping into his cult-of-personality following and hoping that there will also be converts on the highest court doing his proselytizing... perhaps those jurists he has placed on the court. It is true that I was only an average law student, but I am told that even in high school in America that the children in eighth grade are taught about Marbury v. Madison; this is the seminal case about our Constitution’s Separation-of-Powers that is sacrosanct and is one of the fulcrums of our Republican form of government, better known as Judicial Review.

I brought the eighth graders into the mix, along with my average law school grades, to juxtapose against President Obama being the top of his Harvard-Law-Class and once taught Con-Law. Like myself, I hope, that our learned President knows Marbury v. Madison like how I know the Lord’s Prayer… for lay persons, Marbury’s legal holding basically said that the Supreme Court is the sole arbiter of the interpretation of our laws… summarizing and codifying the respective purviews of the three branches of our fair government: the first branch, the Legislatures author our laws; the second branch, the Executive, the President, execute the laws; and the third branch, the Judiciary, interprets the laws. Back to the President’s admonition to the Justices on the Supreme Court, I wonder if he would have voiced his concerns for Roe v. Wade that sanctions the murder of innocent babies to the tune of over 50 million so far and still counting or for the spate of lower court decisions in California that thwarted the will of the people in California who voted against same-sex-marriage… I also wonder how President Obama felt when the Supreme Court ruled against Al Gore… you know the case that delved into ‘hanging chads’ down in Florida, which determined the Presidential Elections….

All of the hypocritical examples listed above whereby our President supported the Supreme Court depending on the issue are not contradictions to those who do not and cannot be impartial - simply put, it is not how narcissists operate. Because the President thinks that he is so loved and knowing that the Supreme Court is theoretically the weakest branch our government, President Obama is thinking that people would influence the Supreme Court to keep the health-care-law as is… ironically, a life changing legislation that only had a few Republicans giving their assent. I must remind President Obama that he thinks that his force of personality will overcome every obstacle, but it was a week like this where the Lord of lords and the King of kings was welcomed into Jerusalem with praises, and, yet, three days later, those same people verbally voted for his death. If it could happen to the Son of God… then it can happen to you too President Obama; incidentally, Mr. President it would be prudent for you to prepare a narrative to save face… in case the Conservatives on the Supreme Court do not fall for your subtle threat and are immune from your force of personality, and then voting to discard your heath care legislation.


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