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The Nunes Memo Was Fact and the Schiff Memo Was Fiction?

Updated on January 27, 2019

Note to Hubpages

I have explained below why your style tip is being used, and useful in this hub. What is the purpose of this style tip if it doesn't generate meaning feedback to the hubber.

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It appears that most of the text in this article is bold and/or italic. Bolding and other styles are most effective at emphasizing key points when used selectively." "We recommend using standard text in your article and leaving the bolding and italics for rare occurrences, e.g, when you want to put a strong emphasis on a word or when italicizing a title of a book."

This hub does use bold font for a good reason.

There is a legend in the hub where the bold represents one side, and then non bold represents the other side. It makes it easier for the reader to know which side is saying what. Knowing which side is a key point that is being made by the bold font.

If you disagree, please tell me why?

What ever happened to the democrat opposition to the Nunes memo?

Nothing, the democrats just didn't want the Nunes memo out, so they claimed that the Schiff memo would crush his memo. It didn't and the democrat opposition just faded away like most of their opposition to Trump.

The Nunes summary of the memo

  1. The focus is the FISA court and the Russian Dossier.
  2. The Russian Dossier was used for the FISA court to give a warrant to spy on Trump and his team through Carter Page.
  3. The Russian Dossier didn't contain any evidence for the FISA court to issue a warrant, and the FISA court was unaware that the Dossier was a Hillary Clinton opposition paper and that information in the Dossier was verified by any US agency.

It all started with Hillary

An antiTrump person says the Nunes Memo is Fiction, and I disagree.

Style issue, this article uses the Bold Font, and the bullets to highlight the information. Is this a hubpages issue? If so, then why is an issue? The way this works doesn't require the information to be distributed to more than a single capsule.

Now we look at a forum that was started by someone that is not only a democrat, but an Anti Trump person.

  • The forum starts out with the following statements.

Anyone who actually knows how the FISA warrants are cleared realize they are a compilation of sometimes hundreds of reasons and known evidence before a judge or judges allow the investigators to begin.


Was the Russian Dossier the reason that the FISA court authorized a warrant to Spy on an American Citizen in the US, and a citizen that would be the president of the United States.

Considering that this Dossier was created by Hillary Clinton, and the DNC as an opposition paper by the democrats to discredit Trump. The spying on the opposition in a presidential election is an influence of the election for the benefit of the democrats and Hillary Clinton.

Nunes--who's already shown he'll assist Trump in throwing mud on the investigation in the House Intel Committee--hasn't even read the underlying classified info the FISA warrants were based on. How could be write a memo on what the underlying reasons were without doing so?

All in all, It's obvious to those who actually watch and read factual news sources that it's a desperation move by Trump and his right wing cronies because they know Mueller is getting closer to questioning Donald. Despite his "looking forward" to the interview, his lawyers are trying everything to stop him from doing so. Apparently, they know how many lies Trump tells as does everyone.

The memo will surely be released by Trump because he values his skin much more than he values the security of the country. Have at it Trump fans....


But he not only read the memo, he wrote it after looking at the ninety nine pages that it was summarizes.

Nunes is Trump's biggest defender in Congress. I'm sure his memo attacking the FBI is completely free of bias ...


Relishing the document, which could have been read by all of congress, but which the democrats chose not to even look it, is not bias.

Nunes shouldn't even be on the committee due to his being so close to Trump during the campaign and the transition. He's already shown he'll break all sorts of norms to benefit Trump and protect him from criminal charges. Anyone can see through this charade, except his fans of course.

One thing's for sure, since Nunes and his cronies are releasing classified info against the wishes of the FBI and Justice Department then Trump Fans can never bring up Hillary's keeping classified emails on a private server again. The nitwits bit themselves on the ass again!


None of this is true, and the reason that the FBI and DOJ don’t want the memo released is that we will find out they, at least those at the top were corrupt.

Carter Page had already been under a FISA warrant for quite some time as he was known to have previous contacts with the Russians. More than likely they've gathered even more evidence than simply the dossier--although some of it has been corroborated by other sources--during the previous warrants. I do see your point though.

This does seem like a bad way to go about it even if there was some suspicion on the part of Trump's BFF Nunes.


What other sources corroborated any of this?

Yes, give me a list of convictions Hillary has, oo. Accusing her and Obama without relevant facts is your main commentary on the forums. So, put your money where your mouth is

Now that the memo is released to the public, it plainly shows the lengths Nunes will go to protect the Liar-In-Chief. The cherry picked memo claims the Steele Dossier was the sole basis on which to renew the Carter Page FISA warrant

Anyone who believes this is unaware of the procedures taken to ensure the warrant is lawful. Despite the past FISA warrants issued for Page's known Russian connections, each new warrant requires numerous reasons and proof of gains from previous warrants to extend the investigations.


Liar in Chief

If they cherry picked then we should have no trouble releasing the entire document that was used by Nunes to write the summary.

Trump and Nunes are risking the country's national security simply to protect Trump from being further investigated by Mueller. Traitors who will soon get their due diligence for their efforts to circumvent the law. Not surprising at all for Trump.


Not only did the memo get declassified before it was release, but there is nothing in the memo that is classified.

You can’t classify a document that contains crimes, and in this case the memo shows the FBI and DOJ hiding facts to get the FISA warrant.

The bigger crime here is that of spying on an American Citizen, and that Citizen is the president of the Untied States. The political factor in this warrant is crucial to understanding that it was used to spy on the Trump.

I got this from a former FBI agent who is experienced in handling FISA warrants. If nothing is gained by a previous warrant then further demonstrations of valid cause are needed. From what I understand from various house committee members on TV there was plenty gained from the previous warrants which made the dossier a minor cause if anything.


We don’t know from the memo what the details were on the FISA warrant renewals which are required after 90 days. That would make it 270 days. And we know from the investigation that there wasn’t 270 days worth of evidence. As we don’t have any evidence from any of the investigations that lead to Trump or his team.


Well, it turns out that "the memo" reveals that:

"According to the document, information from the Steele dossier was "essential" to the acquisition of surveillance warrants on Trump campaign aide Carter Page. then-deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe told the committee in Dec without the info from the Steele dossier, no surveillance warrant for Page would have been sought.

"memo alleges political origins of the dossier — paid for by Hillary Clinton and the (DNC) — were not disclosed to the court that signed off on the warrant request."

Excerpts from the memo:
"Our findings indicate that, as described below, material and relevant information was omitted....The application does not mention Steele was ultimately working on behalf of—and paid by—the DNC and Clinton campaign, or that the FBI had separately authorized payment to Steele for the same information."

The following paragraph is Steele giving the Yahoo News information from his dossier, and then the FBI uses that interview to corroborate Steele’s own dossier. The dossier excerpts are used to validate the dossier. That is a circular argument.

Isikoff is then used as a source to validate the dossier that came from his interview with the author of the dossier. Good one.

"The Carter Page FISA application also cited extensively a Sep 23, 2016, Yahoo News article by Michael Isikoff, which focuses on Page's July 2016 trip to Moscow. This article does not corroborate the Steele dossier because it is derived from information leaked by Steele himself to Yahoo News."

Sorry, but Nunes claims McCabe told the committee the dossier was the main reason for the FISA warrant which others in the room disputes happened. The Dems are asking for the transcripts to be released which will show Nunes to telling another partisan lie. Trump's lies have contaminated the very top of the Republican party who are now trying to protect pathological liar.
My hopes are the Dems memo will tell the whole story, if Trump will release theirs, which is no guarantee from the POTUS.
This plainly political partisanship is seen for what it is, trying to protect traitors to the US and nothing more.


memo is not sourcing what McCabe allegedly said. It is sourcing the FISA documents.

I assume what you are trying to say is that the memo is not truthful. The only way to settle such a claim is to declassify the original FISA documents.

Release the entire FISA documents then there is no claim of cherry picking.

Nunes claimed McCabe said the Dossier was the reason for the warrant. We'll see when the transcript of his interview is released.... if Trump and Nunes allow it, of course. Knowing both of the jerks they'll try to keep their fallacious memo in the news as long as possible.


Then why are the democrats saying that releasing the memo is bad?

Parts of the dossier have been verified now, Heron. From other sources as well. Keep watching Fox News for your info, they'll surely tell you how to think about this memo. When the real news comes out your boy Nunes may take a hike or hide his head in the sand. There were other basis for the FISA warrants on Page including facts learned in the earlier surveillance on him.

I think Mueller will see this for what it is and Trump will pay the ultimate price in the end for disrupting our National Security with this partisan BS.

What do they do to traitors theses days, string them up? I hope so....


What other basis were there for the FISA warrant?

I'm sitting back enjoying the fact that Trump has convinced his supporters to be more concerned with some people in government who had negative opinions of him than with the fact that Carter Page is a foreign agent of Russia and there was quid pro quo between Trump's campaign and a hostile foreign government. Drop the sanctions and they'll help get him elected. With Trump refusing to enforce sanctions as nearly unanimously voted on by Congress, is there much doubt left here that that is what they agreed on?


These are not just negative opinions about Trump, but about actions that were illegal to interfere with the election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

"The FBI and DOJ obtained one initial FISA warrant targeting Carter Page and three FISA renewals from the FISC renewed every 90 days and each renewal requires a separate finding of probably cause.

  • James Comey signed three and
  • DAG Andrew McCabe signed one.
  • DAG Sally Yates, then
  • Acting DAG Dana Boente, and
  • DAG Rod Rosenstein each signed one or more FISA applications for the DOJ."

It is these people that democrats wanted to shield by claiming national security was at risk, if the memo was released. The memo was declassified and released an the only risk were to the above name people for possible criminal prosecution.

Were you aware the FBI had known about Page's involvement with the Russians and had been watching him since 2013? Are you sad he's been indicted for working with the Russians, or are you just sad he got caught?

The FBI found out plenty about Page and even warned him the Russians were trying to use him long before the FISA warrants were applied for. Bet you didn't hear this on Fox.


Not true.

You do realize two other members of Trump's campaign have already been charged as failing to register as foreign agents? How much of a reach is it to assume with his Russia trips that Carter Page was doing some shady things that gave the FBI and a judge cause for reinstituting the FISA surveillance?


What other two members?

And the investigation into Trump campaign ties began three months before anything to do with Carter Page thanks to Papadopoulos bragging to the Aussies, which was also in the memo.


What is the connection to Trump?

So with that as the beginning of the backdrop to the Trump campaign violating US law and concerns about Russian espionage, there was plenty of cause to expand a warrant on Page when he has a past history and is traveling to Russia while working for Trump.

The bigger question is why don't you care if the Trump campaign was violating the law?


What was the law that Trump or Trump campaign was violating?

have you forgotten Nunes already made a fool of himself by getting classified info from Trump, running back to the committee and claiming HE found evidence of wrongdoing on the FISA warrants, and then right back to the WH telling the committee and the world he was taking the info to Trump.


When did this happen?

Of course, everyone found out Nunes and Trump cooked the whole thing up and Nunes had to recuse himself from the Committee. Do you really think he learned his lesson the first time? Hell no! It's the same scam. Why would anyone trust Nunes anyway? He campaigned for Trump and was on Trump's transition team. He shouldn't have anything to do with investigations.


How does this story end?

Why should anyone assume that a memo written by Trump's biggest supporter in Congress is a "factual statement" and therefore doesn't deserve a rebuttal?


We don’t have to assume anything just read the memo, and if there are questions then declassify and release the underlying document for facts.

People from the FBI and Justice Dept. pleaded with the Cons on the committee to let them come and explain how the warrants were applied for and granted. Nunes said they didn't want their assistance and refused their request.

Now I understand why...


The release is that it shows FBI and DOJ corruption and bias against Trump

The whole case that the Trump administration is trying to make with this memo is that the dossier was the sole piece used to gain the FISA warrant on Carter Page. I'd bet the political rebuttal as you called it might be the other factors that were left out of the memo that led the FISA court to authorize the surveillance of Page.


Yes, and that can easily be proven by looking at the evidence given to the FISA court.

If you could provide the facts about which part of the dossier is fake, then I'd be impressed.


The dossier itself says that it wasn’t verified and it might not be true. The dossier needs to be verified, otherwise everything in it is fake.

like Fox and other misleading sources--simply forget to mention the dossier was begun by the Washington Beacon, a Conservative site. Or does that make any difference to your argument?


I couldn’t find it.


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      The Bold font in this hub gives emphasis, can you see what Hp ignores?


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