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The Obama Corruption

Updated on May 17, 2012

Corruption = Rotten Decay of Society

So far off base

What can I say? Obama is so far off base it is almost unbelievable. But I do believe it considering Obama's history of support of immoral behavior. I am talking about Obama's recent open admission of support for gay marriage.

It is bad enough that Obama supports such filth, but to tag the label "Christian" on his decision is the ultimate blasphemy. He claims that his Christian faith had a part to play in his decision.

I have said it from the beginning: Obama is the most evil president the USA has ever seen. He has brought nothing but smooth talk, smiles, death, and corruption to the USA. Do not be deceived.

What is a Christian?

The "church" as a whole has suffered from political correct trash from the beginning.

Before we get too far, let's define what a Christian is, and what a Christian isn't.

A Christian IS a follower of Christ. That means that a true Christian believes in the teachings of Christ as recorded in the Holy Bible, and obeys them.

A Christian IS NOT someone who merely believes in a "higher power" and prays every day. Even Satan himself knows that God exists and "prays". The scriptures confirm that Satan continually comes before God day and night. So then, if you call yourself a Christian, what makes you different than Satan? I know this sounds like an off-the-cuff question, but it is an honest question. A lot of people believe themselves to be Christians when in fact they are not.

Therefore, how is a true Christian different than Satan? The answer is simple: obeying Christ, loving Him, and total devotion to Him. This means obedience to Christ in every way, according to the scriptures (not politics).

Jesus taught that in order to become a true follower of Him (a true Christian) you must forsake everything and everyone for Him. In other words, you must not love any thing more than Jesus, and you must not love any person more than Jesus. Jesus must take priority in your life. This is evident when He is the one you consult for every decision you make, and He is the one you love FAR MORE than anyone else. It means He is the one who consumes your thoughts, NOT anything or anyone else. This is a true Christian. Anything else is a compromise, and an insult to the great and Holy One, who's power is much stronger than every human that has ever lived, combined!

Anyone who does not totally devote all of their heart, and soul, and mind, and strength to the Lord Jesus, the Christ, is not worthy of Him. Period.

Obama's Political "Gospel"

The "gospel" that Obama claims to believe in is in fact no gospel. It is a mishmash, a political monster hybrid of Christianity and politics.

There is an illusion in churches today that God and Jesus is just so "nice" that they would never go anything that you would deem "bad". The assumption is that God is all about love (as they define it), and Jesus is such a nice guy, He would certainly not do anything out of hand, and he would certainly not say anything offensive to anyone.

The problem with this theology is that it is absolutely wrong!

I encourage everyone who is reading this article to re-read your bible - especially the gospels, and the book of Revelation, which details how Jesus dealt with the people.
Note that Jesus called people animals (dog, fox), white washed tombs, hypocrites, liars, devils, and sons of Satan. If you were to ask one of the Pharisees back then if they felt like Jesus loved them, what would they say? They would laugh! Jesus judged them hard, and mercilessly. In fact, he angered them so much that they attempted to kill him many times!

"But that's not the kind of Jesus we want", you may say.

But this is the REAL Jesus. This is the Jesus of the Bible. Do you want the real thing, or a counterfeit, molded in the shape of today's political correct religion?... which is not ruled by God, but is ruled by man.

Obama's Blasphemy

It is one thing for Obama to publicly state that he is pro-gay. It is another thing for Obama to affiliate his pro-gay ideals to Christianity. He said, in summary, that the reason why he supports gay marriage is because he is a Christian, and as Christians, we are to be nice to everybody.

This, my friend, is direct blasphemy against the Christ that Obama claims to serve. Jesus NEVER condoned ANY sin.

Among the hundreds of sins defined in the scriptures, homosexuality is one. And no, people are not born with it any more than serial killers are born that way. And yes, there are scientists that say that serial killers are born that way - with DNA glitches... just as there are scientists who claim that gays are born that way. But that is another topic altogether.

Homosexuality is a sin! Period. Adultery, and fornication and clearly defined as sins. But homosexuality is defined as not only a sin, but an "abomination" to God. It doesn't matter how many pro-gays try to twist and redefine the scripture. It says what it says, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

What is the true Christian response?

Homosexuality is a lifestyle. Drug addiction is a lifestyle. Alcoholism is a lifestyle. Womanizing is a lifestyle. Pornography and masturbation is a lifestyle.

The Power to be Free

True Christianity is a lifestyle which is incompatible with sin. To become a true Christian is NO EASY thing. In fact, it is the most difficult thing in the world. Jesus said that if your righteousness does not SURPASS that of the scribes and the Pharisees, than you will NOT see heaven!

Who are the scribes, and Pharisees, and how righteous were they?

The scribes and the Pharisees were considered to be the most holy men of Jesus time. The scribes were in fact the ones who wrote, and copied the Bible. The Pharisees were religious zealots who had a reputation for being some of the most religious people on earth.

Having said that, to become a true Christian, and a true follower of Christ as Jesus taught, it is a VERY difficult thing. In fact it is absolutely impossible by human strength. You cannot be Christian just by saying a prayer, or going to church. To be a Christian you must "die to self" as taught in the Bible.

Having established the fact that it is absolutely impossible to become a true Christian by human effort we need to establish one more fact: With God all things are possible. Jesus taught this very concept in the context of salvation. It is impossible for anyone to be saved from hellfire apart from a miracle of God.

And how do we obtain such a miracle? And how do we obtain such a grace from God to actually be saved from hell, and become a true Christian?

The answer is simple, yet profound: you cannot. You must "die to self" and trust in Him, and allow his grace to change you. True salvation only comes by resurrection power. And a true ressurection cannot be obtained unless the subject is 100% dead!

Denying oneself and death to self must come which is hard, but necessary for salvation. We cannot go on in sin, claiming to be saved by grace.

The Bible says that grace teaches us to deny ungodliness. Grace is not a license to sin. Rather, grace gives us the power to be free from sin. It is the power to kill to Old self", and resurrect you into newness of life. As the scriptures say: "old things passed away and behold all things have become new", and "whoever is in Christ is a new creation, old things have passed away".

What does it mean to "die to self"?

To "die to self" is what Jesus requires of us. And this DOES NOT mean suicide!

Jesus said that we must pick up our cross and follow Him. What did me mean by that?

To pick up your cross meant only one thing in Jesus' day: death

Jesus was saying that we must "die to self". Jesus put in another way. He said that we must deny ourselves.

Therefore, to "die to self" is to deny yourself. And how do you do that? You must divorce yourself from all human pride. Pride is the biggest factor of sin. The scriptures liken pride to yeast. Jesus said we must rid ourselves from such yeast. This is pride - that which "puffs up".

Also, we must divorce ourselves from all human "rights". How many rights does a dead man have? None.

Becoming a true Christian involves coming to grips with yourself. Crucifying all pride, and all grudges, and all selfish desires. A true Christian comes face to face with death, and yet lives by the power of Christ.

The apostle Paul put it this way, "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. - Galatians 2:20 KJV"

He knew what it was like to die to self, and yet live to God. This lifestyle, my friend, has absolutely no room for sinful behavior such as adultery, fornication, drug addiction, alcoholism, pornography, and homosexuality.

In conclusion, what is the true Christian response? Not acceptance of a sinful lifestyle. Jesus made it clear from Mathew to Revelation that He WILL NOT accept sin, and He DOES NOT put up with sin in anyone's life. But if you come to Him, and throw yourself at His feet, and allow yourself to die to this world, and the pride thereof, and ask Him for mercy in earnestness and truth - then He will answer the way He always answered - "You are forgiven. Go and sin NO MORE!"


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    • Prophetic Insight profile imageAUTHOR

      Christopher Enoch 

      6 years ago

      Yes, in fact one of the two people I mentioned is a lesbian. She used to work at the place I did. I so enjoyed her presence that I would rather work with her than many others.

      Since we are on the subject of religious fairytales, please let me add one more thing: I come from a non-religious, un-churched background. I'm the type of guy that would "never" become religious.

      But something happened in my life that dramatically changed that. I am one of "those" people who had a powerful face-to-face encounter with the risen Christ. And no, it was certainly not a hallucination. And no, I am not delusional. That was nearly twenty years ago. So many things have happened in regards to supernatural experiences with God that I wrote a book about it - somewhat of an autobiography.

      Having said that, I believe that the worst thing on earth is not the homosexual, rather the worst thing on earth are churches and clergy that DO NOT know God in a personal and intimate way. Their "Jesus" is more like "Barney"... a person who goes around, nicest guy in the world, smiling, laughing, never offending anyone, and always singing "I love you. You love me. We are one big family..."

      Some so called Christians claim to have the Holy Spirit. Once again, their "Holy Spirit" is nothing more than an imaginary "friend", a figment of their imagination... something formed in their own mind, to their own liking.

      But I know that there is such a thing as the "REAL" Jesus, and the "REAL" Holy Spirit. The REAL Jesus is not this cushy, lovey-dovey, Barney-type figure.

      Likewise, the REAL Holy Spirit, is not some "feeling" or "imaginary friend" that comforts you at every turn. The REAL Holy Spirit (as Jesus taught) convicts the WORLD of SIN. This is REAL and this is TRUE.

      Therefore, I don't say that homosexuality is a sin because it makes me feel good, or better about myself. I say that based upon what God, the Holy Spirit has revealed to me. Furthermore, the Holy Bible confirms this.

      This generation is so busy with their own lives, making money, having fun, and entertainment it is just like the Titanic. Nobody believed that the ship would sink. After all, it is "unsinkable". In fact, even after the ship hit an iceberg and it was mortally wounded - even then some people refused to get in the lifeboats. After all, it was so nice and comfortable on the ship. They simply didn't believe it was going to sink. But by the time they realized the ship was indeed doomed, the lifeboats were all gone - and they went down with the ship dieing a horrible death.

      Just like this generation. There are some who see the iceberg of God's judgment. Yet, people are too caught up with their sinful practices, enjoying the luxury of this life, laughing, and partying it up.

      Warning? What warning? This ship is unsinkable!

      Warning? What warning? This world is unstoppable!

      The titanic had many warnings of ice in its journey across the ocean. Why would this warning be any different? The ship is unsinkable. Everyone is drinking, partying, gambling, and having a good time. A loving God would certainly not allow tragedy to strike! Even so, we are "unsinkable".

      Throughout recent decades warning after warning has been issued against America. We've traveled so far! And America is unsinkable! The other warnings amounted to nothing. Why this one?

      My friend, America is on borrowed time. It's sexual immorality, it's murder of innocent babies, it's stinking pride, and it's unbelief is going to prove fatal in the end. And the end is coming VERY soon for America.

      God is VERY loving and VERY patient. BUT, just as in the ancient times, there IS such a thing as an end to God's patience. There IS such a thing as an end to God's blessings. There IS a time when God says "enough is enough"... and He don't care about public opinion!

      You can choose not to believe. That is your choice.

      But I am here as a watchman in the crow's nest. We had many warnings in recent years, and we didn't heed. And I clearly see an iceberg right ahead! If we don't turn now and avoid it, we, and our children will perish.

    • nightsun profile image


      6 years ago from northern california

      A fairytale..Yes, that is where many people live. It is nice that you don't condemn the person. As for being homosexual, I don't believe it's a sin to start with..So, we don't see eye to eye. This is life..

    • Prophetic Insight profile imageAUTHOR

      Christopher Enoch 

      6 years ago

      Yes, nightsun. In fact I have gay friends. Do I hate homosexuals? NO, not at all!

      But does that mean that I am supposed to "wink" at their sin, and say its OK? NO, not at all!

      This brings me to address your 2nd point, which also address daFuj's comment: judging other humans.

      I am ever amazed at people who cry "judging" whenever someone says that an action or lifestyle is wrong. Let's get this straight: EVERYONE judges. Perhaps you judge gays as being "in the wrong", or perhaps you judge conservative Christians as being "in the wrong". Regardless of how you look at it, judging is there. Judging is a part of our daily life.

      Remember, the homosexuals of the doomed cities of Sodom and Gomorrah cried, "judging" when Lot addressed their diabolic behavior. Like blind sheep we fall into the same pattern as S&G. The righteous condemn the lifestyles of sin, and the sinners cry "who are you to judge?". Same crap.

      But the whole "judge not" theology comes from the teachings of Jesus, who in NO WAY did He ever mean that people are not suppose to call out, and condemn sin. Remember, in Revelation Jesus condemned the church for NOT judging in this manner.

      People who use the infamous "judge not, lest ye be judged" defense willingly ignore the context in which Jesus taught it. Jesus obviously taught his famous "judge not" sermon in the context of personal grudges, NOT simply recognizing and condemning sin.

      For example: Someone kills your daughter. Jesus taught you to forgive that murderer. Therefore you "judge not". But does that mean that you should say that it wasn't a sin? Of course not! It was a sin, a horrible sin!

      Believe me. I know what I am talking about. I talk in this manner because my 3 year-old daughter died as a result of someone's carelessness. Was the man involved in the wrong? OF COURSE! Is it OK for him to do such things? NO! But I forgave him. I judge the sin. I judge the action. But in the context of personal grudges I "judge not". I release the man. I told him to his face that he is forgiven, even though my daughter lost her life because of him.

      When Jesus said "judge not", does that mean that Jesus wants you to overlook sin? As I said above, re-read the book of Revelation. Jesus condemns the church because they put up with sinful behavior. Bottom line: Jesus was angry that His people didn't judge!

      In fact, a TRUE Christian supposed to mimic Jesus. If a person is not like Jesus, then how is that person a Christian? Let me answer by saying it this way: if a person does not reflect Jesus Christ, that person is NOT a Christian.

      Having said that, Jesus WASN'T, and ISN'T some hyper-kind gentleman that never offended anybody. In fact He offended LOTS of people. In fact, He JUDGED lots of people. If you have basic knowledge of the scriptures, you know that Jesus called people hypocrites, animals, white washed tombs, liars, devils, and sons of Satan. Is that not judging? Of course it is!

      That also proves that NOT EVERYONE is a child of God. This is a nice little lie from Satan himself. Jesus proved this by calling people vipers, devils, and SONS OF SATAN. There are many other proofs you can find in scriptures. Time does not permit me to go into all the scriptures that prove that only FEW people ever attain the status of Child of God. The notion that "everyone is a child of God" sounds nice, but it is FAR from the truth!

      Most people are children of the Devil. In fact, it says that Satan is the god of this world. This is why Jesus told Nicodemus (a religious leader) that he MUST be born again to see the kingdom of God. Think about it. This is not a sinner. This is a religious man! This man would NOT see the kingdom of Heaven unless he was born again. Why would he need to be born again? Because he WASN'T a child of God. That is why you MUST be born again. You are by default NOT a child of God, "objects of wrath by nature" (as the scriptures say). So then we must be "adopted" (as the scriptures clearly teach) by God so that we can become children of God.

      Bottom line: there are a lot of people who believe in Jesus, and God, but VERY FEW people are REAL children of God. This is clearly taught throughout the Bible. Yes, I know its not taught very much in our politically correct social groups that we call "churches". This is because the pastor/priest is serving man, not God. He knows the board can vote him out; therefore fire him. Its all politics. Jesus is NOT political. Jesus is NOT politically correct. Jesus will NEVER be voted in or out.

      Yes, Jesus has judged people, is judging people, and will judge people. He will NEVER tell us to "do as I say and not as I do". That would make Jesus a hypocrite, and that He is not. He is our teacher, our perfect example.

      Throughout the centuries, Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.... forgiving those who throw themselves at His feet in pure humility and desperation.... and condemning those who don't.

      Anything else is just a nice little fairytale.

    • daFuj profile image


      6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      Apparently you are casting yourself in the role of a "True" Christian. If you are then shame on you.

      Jesus Christ said "Love thy neighbor as thyself". He did NOT say "Love thy neighbor as thyself but only if they aren't gay."

      Everyone, no matter what their sexula proclivity is is a child of God. Everyone deserves the love proclaimed by Christ.

      Sorry if you don't agree, but that's just the way it is. It is not your job or mine to cast judgement on anyone.

    • nightsun profile image


      6 years ago from northern california

      Would you befriend a gay man? Call him your friend without judgement? It is in No way your right to judge another human. So, you are a true loving, caring, and forgiving christian?

      I'm in No way being callous or cool.. I am seriously interested in a truthful answer...

    • Prophetic Insight profile imageAUTHOR

      Christopher Enoch 

      6 years ago

      To daFuj: Please explain how I am off base. And please don't tell me that you base this judgment on "society", or "science", because that is all subjective. But I would like an intelligent dialog.

      To Paulshub:

      1. You are VERY IGNORANT. You didn't even read my entire post. Nor do you know me. A considerable part of this hub speak of denying yourself, and "dieing to self". Obviously you didn't read it.

      2. bigoted? Gay supporters like you are VERY bigoted! How? You exhibit intolerance or animosity toward Christians. Therefore, that not only makes you a BIGOT, but it also makes you a HYPOCRITE!

      3. narrow minded? You don't know me. I am willing to consider any viable argument. I don't believe anything without thoroughly putting it to the test.

      4. brain washed? perhaps I am. And you need your filthy, crap-shoot-sex brain washed too

      5. sign up to be a Chrsitian? You? NEVER. You are a hellion. Your end is in hellfire. Don't believe me? You will 5 mins after you die. You will exist eternally in DEATH, and TORMENT

    • Paulshub profile image


      6 years ago from Washington

      Where do I sign up to be a self centered, bigoted, narrow minded, brain washed Christian?

    • daFuj profile image


      6 years ago from Colorado Springs

      Sorry, but the one who is way off base is YOU.


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