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The Obama USA Treasury citigroup bailout deal

Updated on October 17, 2011
Citigroup part owned by the us taxpayer,
Citigroup part owned by the us taxpayer,

The Obama Bailout for Citigroup

The Obama Citigroup deal originally came about in 2009

After the crash of Lehman Brothers started to compound the level of over gearing debt on the economy, Citigroup borrowed from the tax payer, through the government, at a cost

At the time the deal caused massive controversy. President Obama proposed to the members of congress that this would be part of the $1 trillion+ government stimulus package that was suddenly required to stop a global money market melt down.

What Caused the meltdown?

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Cash in Citigroup For US Taxpayers

As Obama was playing basketball at a local basketball court, he slammed a dunk in, and then shouted over to his friend Joey Snowball from the morgan stanley investment group, 

"Yo snowball! Obama shouted "when's a good time to cash in debt?"

"how bout now?"

"Yo, thats nice, high five!" 


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