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The Obama Administration, Why it's a Failure

Updated on July 28, 2011

Reaching out but not reaching

Obama, An Outcast

The Obama campaign was an uplifting campaign speaking of change. In some ways it was like the Kennedy campaign. Here was a youthful young man with a young wife and 2 children which a lot of American families could relate to. He spoke of sweeping change that would lead to a revival and uplifting of American values and people needed to hear that. Everywhere he went people were hooping it up with enthusiasm.

The downfall before the rise.

The Bush watch had left people somewhat scepitical and untrusting of washington. In the earil predency of George Bush he had already been tested by nine-eleven and reacted with deep concern and anger, determained to crush the foes of America. People saw in him a dedicated defender of America and its constitution. Along the way things got side tracted. There were no weapons of mass destruction and the president seemed to be obsessive and vindictive. In the meantime the economy began to flounder and the war dragged on. Blacks were upset because he seemed not to really care about what happened in New Orleans when hurricane Katrena struck. There was time for a change.

No one wanted to take the torch.

Why Mrs Clinton may have felt that she could handle the job of leading our nation people were plagued by the fact that it may have been a ghost presidency. McCain appeared to be a warmonger on the republican side and Sarah Paylin was a practical Joke. In the meantime other demicaratic candidates were falling by the wayside. Frankly I'm of the opinion that no really qulified white man wanted the job so why not let a black man take his chance at carrying the torch. While lots of white voters grimaced and swallowed the bitter pill and others may have chose to change parties or vote for indipendants, the stage was set.

After hundreds of years being ordered by whites just like them, the whites of the Federal legislature were about to answere to a black comander-n-chief. That was the very begining of the downfall. Yes while President Obama may have floundered because of lack of experiance and feeling his way around and just made honest mistakes, all the learning and intelligence in the worl would not get him the help he needed to bring about reform. I can't speak for all African American but while we took orders from mostly whites in our jobs and in judicial and law enforcement for hundreds of years the whites were not about to put up with it. No matter what I'm capable of if no one wants to work with me and listen to my ideas Imay as we3ll be a fool on a hill.

The proof is in the pudding,

Never before in the history of this country have we been facing something so serious as a dificit and coming so clost to no more time to meet the deadline. As the President has said himself and I'm not making a direct qukote, we work together in the meetings and share ideas but when it's time to work together and put it to a vote nothing gets done.

The hard core truth is that most all repulicans and a good number of demicrats don't want this black President to succeed. Its a clear case of the race card, in other words just plain old racism. White supremacy is taking on a different disguise in the form of the Tea Party.

I hope the American people will see just how dangerious racism can go in high level politics. The county is in trouble and about to loose its triple A rating all becaue of a black leader who is not being allowed to lead. The republican speaker of the house, John Bainer as well as Mitch McConell are clearly trying to show up the precisent as incompetent.

Fanning the Flames.

Tuen on your tadios, tv's and get on the internet, Lots of bloggers, radio, and Rv's talk shows are having at it at Obama bashing.

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee Mr. John Q. Public of America, Your vote has not clout. Here was amn elected by due prosess as oposed to his predicessor elected in controversy over a clear majority of votes. I once heard a commentator say the average American was too dumb to vote and I also heard it said no vote, no voice. I'm beginning to wonder if we really every had a voice at all. While many have fought, seempled and demonstrated, suffered and died for the right to vote, as it stands now it seemes to be all in vain. While Reverand Wright may have been somewhat radical I'm beginning to wonder if what he has been saying truly has some substinance.


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    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 6 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      I am a republican, and would have been very happy if Mr. Obama had been able to succeed. He could have been a spokesperson for a successful president. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Obama's policy's have led this country down a road of socialism that will be difficult to recover from. It is his policies that are destroying our country, not the fact that he is black.


    • profile image

      Ghost32 6 years ago

      I really don't see racism as being a factor. Many of us who detest President Obama's policies would vote for Herman Cain in a heartbeat, should he become the Republican nominee in 2012.

      About the weapons of mass destruction: I saw a TV documentary a year or two ago which pointed out that Saddam Hussein did indeed have at least one weapon of mass destruction that simply wasn't recognized as such. He'd had his people engineer the draining of the marshes in southern Iraq, which meant the death of the wetlands and likewise the death of the area's human inhabitants known as the "Marsh Arabs".

      By the time the U.S.-led coalition ousted Hussein and undid his project, bringing water back to the marshes, fewer than 20,000 Marsh Arabs remained alive--of an original population numbering something in the area of 325,000.

      Which sounds pretty massively destructive to me.