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The Only Chance The GOP Has To Avoid Trump

Updated on March 4, 2016

I am only writing this blog because I was down-voted enough times to be collapsed on Quora.

I think it is hilarious that ANY answer to who the GOP would need to beat Trump would get down-voted.

We are talking about DONALD F'ING TRUMP as the GOP candidate for the presidency! WTF!!?!?! It's not like I put Mickey Mouse, even though MM is just as much of a character as DT.

Anyways, this is what I wrote. I thought it was good:

I can only think of a couple people who could come in at this point and unseat The Donald, and they would be long shots, but that's what is needed right now.

I think the only way to end this whole Trump fiasco would be to bring in
another non-politician.

People who are voting for Trump are anti-establishment, whether they are correct or incorrect in those sentiments. Having an establishment member like Romney lash out doesn't really do anything, because the people voting for Trump are going against the establishment anyways, so who cares what the establishment thinks. If anything, it's giving him more credibility. "Look, the establishment hates me too."

I personally think the media guides people to think things are worse than they really are, but that's just me. If I were in the Mid West or Flint, things might really be messed up. We are pretty insulated out here in the SF Bay Area.

So who in the hell can come in at this point and take out ol Trumpy?

Who would that be?

A celebrity of course.

A fireball for sure.

Someone that can get people real fired up, and real quick.

I know the perfect person.

The Rock.

Yes. THE Rock.

Imagine that.

I think it would actually work.

Remember how fired up Arnold got everyone at the National Convention in 2004? It was awesome.

If you got The Rock up there, all 6'5 260 of him, eyebrow raised, looking
in to the camera, and saying "What's the Democrats candidate's name?



Holy shit!

That would be amazing.

Sound crazy?

Who gives a shit, Trump is the nominee.

Shit's already gon crazy baby!

Jesse "The Body" was governor of MN.

Arnold was governor of CA.

Ronald Regan (Ronald Regan? The Actor?) was president.

Trump is nominee.

The Rock running against Trump is not all that crazy (when I put it like that).

He is conservative, which the right wing needs.

He is not the establishment (except the Hollywood establishment, I don't think that counts).

He's huge.

He could take a picture on a horse with his shirt off like Putin.

What's not to like?

He's a stud.

He should run.

That would be the only way the Geriatric Old Party could get Trumperdink out of here.

The Rock for President 2016.


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    • Just One Joey profile image

      Just One Joey 21 months ago

      I don't understand why the voters don't like Kasich more. I don't understand the Trump thing at all. He's entertaining, but president? Dealing internationally? I don't think people respect the position. The only people I know in my world that support Trump are idiots. I am guessing that is pretty accurate for the majority. Scary.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 21 months ago from Auburn, WA

      As a Kasich supporter, I've just about given up hope. I don't even think the RNC can stop him at this point. Both Luntz and Sabato have him losing the general badly. 180 electoral votes at most? Very high unfavorables with women under 50. Oh well. Fun hub.