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The Oprah Effect

Updated on April 26, 2015
Pain in the gluteus maximus
Pain in the gluteus maximus

Acceptable Man Bashing?

It will always be hard for me to understand this strange ironic hypocrisy that we so unconsciously allow.

I call it "The Oprah Effect".

I guess we could also call it the Phil Donahue effect too. He started it all. Or was it Merv Griffins fault?

How these influential talk show hosts have so obviously focused on topics relating to the ills of the male gender.

Why do men cheat? Why do men smell? Why don't men communicate their feelings? The frequent topics for discussion and analysis for the purpose of generating ratings at the expense if male credibility.

That question is asked over and over on a multitude of Talk Shows. They never address what the female partners might have been doing wrong. It would not be allowed by the Soap Box people who depend on the female viewership that are the targets for their precious advertising. They do not want the topic to knock their advertising targets off those over gloried pedestals of complete innocence that women are being presented as.

As if the female gender of our species have never been guilty of, suffered from, possesses, or even initiates some of these exact same ills that Men/Males are consistently targeted and demonized for being guilty of.

Why men cheat. The drum beaten over and over again. Yet the real reasons are never publicized because that would mean that people actually shared their responsibility for a relationships failure. No sharing allowed when it comes to cheating. It just has to be the mans fault. It being the only way that women can garner the pity needed to insure the assistance of dealing with a failed relationship.

Cheating is a 50/50 shared responsibility. Cheating is a 50/50 shared guilt. Cheating is just as prevalent in females as it is in men. It is just that the female cheating epidemic is not addressed by the media in a fashion in which it deserves to be. Big Companies will always glorify and protect the images of their costumer base. Even if it requires false perceptions to be built into their advertising campaigns, and conditions of support for the TV programming that expect to carry those advertising campaigns.

Cheating and relationship deceptions that cater to our own personal preferences and agendas without regard of how it effects those closest to us. Is this solely a man/male issue?

Is Man even in the majority of being guilty of such? I personally find it is easier for women to cheat on their spouse than it is for men to accomplish this. But NO !, Women are never guilty of such deceptions, advantageous pursuits, and inconsideration's? That is what the Oprah Effect works so hard in trying to manipulate the belief of.

No, women never do these things. They are never the guilty party. They are never even a contributing reason as to why their man cheated on them. Nope, women are those protected images on their glorious pedestals to be envied and admired. That is what the producers, advertisers, and hosts try to influence as being the truth to be believed. Unfortunately all too many do see it only this way.

Comparatively, I would love to see a 'Show Topic Survey' that determines the percentage of topics relating to the male / mans faults, infidelities, inconsistencies, and deceptions versus shows produced that focus on female / women who are guilty of, and suffer from these same preferentially identified as male problems.

Females do not cheat. Females are not addicted to porn. Where Danielle Steele is just a sugar coated, romantically acceptable pornographer who is justified because she is a female who has sold a billion books. She can not be guilty of creating a deceptive world of fantasy that females / women hide themselves within.

Females / Women do not subscribe to hardcore porn web-sites either. The never order any kind of porn media. Never dabble in the purchases of sexually suggestive garments. Never buy sexual aid devices / toys. If we dare talk about this as men, as males amongst other women, females. We will surely be lambasted at best for our insensitive nature for being the pot who called the kettle black.

You see it is, for whatever reason, totally unacceptable for us to put women under a bad light. Media protects women, supports women, because women are the ones being most influenced by the medias bread and butter, their advertisers.

Be nice to the women and make men look like the devils child or else we will pull our commercials that depend on women reactions, and need to purchase.

Women never cheat on their men. No matter how much easier it is for them to do so. Women do not require a mans consent with the fear of going to jail without it. Nope, a woman merely needs to make a take it or leave it suggestion to a man of her interests. The man takes it or leaves it. Heck, nowadays a man finds it hard to even make such suggestions without the fear of harassment being accused. A harassment that can lead them right to jail. When all they were doing is making the same suggestion a female can make and get away with.

So there is a severe double standard here that is hypocritical at best.

Why would women want equal rights when they are already running the show?


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    • Emmyboy profile image


      5 years ago from Nigeria

      You know what, CriticalMessage...? I think you have a very good point there!

    • CriticalMessage profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      Thank you peeples... I guess my concern is the subliminal brainwashing, and conditioning that goes on... Where people believe because its easier than thinking... And how such programming preys on feeble minds...

    • peeples profile image


      6 years ago from South Carolina

      To me a lot of what you mentioned comes back to old time beliefs. Women want equality but yet keep men stuck into these old time views. This is also kept alive though by the lack of media sexually directed at women. I mean Majic Mike was the first movie of my lifetime that I would consider sexualized for women. However teen boy movies come out all the time promoting naked women. I don't have a problem with it but it keeps reminding women how sexual men are and makes us "forget" sometimes that we are the same. You are right. Women have the same sexual desires, faults, and responsibilities as men. The media just never wants to mention that side. I for one will welcome a day when media becomes equal for all. After all they might start putting naked men on tv finally! :)

    • CriticalMessage profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      The media certainly does not promote this truth however.... No, it is not cost effective to label women, or associate them, or even refer to them as being anything less than the princesses that they condition stupid men into believing... rofl... Smoke and mirrors pretending when it comes to even mentioning women in such a fashion... Maybe someday society will grow up in this respect... Thanks for stopping by LABrashear !!!

    • CriticalMessage profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      I, being a bit of a 'modified traditionalist', could not agree more with you LABrashear!... And you too, seem to be in tune with an understanding... I personally believe that there is an equal level of infidelities between the sexes... It is still just not appropriate to associate women as equally sexual beings, as compared to men... Quiet everybody, all the women need to pretend, deny, and be quiet about their having the same comparitive physical desires as men do... SShhhh... Society can not acknowledge that it is ok for females to be, female... And I think that really stinks... ~ If you have an opinion?, There is no reason to be humble about it. ~ Joan Baez ~

    • LABrashear profile image


      6 years ago from My Perfect Place, USA

      Great hub! I loved the part "Where Danielle Steele is just a sugar coated, romantically acceptable pornographer" husband says that all the time. AND I agree. I do not read those kind of books (see my profile - I much prefer to have my pants scared off rather than porned off!) nor do I watch Oprisodes (or any other talk show.) I did grow up with a mother (and some college roommates) that watched all those shows, so I saw a few.

      I agree that men always turned out to be the cheating schmucks - and I think in that area-years ago-it was "socially acceptable." I know that sounds crazy, but think about it. It was deplorable for a man to date a younger woman or cheat, but it was kind of expected. The woman had to play the role of the poor, affected lamb. Now, because of empowerment (girl power!), you see more women dating younger men and, yes, cheating. It's like women don't care how they are perceived anymore. So, at one time, I think the playing field for cheaters (as seen by the public) was dominated by men, it's now pretty even.

      However, I will point out, one thing you are forgetting...though men dominated the cheater field, those shows always had crazy, psychotic, child-eating, killer women on the didn't see many men playing that role. ; )

      Voted up!

    • CriticalMessage profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      We had 'The Man Show' starring Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corrola... See how long that lasted ? as I start developing a business plan for 'The Man Channel'...

    • CriticalMessage profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      And that 'Man Channel' would be knocked down by the courts for being chauvenistic...

      Gloria Stienman and her posse would be all over that like white on rice saying it is an equal rights issue to have something that primarily caters to MALES,, oh my.

      Like the Oprah Channel doesn't pimarily cater to females ?

      And there is the double standard that the feminists have created to their advantage.

      Yet, if there was a channel developed with the intent of providing programming geared towards men ?

      You could rest assured that there would be a talk show developed that would focus on the infidelities of women, the faults of females, their mistakes, misgivings, and deceptive practices that men dislike.

      So right there we know that isn't going to happen.

      Because men would rather do something else other than listen to that rhetoric...

      Men are already comfortable with the common sense logic that naturally disputes The Oprah Effect.

      Because of mens lack of need to listen to obvious truths, and their lack of need to publicly tar and feather females who suffer from the same human conditions that they do ?

      The 'Man Channel' would never exist because big money would never support it with their advertising campaigns, thus it would never be profitable...

      That is unless we can get the women to watch it...

    • ThussaysNanaMarie profile image


      6 years ago from In my oyster

      Hmmm! Some good points about programming. I wrote about the power of the media in one of my hubs. It is a money thing and it is a programming thing so maybe the proposed idea of a TV program about men could work. There is a TV channel called Movies for Men, they could take up the mantle to promote male issues not just in movies. As MJ said let's start with the man in the mirror. (no eyes rolling -smile)

    • CriticalMessage profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      There is a big ehtical difference between equal rights and equal pay.... Or is there ?

    • CriticalMessage profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      Yet that is what it all comes down do it the almighty money.

      Advertisers want programming geared to those who are most likely to be influenced by their commercials.

      That is why they call them soap operas is because they are primarily watched by females and the advertising it appropriated created to target them so they want the content of programming to be attractive to the female so their commercials are seen by their target group.

      Daytime talk shows, again with the primary audience being females.

      So this target demographic does not want to hear about their own faults, misgivings, and guilts.

      They want to hear about how terrible the other gender is.

      And thus is why there is that push to provide them what they want to hear as opposed to what is the actual truth.

      I do not blame women for this syndrome.

      I blame the money that targets them.

      Yes, I do believe that women deserve equal pay for equal work.

      Yet I also believe that as a man ?

      We as men would like to see programming topics that provide a sense of equality when it comes to personal faults, failures, and deceptions that we are all mutually guilty of regardless of gender.

      To put women up on some guilt free pedestal by crucifying the male species is deceptive at best.

      And too many people unfortunately believe everything the see and hear in the media... Especially when it caters to their own preferences in beliefs.

      The truth has no value when it creates shame that is hard to accept.

      So resit the truth, believe the deceptions, and live happily ever after.

      *rolls eyes*

    • ThussaysNanaMarie profile image


      6 years ago from In my oyster

      Oooo wow! You did get a lot off your chest. I do agree with you to some extent about double standards. I mean for some it is too hard to put the toilet seat down though they expect it to be put up. Big deal!

      If it is a male preserve to cheat, who does he generally do it with? Who are the main players in a porn movie?

      You must admit as you have covered a lot of grounds It is difficult to address them here.

      I feel the difference between men and women make it impossible to have a level playing field. We could complain about the discriminations till the cows come home. A woman was to be stoned to death not so long ago in Nigeria for committing adultery with a married man. What about the man? Was he not committing adultery too in the same religion?

      In England women, still do not have equal pay with their male counterparts. We may never be able to change too much but we can start with ourselves.


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