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The Order Of United States Military Command

Updated on September 2, 2016
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Greg has a "knack" for writing on military subjects. He has a top selling book on Puerto Ricans who served. He also freelances about militar

There are many people who do not understand how the military forces of the United States are controlled.

It seems that many have this thought process that our President can just tell the military to go round up United States citizens and lock them away. It isn't that simple. Yes, he could try, but there are too many involved that it would have to be a mass agreement, and it is highly doubtful that all of the people involved would go along with something so sinister.

This hub is going to explain our military's leadership from top down for 3 levels. Keep in mind that the levels go down much further, but at least you will have an idea of why I say it would be impossible for any President to control the military for an extreme "takeover" of the United States and her citizens.

#1 Commander In Chief

Yes, the President of the United States is the top dog when it comes to all United States military, but to actually go to war, or any other major command, he/she must have congressional approval.

At this moment in history, our President and Commander in Chief is Barack Obama. No, he has never been in the military.

He and the next person do get advice from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Joint Chiefs are not within the chain of command as many people think. They are just advisers.

#2 Secretary of Defense

This person is the next in line. At this moment in time, the Secretary of Defense is Ashton Carter. Mr Carter has never been in the military, but he is quite well versed in military issues around the world.

Many people see Carter as Obama's puppet, but I would have to disagree. Carter has a very strong mind as he has a B.A. in physics and medieval history from Yale, a doctorate from Oxford in theoretical physics, and post doctorates from Rockefeller University and MIT.

Carter has many opinions that do not stand on the same lines as President Obama. I doubt he would go along with any sinister ideas.

#3 Combatant Commanders

Here is where anything evil and sinister would surely stop. I see the odds as highly impossible that all of these commanders would go along with a President taking over.

Lets take a look at each Command and the Commander, and you be the judge whether they could all be persuaded to take part in a take over of the Democratic United States:

Admiral Locklear
Admiral Locklear | Source


It stands for the United States Pacific Command. It is based in Hawaii and the commander at this time is Admiral Samuel J. Locklear of the U.S. Navy.

Admiral Locklear

He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1977. He has served in many positions and participated in:

  • Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Operation Odyssey Dawn

Admiral Locklear's main stand is against global warming. He feels it is the biggest threat to the United States.

General Breedlove
General Breedlove | Source


It stands for United States European Command. It is based in Germany and the commander at this time is general Philip M. Breedlove of the U.S. Air Force.

General Breedlove

A great pilot, General Breedlove graduated in 1977 from Georgia Institute of Technology. He participated in:

  • Cold War
  • Gulf War
  • Afghanistan War

General Breedlove is quite vocal about Russian aggression.

General Kelly
General Kelly | Source


It stands for United States Southern Command. It is based in Florida and the commander is General John F. Kelly of the U.S. Marine Corps.

General Kelly

He first served as an enlisted Marine gaining the rank of Sergeant. He was discharged in 1972 and attended the University of Massachusetts. General Kelly was then commissioned as a Lieutenant and has achieved 4 stars. He participated in:

  • Persian Gulf War
  • Operation Desert Storm
  • Iraq War

When asked if losing was an option by a reporter outside Baghdad, his response was:

Hell these are Marines. Men like them held Guadalcanal and took Iwo Jima. Baghdad ain't shit

— General John F. Kelly
General Austin
General Austin | Source


It stands for United States Central Command. Based in Florida, the commander is General Lloyd Austin III of the U.S. Army.

General Austin III

General Austin was nominated for this position by President Obama. He graduated from West Point with a B.S. degree and later gained a Masters in counselor education from Auburn and also a Masters in business management from Webster University. He participated in:

  • Afghanistan War
  • Iraq War

General Austin is the first African/American to hold this position.

General Votel
General Votel | Source


It stands for United States Special Operations Command. It is based in Florida and the commander is General Joseph L. Votel of the U.S. Army.

General Votel

General Votel attended the United States Military Academy. He also attended the Army War College. He participated in:

  • Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom

As an Army Ranger, General Votel is a strong patriot.

General Selva
General Selva | Source


It stands for United States Transportation Command and is based in Illinois. The commander of USTRANSCOM is General Paul J. Selva of the United States Air Force.

General Selva

General Selva graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy with a B.S. in aeronautical engineering. He participated in:

  • Gulf War
  • War on Terror

As a top rated pilot, General Selva surely understands transportation.

Admiral Haney
Admiral Haney | Source


It stands for United States Strategic Command. It is based in Nebraska and the commander is Admiral Cecil D. Haney of the U.S. Navy.

Admiral Haney

Haney graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with a B.S. in ocean engineering. At the Naval Postgraduate School he received a Masters in Engineering Acoustics and System Technology and also from National Defense University, he received a Masters in National Security Strategy. Admiral Haney has participated in:

  • Global War on Terrorism

This Admiral has won a plethora of awards, and he is a perfect fit for the position he is in.

Admiral Gortney
Admiral Gortney | Source


It stands for United States Northern Command and is based in Colorado. The commander of USNORTHCOM is Admiral William E. Gortney.

Admiral Gortney

He graduated from Elon College with a B.A. in history and political science. Admiral Gortney has participated in:

  • Cold War
  • Global War on Terrorism

Admiral Gortney is a highly accomplished Naval Pilot with many medals to prove it. He is also a top rated leader.

General Rodriguez
General Rodriguez | Source


It stands for United States Africa Command and is based in Germany. The commander is General David M. Rodriguez of the U.S. Army.

General Rodriguez

He graduated from West Point, and this leader of leaders has commanded at every level in the Army that is possible. He has a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the United States Naval War College and a Masters of Military Art and Science from the United States Army Command and General Staff College. The General participated in:

  • Invasion of Panama
  • Persian Gulf War
  • Mali War
  • Iraq War
  • War in Afghanistan

Some Final Thoughts

These are the leaders in the United States military. They are quite experienced and capable of keeping us free and safe.

I believe we do not have to worry about any certain person taking over our country via a military rampage.

Do you like reading military material? To the right is a link of a website I freelance write for that is geared towards military.

© 2015 Greg Boudonck


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