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The Order of Battle for Xuan Loc, 1975

Updated on June 28, 2011

Nearly all of the accounts on this last stand and valiant battle at Xuan Loc from April 9-21, 1975, lack details of the units that were involved. There is not even a single book on this battle. It was a battle that saw the South Vietnamese 18th Division (6000) defy the odds of the North Vietnamese 4th Corps of nearly 40,000 men and 40 tanks. While all of the other ARVN units crumpled when facing the NVA, this division and with armor reinforcements, fought over 10 days against the odds that baffled the NVA.

Here is an accurate Order of Battle of the units involved:


18th Division (Dao)

43, 48, 52 Regiments

1st Airborne Brigade (Dinh)

Four battalions

8th Reg\5th Division

82nd, 81st Ranger Bns

33rd Ranger Group

322 Armor Task Force

3 Cos. ACAV, 3 Cos. M-48 tanks. 61st,(105mm)46th (155mm)Artillery Bns, 302 Engineer Bn

3 Ranger Bns

3rd and 4th Air Divisions (6 F5, 14 A-37)

Two CBU-55 air-fuel bombs from Thailand

NVA 4th Corps

7th Division ( 209, 141, 165 Reg., 210 Artillery Reg.)

6th Division (274, 812, 33 Reg or 24, 207,1 Regs)

325 Division (18, 95, 101 Reg) Arrived April 15.

320 Division (48, 64 Reg) in Reserve, not used.

95 Reg

75th Artillery Group (3 battalions)

210 Artillery Reg.

341st Division (101, 18, 95 Reg)-

94th Artillery Regiment

71st AA Regiment


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      daryl2007 6 years ago

      what is this?

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      mkrandhawa 6 years ago from India


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      perrya 6 years ago

      Thanks, a great battle!

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      JamshidQamar 6 years ago from Faisalabad