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The Pakistan Dilemma: Where is the Money?

Updated on October 5, 2009

Big surprise? Not really.

Pakistan's own Generals, who remained unnamed, have pointed the finger at what many in the US feel: Pakistan has diverted much of the billions in US aid to other purposes. We are talking BILLIONS.

There is nothing worse than being ripped off and lied to by a country pretending to be an ally. Several Pakistani generals have now shed some light of where the money went. Seems like only $500 million of the $6.6 BILLION actually went to the military fighting the Taliban and al-Qaida between 2002 and 2008. We have no clue where it went.

According to Pakistan's own General Durrani, the Army got very little. This had a real impact on the Amry's ability to fight in the mountains since helicopters were needed and the money to buy them was not given, night vision equipment which is vital for night ops, was denied or diverted away from those needing it. The Frontier Corps, the military on the front lines worked with broken and old equipment and it was not until 2007, that some of the billions was given to them.

Congress is now considering tripling the amount. Geez, we must be stupid! The Pakistanis must be laughing knowing there is no way in hell this kind of money can be traced and tracked to make sure it goes to the proper units and used to fight terrorism. If not worse, Pakistan has sent the US an invoice to pay for the 1.7 Billion in reimbursement money spent. Huh????

Are we actually in Alice in Wonderland? Where everything is not as it appears? I thought we loaned them over that amount. The Frontier Corps to this day still complains about a lack of resources to fight them, where is the money? By 2008, the US had given Pakistan 8.6 billion in military money, in total, it was a whopping 12 billion. Yet, the US still has no safeguard or way to make sure it goes to the right places. THIS IS INSANITY!

Much of the money went to Pakistan forces opposing India. Huh? Hey, Pakistan, India is NOT your problem today. They are not you enemy. Why in the world would they want your lousy country anyway, as the West is investing heavily in India. Get over the past and move on! Some of the money went into private bank accounts, no doubt, others went into infrastructure costs like road building, schools, fuel, soldier pay etc.

The US spends $76,000 per soldier in Afghanistan, $85,000 per soldier in Iraq, and $928 per soldier in Pakistan.


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    • Hmrjmr1 profile image


      9 years ago from Georgia, USA

      The Ill advised leading the unknowing to the unscrupulous Not sure its gonna get any better in the near term..


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