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The Palestinian Silent Hatred for Hamas

Updated on August 16, 2014

Intelligent Palestinians in Gaza silently discuss the value of Hamas sharing the same bit of real estate. All anyone has to do is look around at the sheer destruction the Israel army has done over and over again. Just how many times or cycles must be gone through in rebuilding one's homes, schools, parks, that make living worthwhile?

Palestinians grow sick of Hamas inciting the mayhem and destruction upon them for their cause. But, because Gaza is controlled by Hamas, many Palestinians regret ever electing them into the government. They do so silently and in private, too afraid to publicly announce this or show they are not pro-Hamas. They question the value of Hamas as they scrounge for food or medical supplies, or water. While the blame the Israelis for the death of loved ones, they know it all began, once again, with Hamas.

Before the most recent conflict, there was peace. It was not Israel attacking and trying to remove Gaza from planet Earth. In fact, electricity and water originates in Israel. The Gazans know that despite problems in Gaza, partially imposed by Israel, at least without Hamas, there is peace and normality.

The average Palestinian is sick of the rockets being fired by Hamas, knowing full well, they may pay dearly from Israeli artillery or airstrikes. While many despise the Israelis for whatever reason, they quickly blame Hamas, as well. They blame both sides for the slaughter of 1900 souls for different reasons. Speaking out publicly would only invite the wrath from Hamas, so they keep it within small groups or families. The residents of Beit Lahiya blame Hamas for firing rockets from their residential areas, yet, do not think them as human shields. When Israeli destroys homes there, they blame them and the deep hatred comes back and the residents support Hamas once again.

Hamas is being blamed for much of the destruction in Gaza for instigating the war and for refusing to abide by the first of many truces. Had the first truce occurred and stayed, only 200 had been killed at that time. The death toll would be far less. That is the simmering whispers of many in Gaza because the war unleashed laid Gaza to a real wasteland, far greater than what happened in 2009 and 2012. Hamas is under intense pressure to rebuild the destruction they insisted on . Many Palestinians are questioning their value and could be voted out of office during the next election.

SInce 2007, when Hamas was elected into office, more than 44,000 government employees have had many pay stoppages. Where was the money going? Was Hamas diverting money to buy rockets and weapons? Allegations of corruption have been revealed in their own press. Many feel that Hamas are simply only looking after their own kind, not the average Palestinian trying to live a normal life.

Hamas may claim victory for political points and attention, but support from inside Gaza is starting to waiver significantly because life has to go on. People still have to eat, work, educate, not just terrorize someone they hate. Hating does not provide medical care, schools, jobs, well being.


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