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The Pathology Of Lying

Updated on September 15, 2011

In this article I'm going to talk about the pathology of lying and people that lie and love to cause trouble for others. Why do they do it? Why do they like to do it so much? Why do they get a thrill from spreading vicious lies and rumors and gossiping about others? Does it fill some need in them that they cannot get fulfilled anywhere else?

Why are people nosey and gather as much information about people so they can use it against them?

These are all questions that I feel a need to approach.

The idea for this article came into being after running into a neighbor of my dad's in a walmart. She's always been a troublemaker and a liar not to mention nosey and wants to know everything she can about other people and their business.

My dad passed away almost a year ago and the probate is yet to be closed but every opportunity she gets she wants to know what I'm doing with his house. This is the same person who after my dad passed away took it upon herself to tell the oil/fuel fillup guy not to come back as his services were no longer needed. The account was in my name and I had my dad on a monthly fillup where they would come and check it and fill it regardless of the amount without an extra service fee. This worked so if my dad forgot to check his fuel level for his furnace he wouldn't be without heat.

You can imagine my dismay when I got to my dad's house one day and the furnace was off and there was no fuel. I angrily called the oil company to find out why they hadn't been out to find out from a manager a couple of days later that the neighbor had told the oil man not to come back. Thankfully, I was able to get the $200 service fee knocked off. It was a weekend and was bitter cold and I feared the water pipes might burst due to the extreme cold.

This is by far the first incident I've had with this woman. When I lived at my dad's she caused numerous amounts of trouble. She would call the police on me almost daily to complain of some new bogus charge. It started with calling them and telling them I kicked her dog. I would never do such a thing as I'm an animal lover.

She would sign me up for magazine subscriptions, junk mail, call my house and harass me and anything else she could come up with to annoy me and then turn around and call police and tell them some lie. Once she even called a tow truck to her house(this was the first of many) and then called the police and told them I called and told the tow truck driver to go to her house. I found out she called from a payphone.

When I had to call contractors(such as electricians, plumbers, etc.) she would beat me out the door and tell them to leave. Once she threatened to call the police on an electrician I had hired. As you can well imagine any contractor that came in contact with her would not come back.

She attempted to get credit cards in my name and single handedly put my credit in the toilet. There was on one occasion over 100 credit applications in a six month period. At one point there was applications submitted to Citibank almost daily for a month.

She would tell her kids to call me names when I walked out my door and those names are too bad for me to print here. I'm assuming she did because every time I walked outside the kids(we're talking about ten year olds here) would call me horrible names that shouldn't be coming out of a childs mouth.

This was only the tip of the iceberg. She caused trouble for about three years like this until I finally threatened to take her to court by leaving her a formal letter in her mailbox. She called the police and said I threatened her again. After showing the letter to the officer and one more time of calling on me that was it. I had also told the police very early on that if they wanted to talk to or ask me questions they would have to contact my attorney which just happened to be not only high priced but one they would do almost anything to keep from talking to him. I've heard he's not a very nice man at least to the police.

The police would come several times a week and would side with my sick neighbor wanting to know why she would lie and what reason she had all the while making me out to look like the villain. Calling the police was just another(albeit legal) form of harassment.

After a few years of never speaking to me and finally leaving me alone she approached me when I bought a new car. I can't imagine why she did other than to gather information. After my dad died she would approach me every time she saw me and would ask nosey questions which she is still doing. Fortunately, I don't live there anymore so I don't have to see her every day.

But seeing her today made me wonder about what makes a person like this tick. I know I'm not going to get any definitive answers but maybe this puzzle will make more sense than it did a few years ago.

Most people that lie are pathological liars, some do it out of jealousy or anger when lying about others. Some lie about themselves for an ego boost. Some are sociopaths. Somehow I think this woman falls into several categories which I'm sure many people do.


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    • Chris Crow profile image

      Chris Crow 6 years ago

      Very interesting hub. I find myself wondering why toxic people act the way they do. Unfortunately, they're not happy for whatever reason and need to hurt others to feel better.