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The Paul-Palin Ticket - Why It's a Bad Idea

Updated on June 11, 2011

Paul & Palin - Can You Say Oxymoron?

I want to make it clear, that I do feel that to have opposites between vice president and president, can bring a fair bite of balance to the top seats of our government. Though in the case of having Ron Paul and Sarah Palin as Pres and Vice Pres, I think we'd be looking at a big oxymoron, not a balanced set of opposites.

It was recently found that in Sarah Palin's emails, several people were pressuring her to run with Ron Paul in 2012, instead of running for president herself. It's also been endorsed by a few constituents who somehow feel it would be a good idea. Now, I'm not sure if those people were looking to hurt Ron Paul's campaign, or if this was their vote of confidence that Ron Paul will win and that Palin would be much better to run with him and not against him, but either way I think it would be a bad idea for both of them.

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Why Not?

So why wouldn't a Paul-Palin match be a good idea? Let's look at the differences that really make a difference:

1. War:

Palin - is pro-war. She supports Isreal on just about every topic (so do most of the corrupt republicans currently in office). She has consistently said that she would totally support our unnecessary overseas war, so long as Obama declared it an official war and helped Isreal. She also supports having bases all over, sticking with NATO and increasing the already bloated defense spending budget.

Paul - Supports non-interventionism, which basically means that he votes for a good defense over a strong offense. He wants to bring home all of our troops, end our unnecessary military occupations in other countries and he wants drastically cut the "defense" budget (especially since it isn't spent on defending American....).He also feels that it's in violation of human rights to go out and practice target shooting with drone plains and that we don't need to be supporting other nations (such as Isreal, Libya or Iran) with taxpayer money. To make the package even sweeter, his vote is to get out of NATO and the UN, which have so far treated us like their military pawns and piggy banks.

The Second Amendment:

Palin - She feels that the right to bear arms stops after handguns. So basically, she feels that your second amendment right should be limited to arms that would make no difference if the tyrants were to really come knocking at your door....

Paul - Dr. No says a resounding yes to the second amendment, as he is a staunch supporter of the constitution. He feels that the right to bear arms is what gives liberty it's teeth and keeps the government from overstepping it's bounds even further than it already has. What good is it to have hand guns in the face of automatic rifles that can bend around corners?

Same-Sex Marriages:

Paul - He believes that it's none of the federal governments business who marries who, or whether it's man on man, woman on woman or a woman and a man. He has consistently voted against the federal government forming any decisions concerning marriage, as it is clearly an issue of separation between church and state. He has stated that he is not opposed to same-sex marriage, but that in protecting a persons right to marry who they want, we need to uphold the constitution, which doesn't give the federal government the right to regulate marriage. So basically, he's for the 10th amendment - it should be up to each state and it's people to legalize, ban or stay neutral on the issue.

Palin - supports banning gay marriage and everything to do with it.

Big Oil:

Palin - feels that we should invest even more in big oil, even after the recent disasters that have taken place. She even proposes that big oil should be allowed to drill in wild life refuges.

Paul - He feels that if we stop giving big oil tax breaks, hold the accountable for everything they do and stop giving consumer cuts to petroleum products on a federal level, that other forms of alternative fuel and resources would become more competitive. He feels that hemp, sugar cane and any other form of alternative energy should have an equal shot in the economy, and that big oil shouldn't be favored by big government.

The Constitution:

Paul - you could pretty much consider him to be a history expert, and I wouldn't be surprised if this American history geek could pass any test on any part of the constitution and it's making. Paul is very vocal about his support of the constitution.

Palin - Though she has clearly been brushing up on her American history, but it's pretty clear that she either doesn't understand the constitution or doesn't care what it means. Not that many politicians do anymore.

The Drug War:

Palin - Mrs. Palin is a supporter of the drug war and feels we should spend more and do more to continue fighting the losing battle. She is against legalizing cannabis, even though she's smoked when Alaska legalized it. Though she feels that meth is a bigger problem.

Paul - Dr. Paul feels that the drug is a failure, and that though it can be sad to see a person waste their life on hard drugs, that it's not the federal governments job to regulate what people do. He feels that the drug war has failed, that it's crazy to prohibit cannabis and that we need to stop spending on the drug war ASAP.

The Economy:

Paul - Being a strict libertarian, Paul feels that the economy would best be helped if the government got the hell out of the way. Which would open up the chance for American's to seek the American dream once again. He feels that we could get there through cutting the defense budget drastically, not supporting other countries, ending the wars overseas, ending foreign dependence and by ending the federal reserves monopoly (which would bring back sound money). He is a clear supporter for lowering taxes, is absolutely against new taxes and wants to completely end many unconstitutional taxes already in place. He feels that if the economy were freer to do what it wanted, and didn't have the threat of a central banker controlled economic bubble, then it would pick itself up.

Palin - She wants lower oil prices and lower taxes, but hasn't suggested any ways of getting there. She talks about selling an uber expensive jet when she was governor and lowering property taxes in the state, but has yet to suggest she would do anything of the sort if she made it into the white house.

On Consistency:

Palin - she has flip flopped on many issues in a very short amount of time. While governor, she didn't want to take federal stimulus, but allowed the feds to "bully" her into taking it, even though alaskans voted against it. She praised Bush's 700 Billion dollar stimulus bill, but insults Obama's $787 Billion dollar stimulus. She says she's pro-women and pro-choice, but votes against abortion. She wants lower taxes, but wants increased defense spending, more support (in cash) for Isreal, more spending on the drug war and more federal subsidies on oil. She says she's for the environment, but wants more oil drilling anywhere the oil is found. She's says she's pro-second amendment, but wants to add limitations.

Paul - Ron Paul has been voting the same and giving the same speeches for the last 30+ years. He's pro constitution, and feels that if it wasn't originally enumerated as the governments business, then it's none of the governments business. He's pro free market, has a plan to cut down on spending without raising the debt ceiling and wants to see American's civil liberties restored. He feels that Free-Market will bring the economy back, small government will save money and freedom, and that we should have sound money. I dare you to show me a time when he's flip flopped on his opinions.

Do you feel Sarah Palin and Ron Paul would be a good match for VP and Pres?

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  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Lake Stevens

    Thanks for the comment SubRon, lol. "PNW" stands for "Pacific North West" =)

  • SubRon7 profile image

    James W. Nelson 

    7 years ago from eastern North Dakota

    You have spare time? I had to laugh when I read what you do when you have "spare" time. And just 25? Oh well, I hope you can keep it up. Good hub. I definitely would not vote for Palin for anything. Ron Paul...? I think he's a good man, though. Welcome to HubPages. Oh, maybe you would tell me what PNW stands for...? Thanks.

  • Cogerson profile image


    7 years ago from Virginia

    I do not think it matters who the Republicans come up Obama will win re-election...the key year will be the 2016 election....interesting hub with lots of information....voted up and useful

  • Mr. Happy profile image

    Mr. Happy 

    7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    Mr. Danny, I think our conversation has already split into different directions.

    I never spoke of Israel as a country. I spoke of the Israel lobby groups and I spoke of the Israeli government. I do not make generalizations about entire countries or ethnic groups. I like to be specific in this case.

    So let's start talking about the Irgun (the Zionist terrorist organization) and let's take the bombing of king David hotel:

    "The King David Hotel bombing was an attack carried out by the militant right-wing Zionist underground organization Irgun on the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on 22 July 1946.[1][2] 91 people of various nationalities were killed and 46 were injured.[3]"

    What were you saying about Israelis and terror bombings?

    Now speaking of the Palestinians and making a generalization as the one you made: "Those people do not want peace! that is clear as day", is totally wrong and baseless.

    I was part of a group in university called Shalom/Salam. It was made-up mostly of Palestinians and Jews who got sick of all the nonsensical violence and were trying to build peace through friendship. Not everyone wants war as you simply put it.

    How about reading my blog? You can see there (photos included), that there are Jews who oppose the atrocious and criminal acts of the Israeli government.

    There are extremists everywhere, from the United States to Israel, to Palestine, India, Russia, etc. To stop and paint a whole nation or ethnic group in one colour is not accurate. Please do not make things up.

    And yes, without the billions of dollars and without the armament the United States gives to Israel, there would be less violence. Less weapons less violence ... logic is amazing when you use it. With that same thought, Iran and Syria should prohibit from supplying Palestinian extremists as well.

    Indeed, "the truth is rarely pure and never simple".

  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Lake Stevens

    The real question is: Is it our business to control Isreal or any of the Arab nations? Is it our job? Are we to forever be the military might of the world?

    I also kind of agree with Mr. Happy. Would Isreal have all that power if we didn't give them billions of dollars a year, advance weapons and never get anything back from them?

  • DannyMaio profile image


    7 years ago from New York

    Israel has an incredible army! They have advanced weaponry.

    They can take anyone of those Arab countries in weeks! If you truly believe there would be peace in the middle east if the states didn't give help to Israel, I have a bridge I would like to sell you! Those people do not want peace! that is clear as day! Do you see them giving out candy when 9/11 happened. Do you see how they talk about the USA on Al Jezzeera? I do not see Israel terror bombing and suicide bombing?

  • Mr. Happy profile image

    Mr. Happy 

    7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    lol Mr. Danny - with what weapons would the gov't of Israel continue its atrocities?

    If it wasn't for the billions of dollars that it receives from the States ... we might have had peace already in the Middle East.

    "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." Oscar Wilde

  • DannyMaio profile image


    7 years ago from New York

    Ron paul has no shot! I like many things he says then goes way overboard with ridiculous things. As far as Israel, I believe it is the other way around! If we didn't stop them they would just eliminate all those terrorist countries around them! If we were not in the middle east (Iraq and Afghan) Israel would have taken out Iran, They know those nukes cause a grave concern to Israel and Israel doesn't take $hit from anyone. Pallin is very smart! It just goes to show how the media can but things in peoples heads. Even republicans!

  • profile image


    7 years ago from USA

    Well said.

    Palin is another of the puppets learning how to play the political game and talk the talk without walking the walk. I will vote for Paul when he is on the ballot. If Palin was his running mate, I would think twice about voting for that team. I also suspect he would be assassinated if that "team" was elected.

  • Mr. Happy profile image

    Mr. Happy 

    7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    "He feels that we could get there through cutting the defense budget drastically, not supporting other countries, ending the wars overseas, ending foreign dependence and by ending the federal reserves monopoly (which would bring back sound money)" - this here is Ron Paul's biggest problem.

    The Military Industrial Complex will go bananas over that and send an army of lobbyists to crush him (mainly through advertising in the corporate controlled media).

    "He also feels that it's in violation of human rights to go out and practice target shooting with drone plains and that we don't need to be supporting other nations (such as Isreal, Libya or Iran) with taxpayer money" - this is another great problem for him. The Israel lobby will certainly not let this happen. We have to be realistic here: Israel survives (as it atrociously does today) because of America.

    I don't think Ron and Palin are an option. He would never go for that. I am quite sure of it. He is a man of integrity unlike ... others.

    Great write. Cheers!


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