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The Pentagon Doesn't Ask for Enough Money

Updated on May 11, 2012
Military Spending is Freedom
Military Spending is Freedom | Source

D. R. O. N. E.*
Defending the Right to Overkill our Nation’s Enemies

To: The Pentagon
Re: The Defense Budget
From: Tex Shelters, COO of D.R.O.N.E, Unlimited

Dear Pentagon:

As the Chief Operating Officer of D.R.O.N.E, Unlimited, I express the concerns of all our members about your refusal to accept Congressional expenditures for defense. You have put us in peril, and we at D.R.O.N.E. stand our ground against your decision to only ask for $554 billion dollars in this year’s defense budget. Thus, our Republican and Democratic allies in the House of Representatives have appropriated $642 billion for defense, an increase of almost 16% from what you asked for, because we know that half a trillion dollars in defense is not nearly enough over-kill for a nation as powerful as the United States.

Your decision to increase the 2011 budget by only $5.9 billion, up from $548.9 billion in 2011, alarms us. It makes members of D.R.O.N.E. pause and wonder if a communist member of al Qaeda has infiltrated the Pentagon and changed your order for the defense budget to that paltry sum of $554 billion.

Thankfully, Republicans understand that if you can’t kill, you don’t deserve to live, so they have identified some cuts in social programs that will offset their increased military budget.

The Republicans who control the House are using cuts to food aid, health care and social services like Meals on Wheels to protect the Pentagon from a wave of budget cuts come January.

Fully one-fourth of the House GOP spending cuts come from programs directly benefiting the poor, such as Medicaid, food stamps, the Social Services Block Grant, and a child tax credit claimed by working immigrants.

By cutting food and medical programs, we make America stronger. Members of D.R.O.N.E. are especially excited about the cuts to Meals on Wheels, for if you can’t get your own food, you don’t deserve any. And by cutting these programs, we don’t have to face the embarrassment of having to cut our military budget. Won’t you join us by asking for more money in your future budgets?

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney knows how embarrassing it would be to sell his second, third, or fourth home. That is essentially what you are doing by not asking for enough money for the military. You are showing other nations we are weak by reducing our over-kill budget. Moreover, the more money you ask for, the more we are justified in cutting programs that only help the poor, unproductive job takers in society. Please, don't hurt our nation's defense and economy by being fiscally responsible.

*D.R.O.N.E. is a coalition of defense contractors, energy companies, and others concerned out the defense of our nation.

Tex Shelters


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    • texshelters profile image

      texshelters 5 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      I have a lot of experiences dealing with reactionary conservatives and look forward too it. Thanks.


    • texshelters profile image

      texshelters 5 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Thanks phdast. I will post my bio here.


    • Wesley Meacham profile image

      Wesley Meacham 5 years ago from Wuhan, China

      I have to admit I do appreciate the satire and sarcasm with which you write. I personally don't view politics in black and white the way most people do. If I had my way military spending would be cut but so would a great deal of welfare. This isn't just a means of cutting spending. There are programs like "welfare to work' that have been tried but have either proven unsuccessful or created more problems than they solved.

      Unfortunately I have to agree with phdast about the upcoming responses to your hub. There are a great many people, both conservative and liberal who seem to believe that barely coherent statements are the greatest method of discussion.

      In general I usually stay away from politics. One of the reasons for this is that I often find myself defending positions that I don't actually agree with.

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      tex - Quite wonderfully done. Many of us are concerned about the same issues, and we say so, but we don't have your gifts of satire and inversion. Please keep writing and welcome to HubPages.

      You can expect some fierce, and at times incoherent rebuttals, once the ultra conservatives discover your work....but somehow I think you can handle it. SHARING

      PS Why not write something about yourself, your background on your home page. It will help readers to connect with you and your writing. Check out a handful of home pages to gauge the variety of what people write on their pages. Not trying to be bossy, just helpful. Again, welcome. :)

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 5 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      I still recall the couple trillion that was forgotten with the big event the following day :/

    • texshelters profile image

      texshelters 5 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Thanks Curiad.


    • Curiad profile image

      Mark G Weller 5 years ago from Lake Charles, LA.

      Wow, I love the thickness of this piece. You have a way of expressing your thoughts while intertwining them with the moronic actions of the "ruling elite!"

      Well said!