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This is the Perfect Female Body

Updated on May 21, 2011

Ladies (and gentlemen), Dr. David Holmes knows what the perfect female body looks like.

Well, if he has actually SEEN the perfect female body is a question that only he can answer. However, after doing some research, he has managed to find the formula that determines if your body is perfect or not.

Here is the formula -

Perfect Curve Score Calculation = ((BBD+THR+HWR)xBCL)+BS

The abbreviations stand for -
BBD - Bust Size
THR - Thigh-Height Ratio
HWR - Hip-Waist Ratio
BCL - Body Curve Line
BS - Body Symmetry

In order to find out how your curves measure up against this formula, plug in the numbers for each section by using the point system shown below, and chug. The highest number you can get is 80 - and if you do, congratulations - your body, "scientifically" speaking, is perfect.

Points for parts

Bust Size
DD-E = 5,
D or F = 4,
C or G = 3,
B or H = 2,
other = 1.

Thigh Ratio (thigh measurement divided by height)
0.28-0.3 = 5,
0.27 or 0.31 = 4,
0.32 to 0.35 = 3,
0.36 to 0.38 = 2,
other = 1.

Hip-Waist Ratio (circumference of your waist divided by hips)
0.7 = 5,
0.65 or 0.75 = 4,
0.6 or 0.8 = 3,
0.55 or 0.95 = 2,
other = 1

Body Curve Line
Smooth unbroken curves = 5
Trunk bust and thighs curve into each other = 4
Waist/hips or bust/waist lack concave curves = 3
Waist/hips and bust/waist lack any concave curves = 2
Straight lines and bulges = 1

Body Symmetry
Symmetrical = 5
Some facial distinctions = 4
Minor body and face distinctions = 3
Notable distinctions = 2
Very individual character and appearance = 1

Oh - he also says that the ideal breast size is DD to E, especially when combined with a specific hip-waist and thigh-height ratio.

The world is fascinated with the search for the perfect female body and what the proportions of a woman should or should not be. There are always different formulas and ratios thrown around in reference to women's bodies. There was the barbie ideal of 36-24-36 and 5'7". There is also the popular 0.7 waist-hip ratio. It is sad to see that in the name science, formulas are being released just so that women are constantly objectified and told exactly how perfect or imperfect their bodies are.

Is there any good that comes from releasing these formulas? Not to women, but perhaps to those who do benefit from women's insecurities. Can a woman's beauty really be determined by and boxed into a mere formula? Of course not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I truly believe that every woman is beautiful. We are all unique (thankfully), and it is time that we realize that there really is no such concept as "perfect" - certainly not when it comes to our bodies. After all, even the idea of perfection in itself is flawed.

Dr. David Holmes's formula says that I am far from perfect, but my mother says that I am. And that is good enough for me. :)


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    • profile image

      Layla 5 years ago

      I'm 22 years old and I got to say my measurements are quite far from perfect in my view. I'm 34 in bust size and 34 in hips and 26 in waist which is 6/8 in waist and I'm not skinny or fat I'm alright in my point of view but I tend to moan and moan about my weight till I got told by my doctor that actually I'm underweight for my height meaning I should be a few pounds more for some one whos 5'2 ... in kg I'm about 45 and I should be 50 when I was told this I felt so stupid because all this time I was thinking I'm fat and I need to change when my doctor thinks I'm the ideal healthy type so dam with what anyone thinks the only important thing is making sure your'e eating healthy and that your'e neither underweigth or overweight the ideal amount for your height. I think those equations should be made for men too , I mean all those guys with extra beer fat lying around probrably think that's their ideal amount of weight.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      It says all women are beautiful and if you want an equation for men so bad MAKE ONE.

    • profile image

      CutePriyax1 5 years ago from India


    • profile image

      elle 6 years ago

      how do we get these curves?????

    • Sasinib profile image

      Sasinib 6 years ago

      Thank you so much for your comment! You are right - there are plenty formulas for women, but I have yet to hear of one for men. Ahh this world - all we can do is teach young girls to dismiss this kind of b.s.

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 6 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      How many men have the perfect shape I wonder. I will skip the test above as I will fail miserably lol. It is yet something else to make young girls feel that they do not measure up. Tell Dr David Holmes to go to ***** and enjoy life.