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The Plight of Saudi Women.

Updated on February 5, 2019
Saudi woman.
Saudi woman. | Source

Cross Party Panel.

Who can forget Rahaf Mohammed al-Qanun fleeing alleged violence by her Saudi Arabian family? Thankfully, she was given asylum by Canada, where hopefully she is now beginning a new life of freedom. It appears, she has also renounced Islam, which in the eyes of the Saudi government would make her an apostate. She will probably never be able to return to her own land, even for a visit, as, her family would also regard her as an apostate and her life would probably be in danger.

The rights of women in Saudi Arabia and indeed, in other parts of the Islamic world, causes much concern in the west, whether that concern is from individuals, organisations or governments.

A cross-party group in the UK, consisting of MP's and lawyers have put out a report regarding the rights of women in Saudi Arabia and in particular, the plight of activist Loujain al-Hathloul, plus seven other women rights activists currently being detained in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

In the report, it states that the treatment of Saudi women, under international law could meet the threshold of what is regarded as torture.

These detained women could be suffering physical and mental abuse. In detention it is alleged, these women have suffered threats to life, sleep deprivation, sexual harassment and solitary confinement.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia has supposedly pushed for women's rights within his own country. Apparently now, women are now allowed to drive, something they could not do before. That said, King Salman remains a controversial figure for his alleged assassination of Adnan Khashoggi, a male Saudi activist, critical of the Saudi regime.

The cross-party panel set a deadline to visit the women detainees in Saudi Arabia, unfortunately, the Saudi regime ignored the deadline. The report put out by the panel has noted this, saying the Saudis do not like outsiders visiting detainees within the country.

Saudi Arabia remains an oppressive regime, yet, the west regards it along with Israel, as one of it's closest middle eastern allies.

Saudi Flag.

Saudi flag.
Saudi flag. | Source

Detained Saudi Activist: Loujain al-Hathloul.


Saudi Arabia: The ever present Islamic State.

The West recently fought a war and defeated at least on the battlefield, Islamic State. A murderous death cult who carved huge swaths of land out in Syria and Iraq. Declaring itself a Caliphate, and ruling some 8 million people under a harsh interpretation of Sharia law.

This group was to all intents and purposes, a functioning state, headed by al-Baghdadi, a one-time Al-Qaeda leader. This quasi-state had functional departments like any country with the administration over a territory. This land was supposed to be the golden land for Muslims, from around the world, where they could practice their faith unhindered. However, IS was one of the evilest regimes the world has ever known, for its atrocities against ethnic minorities, women, etc. Although defeated on the battlefield conventionally, the group remain a force in the shadows and could rise again given the right opportunity.

Some have said had Islamic State been recognised as a nation, it would have been similar in nature to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, a nation the west treats as an ally and yet Saudi Arabia operates the same strict Sharia law that Islamic State did, yet we tolerate it. The west does business with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding its oil, ships the latest modern weapons to the kingdom and is currently supporting the Saudi regime while it bombs the hell of Yemen.

The West supports the Saudis in Yemen because it does not want another equally evil regime in that part of the world, Iran, to get a foothold. The Saudis and their western advisers are fighting on behalf of the ousted Yemeni government, based over the border in Saudi Arabia, while Iran supports the Houthi rebels.

This war is just as savage and horrible as the war in Syria, yet, it receives less coverage.

In reality, the Saudis appear to be our friends, but in reality, they export one of the deadliest versions of extreme Islam in the world, Wahabbism. Saudi pays for mosques all over the world to preach this evil ideology, in the west, its supposed allies. In reality, the Saudis are nice to our face, but in reality, hatred is being preached, in Wahhabi mosques, funded by the Saudis, in western towns and cities. This ideology and its mantra, preach that the west is evil and must be replaced by an Islamic regime akin to Islamic State or Saudi Arabia.

All along the real Islamic State has been the Saudis, a clear and present danger to everything the west holds dear.


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