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The Point of New Beginning~Momentum & Action~Part 3

Updated on March 11, 2015

Block Watch Update

I have been informed that there is a fairly recent Block Watch Development Program taking place in the Orchard Grove Community.

If you live in this community and are interested in joining, please follow the link for further information. Side note, this is a private forum, if you do not live in the Orchard Grove community, acceptance will not be granted.

Shout OUT!

The first shout out is to whomever is responsible for fixing the stop sign on St. Clair, after seeing the requests through the East Liverpool Improvements Forum. We are excited that our voices are being heard.

Patty, have to give props to you getting the attention to that sign; there are many others, so speak up!

Our group is here, not to bicker and fight with others in the city, we are going to stand strong and united, in order to make a positive improvement in our city.

Block Watch Initiative 2015

One of the most important things in unifying a city, is building a sense of community. How many of you know your neighbor? Well, in this day and age it is time to get real friendly. It is going to take each ward of East Liverpool, to come together and take charge of their areas.

Some of the ideas have already been presented, such as: city wide clean up, neighborhood gardens, and community gardens. Many more ideas everyday are being presented from community members.

One important initiative, Block Watch, should be implemented as soon as possible. Currently we are trying to communicate with local law enforcement, to assist in the implementation of this program. It is necessary for the whole community to want to be involved in this initiative. It takes very little time, and no money in order to keep your neighborhoods safe.

If you are interested in Block Watch, please enter in the comments below and we will keep your information as things progress.

What is a Drug Commission

The City of East Liverpool has included in its ordinance the establishment of a Drug Commission. What exactly does that mean? A group of individuals committed to the restoration of the city, by recognizing that drugs are out of control, and devising plans to eradicate the problem. This problem alone should not rely only on local law enforcement; it should also be the concern of the citizens being affected by the increase of drug abuse, and the havoc it causes in a small town.

This is where Block Watch becomes a great opportunity for the city to ban together to stop drug crime, maybe not altogether, that would be wishful thinking, but close enough to restore our city!


There is hereby established a Drug Commission consisting of five members. The members of such Commission shall serve without compensation and shall be appointed by the Mayor for terms of four years each, except that the term of two members of the first Commission shall be for two years.(Ord. 32, 1974.)

158.02 DUTIES AND POWERS. The duty of the Drug Commission shall be to devise ways and means to adequately cope with drug abuse in the City area and to submit recommendations concerning such to Council for its approval. The Commission shall also have such powers and duties as are conferred and authorized from time to time by Council.(Ord. 32, 1974.)

Drug/Crime Commission

Would you support a Drug Commission in the City of East Liverpool?

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Fortunately, East Liverpool is divided into different wards, 4 to be exact. This would make for a very simple way to coordinate Block Watch programs.

East Liverpool City Government contains a council member:

President John Torma
Clerk of Council Pat Scafide
First Ward Raymond Perorazio
Second Ward Charles Wade
Third Ward Tom Cunningham
Fourth Ward Scott Barrett

At Large
Sherrie Curtis
Russell Dray
Bill Hogue (Replacing Ryan Stovall) term ending 12/31/2015

As the current ward system is in place, this is the best starting point. Each ward is subdivided a & b; one council member/ward. This is where the community steps in and finds volunteer ward leaders to assist council in doing their jobs effectively. As a suggestion, each ward would meet independently, dividing according to sub-ward, and continue to build their block watch program from that format.

The outcome is two fold, increased communication with council members and local law enforcement; thereby the town's concerns being heard, and assisting local law enforcement by being a watchful eye.

East Liverpool Ward Distribution

Will Block Programs Help?

Is a Block Program a viable method for maintaining drug issues facing ELO?

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      Jessica 3 years ago

      I am interested in the Block Watch Program!