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The Politically Correct Similarities Between Gay Bullying Victims And The Troy Davis Execution

Updated on August 25, 2012

The Politically Correct Similarities Between Gay Bullying Victims And The Troy Davis Execution…

Yesterday, the somber news came that another boy, apparently gay, committed suicide because of bullying. The Politically Correct Police will say someone like me, who opposes gay marriage, cannot and does not have any empathy for the latest gay bullying victim – but that assessment would be totally wrong. What many people, like me, object to … is how there seems to be deference for the victims of gay bashing/bullying from others. Someone tell me how is bullying different for the countless other victims who too have lost their lives from that of any gay victim, including the boy from yesterday?

It is true that gay advocates do not expressly posit this deference among the many bullying victims, but they benefit because the Media are the ones that make this crucial distinction in their coverage and exposure. But simply because, our current pop icon, Lady Gaga, champions the gay cause does not belittle those who are not gay, but suffer the same dire consequences from bullying. We have made this social distinction before in our storied history… by treating bigotry by Blacks against Whites different were the victims/perpetrator reversed, which begs the rhetorically question: knowing what we know about Jesus, the Christ, would He distinguished among the bullying victims.

Yesterday, a Mr. Troy Davis was executed down in Georgia and I witnessed, many who oppose the Death Penalty, outcries because they thought that Mr. Davis was innocent, or at least, that he should have been given a new trial due to the recanting of many of the prosecution’s witnesses. Void from this debate was the fact that every Appellate Court that had heard and scoured the trial transcripts, sided with the Prosecution; moreover, our Supreme Court, with a makeup of at least four avowed Liberal jurists, sided with their Conservatives counterparts and unanimously voted not to Stay Mr. Davis’ scheduled execution. In addition, no one who opposes the Death Penalty, that I know of, has address the fact that there were shell casings found at the scene of the murdered police officer, which were identical to the casings at another shooting whereby that victim was shot in the face, apparently by Mr. Davis.

Let me now make the case that Mr. Davis’ execution got the Politically Correct treatment because down in Texas - a skin head racist who had dragged a Blackman until said Blackman’s head literally came off his body - was executed too. Did we see or hear any outcries from those who oppose the Death Penalty… is the White racist skin head undeserving of any empathy because of his racist beliefs from the likes of Reverend Al Sharpton? I am certain, like Mr. Davis, had we seen the skin head racist during the murder trial proceedings… that he probably had the look of an innocent school-boy and that there were innocent looking high-school pictures… taken in pacific surroundings; and, I am also certain that by the time the convicted skin-head murderer came to court… he was demure and void of the threatening demeanor… unlike the night he dragged the victim, Mr. Byrd, to his death simply because the latter was Black.

All victims of bullying deserve the same empathy… whether said bullying is borne out of being gay, or being a Traditional Christian, or being a Goth. With the same token, the outcries by advocates against the Death Penalty should not discriminate, at least vocally or whereby the chosen case is protested and given deference because said case is a Cause Célèbre.


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