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The Polluted Country of China

Updated on March 31, 2014

In the past few years, various independent state funded studies have been published to the leadership of China and its horrid state of pollution. The pollution is the price paid for the rocket ascendancy to the modern world and the Chinese people are the ones who suffer. The leadership groups do not live in it, work in it and one can foresee a day when the Chinese people protest in mass and change the government.

China is a horrible environment to live in. In a 2012 survey of 5,000 groundwater sources, it was that found 57.3 percent of them were heavily polluted. In December 2013, the government EPA announced that some 39,000 square miles of farmland, an area the size of Virginia, was too polluted to grow crops. Think about that. The whole state of Virginia unable to grow crops. As to their air, because China relies on coal burning for industry, the Chinese government has confirmed that 1.2 million die yearly from it- the dirty soot impacts those with respiratory issues. The government is planning to create massive coal bases further away from population centers. These bases are massive-one is almost the entire size of the Los Angeles basin area, while the other one is 5,500 square miles or bigger than the state of Connecticut! In conjunction, China wants to convert to natural gas from coal. If this succeeds, the amount of greenhouse gases would be on a massive scale.

If China uses synthetic natural gas to make electricity, Duke University studies show that greenhouse gases would increase between 50-80%. The worse is going to get worse in China because China is already the #1 greenhouse polluter in the world, a whopping 9 billion tons going into the air as compared to the USA with 5 billion. When these massive coal burning bases are created, the amount of pollutants emitted will be 10 billion!

China's EPA was only formed in 2008 and already faces daunting environmental issues to address but there are many other agencies involved and each has authority over certain aspects of the environment. What happens is inter-agency non-cooperation or fighting what the EPA wants to pass as law. The net effect is that China's EPA is not very effective in prosecuting violators or issuing new regulations to industry.

Now, if you think this has no impact on you, just remember what China spews into the air travels around the globe and eventually these vast amounts of pollution will change weather and climate, some will fall back to earth. China's environmental problems impact us all.


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