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The Poorly Educated and the New Tax Law

Updated on December 21, 2017

The Pirates in the GOP Take Advantage of the Poorly Educated

I am done with being respectful of the GOP (known in other countries, like ours, Conservatives), in polite circles. I am talking to you, Trump supporter.

83% of the USA tax law advantages (just passed) go to the 1% richest, with nothing built in to have them hire Americans. If you are still a GOP voter, or one of the 35% who currently still support Trump you have left your brain at the voting booth, and obviously believed his lies last year that he was on your side, wanted to "make deals on your behalf," "hire the best people," etc.

You are a true believer, a deplorably-undereducated, fact-proof idiot. May God forgive these cynical billionaires for their absence of empathy, and complete lack of a sense of responsibility to act charitably on your behalf. And for exploiting you for being a poorly educated Neanderthal.

Next they have announced that in January they will repeal your rights to assistance. The fancy word is "entitlements" which Paul Ryan has already said he doesn't believe in and said he will repeal.

The rich get richer and the GOP (who said for 30 years they don't like deficits) just voted to saddle your kids with 1.5 trillion dollars in deficits after spending 30 yrs attacking liberals on the basis that helping people causes debts and deficits. Not a single obligation built in for the 1% towards roads, infrastructure, and sharing their wealth in any manner.

I have resisted and argued against calling vulnerable people like you "stupid" for 30 years. The GOP congressmen and women and the Senators, too, made themselves richer at your expense.

Blessed be the wilfully dumb, the true believers. The Southern Baptist Church may bear a good bit of responsibility for your unwillingness to just be open minded and learn via facts, statistics, and scientific reasoning.

Many religions, in fact are conditioning you from childhood to believe fake news etc. To even repeat phrases like a ritualistic chant, such Indoctrinous phrases like Lock Her Up is reflective of the fact u grew up in a chanting church. This should be questioned by you.

You should have not voted for Trump. Yes it is true you are a person of vanity, and greed too , which is why you fell for Trump. You were edged over psychologically, through known indoctrination practice living in a false, sometimes fearful reality, normally governed negatively by a male parental figure who was a bully in your childhood and you prefer faith to psychology.
In short, you voted Trump because you have a weak or simply lazy sense of self.

Your education was poor on purpose. The 1% Richest know you can be robbed and tricked easier.

You are undereducated out of the need by the wealthiest to stand you back, rob you, and disenfranchise you from your rights. You are easier to manage if they don't have to back up their angry claims.

Their claims, for some reason are always angry. Rush Lumbah, Alex Jones, Reverend Graham, etc. This is the "man-beating-his-own-chest" persona. Have you not noticed the bullies scare you? This is the pathology that was your childhood.
You are scared because they will not get off your conversion until you stop thinking for yourself.

Religions, in fact, are conditioning you from childhood to just accept fake news. But Religion is only one part of the reason. Your parents were uneducated also. They set you off into this world less like a prepared adult, able to identify your enemies, and more like an unquestioning glazed-eyed follower of the nearest manipulative patriarchal psychopath.

You are ignoring your good mind, and You are soaking in patriarchal spin-tools. Piracy started the slave trade. You are a victim. But you are also complicit.


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    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 3 months ago from Northern Germany

      What an article, i am deeply impressed.

      Nora, your thoughts come very close to my own conclusions, even though it is much easier to look at the American mess from the outside than being part of it.

      The tax plan looks like the trickle down policy of Ronald Reagan in the 80ties. Didn´t help much then but propelled the gap deepening between poor and rich.

      I would not hold Mr. T. responsible for the current status of undereducation and income/wealth inequality. But he is certainly doing his very best to accelerate the dynamics.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 3 months ago from Orange County California

      Any tax plan that keep the income tax is a bad plan. The Internal Revenue Code is the reason that the rich get richer an the middle class doesn't. It is verifiable in that Bill Gates made his first billion in 1987, and today he has 90 billion.

      If the income tax with its marginal tax rates higher for the rich really worked he couldn't possibly have that much. He has more than doubled his billions since 2008 when most people in the middle class lost everything.

      In 2013 the congress raised the medical deduction threshold from %7.5 to %10 this doesn't affect the rich but it does adversely affect the middle income and retired people. The medical deduction threshold should have been reduced to %2 or %0.

      The fact that there are 540 billionaires and 10.8 millionaires in the US tells us that none of the previous tax plans have worked to stop the rich from getting richer. And that 43 million people were on food stamps tells us that the middle class got poorer.

      Want to get rid of the unequal wealth in the country then get rid of the Income Tax and its Internal Revenue Code that protects the rich from higher taxation.

      A National Sales Tax that completely replaces the Income Tax is much fairer. It is similar to those already in the states.

    • Readmikenow profile image

      Readmikenow 4 months ago

    • Valeant profile image

      JOC 4 months ago from Syracuse, NY

      Did you even read the article Mike? This is how they came up with those averages:

      Bottom quintile (Incomes less than $25,000 a year): On average, this group would receive a tax break of $60, increasing after tax incomes by 0.4%. This would account for 1% of the federal tax change. 1.2% of tax units would see an increase in their tax burden, while 53.9% would receive a cut.

      Middle quintile (Incomes from $49,000 to $86,000): On average, this group would receive a tax break of $930, increasing after-tax incomes by 2.9%. This would account for 11.2% of the federal tax change. 7.3% of tax units would see an increase in their tax burden, while 91.3% would receive a cut.

      Top quintile (Income of $149,400 and above): On average, this group would receive a tax break of $7,640, increasing after-tax incomes by 1.6%. This would account for 65.3% of the federal tax change. 6.2% of tax units would see an increase in their tax burden, while 93.7% would receive a cut.

      95th to 99th percentiles (Incomes from $308,000 to $733,000): On average, this group would receive a tax break of $13,480, increasing after-tax incomes by 4.1%. This would account for 22.1% of the federal tax change. 9.3% of tax units would see an increase in their tax burden, while 90.7% would receive a cut.

      Try and tell us who really benefits. Under $25,000/year = $60. Above $150,000 = $7,640. Gift for the rich.

    • Readmikenow profile image

      Readmikenow 4 months ago

      You seem pretty ignorant about the tax bill. Educate yourself, provide your sources or realize you are as all people who are against the tax bill...WRONG.

      "Overall, the Tax Policy Center estimated that the average American will get a tax cut of $1,610 in 2018 — and that every income bracket will get a tax cut. People in the middle quintile of earners would get a cut of $930 on average in 2018 and $910 by 2025. Overall, about 80% of people would see a tax cut in year one of the legislation, the center estimated."