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Trump Is a Threat

Updated on April 11, 2016

Why are voters rallying around Don trump? People are rallying around Donald Trump because of the excitement he generates.. Trump made a proposer forcing Mexico to Mexico pay for the Border wall by threatening to block remittances from illegal Immigrants, which he said was ''welfare'' for the poor....If elected President Trump wants to cut U.S. antiterrorism laws to cut off m oney transfers unless Mexico pays, $5millions to $10 million for the Border wall to be built. Trumps tells the American people what he thinks they wants to hear.

. His views on abortion was that a woman should be punish for having a abortion, with nothing happening to her partner. He changed his tune when he realized what he had said.

It's time the people who are rallying around Donald Trump to realize that he is a threat and a danger to our country and other nations. He excites violence by encouraging others. Ben Carson Is now standing behind Trump, after Trump dogged him about being a liar about is childhood. If elected will Trump appoint Ben Carson to his cabinet?

Donald Trump is not the one to lead our country into the next stage. Trumps says things that most Americans are thinking, he excited otherwhen Trumps make promises that he can't keep.. Donald Trump followers will regret their decision by rallying behind a man who will do nothing for the people or our country, he is all action with a few words who knows how to manipulate his follower's.

In Chicago Friday violence broke out forcing Donald Trump the Republican front runner cancel one of his rallies because of safety reasons, for himself. Donald Trump has alienated so many people including, candidate's who was running for president, women, Muslim's, Black and others. Donald trump has made himself and his family a target by speaking incentives that is hateful and racist.Donald Trump spoke loud and clear, saying if he is not the GOP nominee, he believe his followers will insight a riot . Is the kind of president the American people wants

Don Trump went after Ted Cruz wife comparing photo's of his wife and Cruz wife which was outrageous and Cruel . With all the tactics that Trump is using he will do anything to win the GOP. If Don Trump or Ted Cruz is elected president they are poor examples to future politician's. Trump is a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode and Ted Cruz is a man who have no idea what it's take to run a country. I don't know Donald Trump personally but from what I have seen of him, he is not qualified to be "President Of the United States".


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 20 months ago from Boston MA

      There's no room for violence from anyone but Donald Trump has said and done some outrageous things while campaigning for president. Donald Trump word for everything is we will fix it and make America a better place. Trump tactics are uncalled for malice extreme and shameful and dangerous. God help the American people if Donald Trump is elected "President" of the United States

    • profile image

      Setank Setunk 20 months ago

      There is nothing in Donald Trump's well publicized life that suggests a proclivity or even a tendency towards violence. Violence and hatred are tools used by the Left. I would be happy to provide you with an irrefutable list of histories left leaning monsters to underpin the undeniable fact that all the violence and hatred in politics today comes from the Left.

      His tactics seem a bit extreme because he has not acquired the ease and comfort in deception that politicians know.

      I am not a supporter but perhaps we should all consider the potential benefits of a President who has not sold his or her soul to special interest and a party agenda.